The Easter Bunny Called, He Wants His Eggs Back

Last night we dyed our Easter eggs, like everyone else probably did.  We used the traditional Paas pastel egg dye and we also used a new 24K Gold dye set.  We made 18 colored Easter eggs for the family, 9 in the pastel color and 9 in the 24K Gold.  To our amazement, the pastel ones came out so rich and beautiful in color when we took them out of the dye, but they dried differently.  They did not look as nice as when we first took them out, we were bummed.  We were also doing the 24K Gold kit at the same time which came with a red, yellow, and blue dye that you painted on the eggs, so you did not have to dip them.  The colors were really bright and vibrant, but these are not done yet.  We had to wait a little bit and give them time to dry because we still had to brush the 24K gold dye over the top of eggs.  The results were outstanding!  Now, I don’t even want to eat these eggs because they look so pretty, but I am sure we will today with Easter dinner.  So, after looking at the 24K Gold eggs, we decided to paint the gold dye over the pastel ones too so all of our eggs would look equally beautiful.  What a difference that made!  All of our eggs are now shimmering (yes, shimmering) from the gold glaze.  The Easter Bunny would be proud of these for sure! 

Mommy also made Grandma an Easter Bunny out of wood and boy oh boy did she like it!  Mommy noticed that she did not have many Easter decorations, so what did Mommy do?  She made her own!  She went out to the garage, pulled out the wood and designed some bunnies.  Boy that Mommy is sure creative, eh?  Grandma’s bunny even has a beautiful script “R” for her last name too!  Just the perfect embellishment for this rabbit!

We hope all of you have the nicest Easter ever!
Love, Nikita


Where Are You EB? (aka Easter Bunny)

A Dog's Best Friend

Happy Easter!

Imagine that, it’s raining outside…again.  I had such a great day yesterday with the splash of warm sunny weather, a nice breeze blowing through the window to tickle the long hairs in my ears, enough activity outside the window to keep me busy all day, and a planned walk with Daddy & Mommy to the park. 

Happy Easter to everyone!  I hope that all of you got your Easter eggs colored in enough time for the egg hunt!  I helped Daddy color our eggs last night so we can take them to Grandma’s house and they turned out really nice & colorful.  Mommy took some photographs of our beautiful eggs to show you how they turned out!   Our walk in the park was nice & soggy!  From the minute we crossed the street and headed to the park, Mommy knew this might have been a bad idea, because it had poured the day before and the ground was really soggy & muddy.  (which she found out the first time she almost slipped in the mud)  I got to see some kids playing basketball, sniffed everything in sight including some other dogs doo doo (Mommy thought that was gross, but that’s what we do – we SNIFF), but we had a great walk and enjoyed the wonderful sunshine.  Daddy even took some photo’s of me & Mommy during our walk!  Just like every walk we take, I come home and take a nice looooong nap. 

I hope that everyone has a wonderful Easter, but don’t eat too much chocolate!  (but wait, that’s a good thing for humans, but not for doggies like me – so Enjoy!) 

Bunny Snuggles to You,
Love Nikita