Happy Birthday Donna

It’s a rainy Tuesday here in Cleveland, but it is a special day nonetheless.  It’s Donna’s Birthday!  Donna works with my Daddy and is such a great friend.  She always brings in goodies for everyone at the office, but today, I am sure goodies will be waiting for her instead!  So, if anyone see’s Donna today, make sure you wish her Happy Birthday!

I also wanted to mention that we’re coming down to the wire with collecting donations for the APL, as the Deadline is May 8th for online donations.  If you thought about donating, but forgot, here is your chance to help an animal in need.  Any amount of donation is greatly appreciated, even $1 helps!  DONATE TODAY by clicking on the link & it will take you to the donation page.  Thanks again for those of you who have already donated, we appreciate it greatly & the APL does too! 

Again, Happy Birthday to Donna!  Run between the raindrops, Nikita

Shocking Results

The APL Needs your Help

T.G.I.F., Thank God it’s Friday, and that is the only good thing about today.  For starters, it is raining and you all know how much I don’t like getting wet, so that started off my day on a bad note.  I’ll deal with it, but it stinks. 

I am still in shock over the American Idol results from last night!  (I don’t think that I will ever understand how America voted Pia off – What were they thinking?)  Truly Stefano should have gone home last night!  So far, only girls have been voted off the show, and last night would have been the right time to send Stefano packing, but that did not happen.  Stefano probably knew that he should have been the one to go, and when he heard that Pia, over him, was going home, he was in shock.  What Stefano should have done was come forward on the show, and say that he wanted Pia to stay in his place and he would go home.  NOW, THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN THE FIRST SHOW-STOPPER FOR HIM.  We all know that Pia was the stronger/better singer than Stefano, so that is why I am shocked and will never get over how America voted on that one!  I wonder what is going to happen next week?  What? Is America going to vote James off next?  Now, that would truly be a disaster!  This puppy will never understand what happened last night, and I am sure that I am not the only one who feels this way.

I know that I keep mentioning about the APL needing donations, but I have to.  The reason being is because I am a result of what donations can do for a puppy.  If it were not for the donations given to the APL, I would not have had a start in life.  I came from a litter of 7 and we all fought to stay alive after our dog Mommy was poisoned after we were born.  We did not have a Mommy to feed from, so with the help of the APL and a great foster Mom named Brea, me and my 6 other siblings got the care we needed to survive.  We only have until May 8th to collect donations for the APL, so I hope that when you read this, you can donate something for this good cause.  http://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/themesnthings/2011-doggy-dollars-kitty-kash

I also wanted to check with all of you to see if you have “subscribed” yet to my blog?  If not, what are you waiting for?  When you subscribe, you will get an email waiting for you in your in-box every single time I do a blog post, so you won’t miss out on anything.  And, did you know that you can also print out articles in my blog?  Yep, it’s true.  All you need to do is just click on an article heading and then go to the bottom of the article and you will see a “print” button.  And, you can also email that post to someone too!  Now, to get back to the home page after printing, just click on “home” in the upper left part of my blog. 

Now that I have officially completed my tutorial for the day, I hope everyone has a great weekend and can get over the shocking Idol news from last night.  I also wanted to wish my buddy Angie from Thoughts Appear a safe trip on her cruise. 

Rainy puppy kisses to you,

Puppy Magnetism

Today is going to be my last blog post, as I am hanging it all up!  Ha – April Fools!  Never would I leave you, my fellow followers, on all the things that I am up to on a daily basis, as I am one busy puppy!  Mommy helped me tweak my photo in her photo editing software and I think it turned out really neat.  If I were to put a caption under it, it would probably say…”You are getting sleepy…” or “If I stare at you long enough without blinking, can I get a treat?”

We watched American Idol last night, and we had guessed correctly on “who” was being sent home.  We were just so glad to see, that even though he was on the bottom 3, that Paul ended up being “safe”.  Phew!  Did you know that you can vote online at www.americanidol.com 50 times per person?  We just found that out, but you need to have a Facebook account to do so.  Just a little tid bit that I wanted to share. 

I also wanted to say that my wonderful Mommy hurt her knee.  We are still unsure on how she did it, but it is all swollen and she is having a hard time walking on it.  She is putting ice on it, and I sit by her to keep her company and to lick the drips of water from the bag of ice.  Daddy is being a real sweetheart and is helping Mommy out all he can because he loves Mommy so much. (Thanks Daddy)  I hope Mommy gets better soon so she can play with me outside! 

Last, but not least, I want to remind everyone that we only have ONE MONTH left to collect donations for the APL for the Doggie Dollars & Kitty Kash.  The APL needs YOUR help and if my fellow followers can donate something….anything… even $1, it will all help the poor unfortunate animals at the APL get all the things that they need.  Click link below to donate – Help us raise money for the APL!  Thank you all in advance of your generosity! 

DOGGY DOLLARS & KITTY KASHDonate today to help assist the Cleveland APL raise money!

Have a great April Fool’s Day! 
Puppy Out, Nikita

What’s all the Hoop-la about March Madness?

Hoop Star Nikita!

Hey everyone, it’s me, Nikita!  I hope you all enjoyed your weekend without that “white stuff” called snow, I know that I did! 

The one thing that I don’t understand is all this “Hoop-la” about March Madness.  What’s up with that anyway?  I’ve got more action going on in my kitchen with all of my toys than they do on the courts!  As you can see in my photo, I am playing with my official Lebron James #23 Cleveland Cavaliers basketball, and I certainly have more moves than he does!  Ha ha  (from all the reading that I have done, he should have never left Cleveland)   I saw my basketball in my toy chest over the weekend and had to pull it out to play with it, so I was kinda called upon to defend my Hoopstar title of the kitchen!  I can make more free throws into my toy chest than most basketball players, and even when I am under pressure too!   What is most annoying is that my favorite TV shows aren’t on when I want to watch them because of some NCAA Tourney, geez, when is this going to be over already?  I’m a girl, and I would rather play with my toys than watch basketball on TV, am I right girls?  (I know I am

Franken Hedgie has seen better days

Anyhow, Mommy took a lot of my toys out of the “Pet Hospital” on top of the fridge this weekend and sewed them back up for me.  (Thanks Mommy)  My first Hedgehog now named, “Franken Hedgie” because of all the scars he now has sewn all over his face, is now ready for action.  My favorite teddy bear from Grandma now has his ear sewn back on, and I can now snuggle with him at night.  (I missed Teddy while he was in the hospital)  I’ve gotta share with you how big my toy box is one day, as it is overflowing with all kinds of fun things to play with – not all puppies have the things that I do, so that is why I am so thankful for a great Daddy and Mommy. 

Teddy getting mended

Daddy, Mommy and I also went to the park for a nice long walk this weekend while the weather was still so nice.  I got to see all kinds of little kids, boys playing basketball, and even got to meet two nice girls who wanted to pet me!  I even did tricks for them & showed off a little on what a good puppy I am.  Boy oh boy, did I take a nice long nap after we got home, I was one tired little puppy!  I guess all of that good ole fresh air got to me, not to mention the nice long walk.  But all in all, had a great weekend! 

Until Later,
Puppy Kisses to you – Nikita

Don’t forget to make your donation for the Pledge for Pets: Doggie Dollars & Kitty Kash today to help the animals at the APL.  If you are reading this, please donate today!  http://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/themesnthings/2011-doggy-dollars-kitty-kash

I’m 7 Months Old Today – Hurray!

I could not ask for a better day!  It is warm(er) than usual, sunny,  I’ve got more toys than I can play with at one time, I have a great Daddy & Mommy, I have a warm bed to sleep in at night, great food to eat, and now, I turned 7 Months Old today!  Hurray for me

I also noticed today that I have had over 2,650+ people view my blog, and I want to thank each & every one of them… thank you, thank you, thank you….this could take longer than I thought, so I will thank you all at once!  

I have had a lot of accomplishments since I was born and have been one busy little puppy!  For example, I am getting interviewed with my Daddy & Mommy on Sunday for the article that is going in the May issue of Cleveland Magazine, and next Saturday we are doing a photo shoot with a photographer for this issue.  How neat is that?  Just make sure you pick up the May issue to see me! 

Here is a little of what I have been up to in the past seven months:

Me @ 2 Months Old

  • 7-18-10:  Day I was born
  • 9-12-10:  Day I was adopted
  • 9-17-10: My first trip to the VETS
  • 10-4-10: I was given an award from Angie from Thoughts Appear Blog for being the cutest puppy (Thanks Angie!)
  • 10-5-10: I was posted in the Happy Tales Section on the Cleveland APL website – Nikita’s Gone Global
  • 10-31-10: My first Halloween & Costume
  • 11-6-10:  First time I saw “Snow”
  • 11-20-10: Nikitaland Hit 1,000 visitors
  • 12-11-10: Met Santa Claus for the first time (The Jolly Man in the Red Suit)

    Met Santa for the 1st Time

  • 12-14-10: Lost my first tooth
  • 12-23-10: Visited my friends at the Cleveland APL and got to see my Foster Mom, Brea
  • 12-23-10: Kobe & Ozzy from the APL wrote about me in “A Cat’s Eye View
  • 12-30-10:  I was published in the December 2010 issue of Pet Patter from the Cleveland APL (I am on page 9)
  • 2-20-11: Being interviewed for article in the May issue of Cleveland Magazine
  • 2-26-11:  Photo shoot for issue in Cleveland Magazine

What a list, eh?  Just imagine, this all started for me because my Mommy started this blog for me because Daddy & Mommy love me so much!  I am just a normal puppy, enjoying life, but without the help from the Cleveland APL, I would have never had the chance at the great life I have now.  They gave me the head start in life that I needed, and Daddy & Mommy gave me a good home & lots of love. 

Having fun at home

Thanks to all of you, reading my blog, for following me and keeping up with what I am up to – a day in the life of a puppy named Nikita!  Tell all of your friends & family too to check out my blog & watch for what I get into next!

Until later – Nikita

P.S. – I still chase leaves & lick the dishes in the dishwasher! LOL (Some things will never change)

Furry & Non-Furry Friends

Me in an Old Navy Sweatshirt

Well, it’s almost New Years, and although I have just been around this great world since July, I have made many many friends!  One of my favorite friends is Angie from Thought’s Appear Blog – she’s the one I told you all about that she loves Pop Tarts but hates camping & also gave me an award for being the cutest puppy, then all of my friends at the Cleveland APL that include “Uncle Dave”, Judy, Molly, Bree, Lisa, & many others, and all of my best buds at PetSmart  like Brett & Jane who always have hugs & treats waiting for me!  (Sometimes I feel like I am the PetSmart “Greeter” when I arrive)  I also want to thank the two nice ladies in the Medical Building across the street from me for all of their love & treats that they have given me in these past months, as they watched me grow up from a little fuzz ball to the great bigger puppy I am now – I love you guys!  And, I don’t want to forget the most important people…my Daddy & Mommy who always take such good care of me, wipe my paws when I come in from outside, spend time with me, give me lots of hugs & smoochies, and make sure my belly is full with good food, and always have time to play with me. 

Happy New Year!


I just want to thank all of you for your love, toys, & treats and for always keeping up with my blog & what I am doing.  I also want you to know that I will be announcing sometime in the New Year a new line of “Nikita Gear” and for every item purchased, I will donate a portion of the sales to the APL.  Just my little way to “Pay it Forward” and say thanks for all that they have done for me.  So, keep watching my blog to see what neat items I will have in the new year! 

Ozzy from the APL

P.S. – I also want to thank Ozzy & Kobe for writing about me in their “Cat’s Eye View – Notes from the APL“.  Although I did not get the chance to meet them on my visit to the APL, I hope that I will get to see them on my next trip.  Thanks Ozzy & Kobe & keep up the good work! 

Kobe from the APL


One Lucky Puppy

I AM ONE LUCKY PUPPY and I can’t say that enough!  I am so thankful for being able to find my great Daddy & Mommy who adopted me from the Cleveland APL back in September, I am lucky because the Cleveland APL took me and my siblings in when we needed their help and got us our start in life, and I am lucky because I got a great Foster Mom named Bree who took all of us puppies in and took care of us before we were adopted. 

My Daddy and Mommy took me to visit the Cleveland APL yesterday and I had such a huge WELCOME COMMITTEE waiting for me in the lobby!  I got to meet all of Bree’s Family (Thank You for coming to see me as I really appreciate it) and I got to see all the great people who helped me at the APL too!  Bree also gave my Daddy & Mommy a nice wonderful photo album that had lots of photographs of me when I was very little and I also got a gift bag of goodies from the APL too!

Treat Bag from the Cleveland APL - I wonder what's in here?

  I loved everything and want to thank everyone for thinking of me.  I am sure one lucky puppy to have so many people care about me.

I had so much fun meeting everyone & showing everyone how I can run around with my toy, do my tricks under pressure, and be the lovable puppy that I am.  I opened all of my presents when I got home that were in the gift bag from the APL and I don’t know what toy to play with first!  I grab one, then Mommy picks up one,

My New Squeaky Smiley Dog

then I want the one that Mommy is holding, so I drop the one I have and run over to get the other one, then I see the other toy, then I have to run over to see that one too.  I try to pick them all up at one time, but can’t seem to do that yet.  SO MANY TOYS, which one do I play with first?  Big decision to make for this little puppy!  LOL 

MY HEART & WET PUPPY KISSES GO OUT TO ALL OF YOU AT THE CLEVELAND APL!  Thank you for all that you have done for me!  I will be back soon to visit all of you again!

Bree, Daddy, Mommy & Me

Merry Christmas – Love, Nikita

Road Trip!

I just heard the news from Mommy that we are taking a “Road Trip” next week!  YIPPEE!  Hey wait a minute, is this another trip to the VETS?  I hope not!  Oh wait, Mommy just clarified this for me and this is actually a good road trip as Daddy, Mommy and I are heading down to the Cleveland APL to visit everyone there!  YEAH, I so can’t wait because I get to see my Foster Mom and say hi and to show her how big I am now and to tell her all about how well I am being taken care of too! 

I will definitely be posting next week all the photo’s from my road trip so you can see how much fun I had and all of the great people at the Cleveland APL.  So… keep watching, because you might end up on my blog!   I hope they have puppy treats there for me!  LOL

I’ll store up lots of wet puppy kisses til then…

Cleveland APL

December Pet Patter from the Cleveland APL

Hey everyone, it’s me, Nikita!  Just wanted to let you know that I was just PUBLISHED!  The Cleveland APL just published my story in the December print edition of the Pet Patter.  Check out my story & photo here!  (I am on Page 9)

Remember, that every puppy does not start out in life with a good chance of survival, thanks to the Cleveland APL, I got my chance at a good life with my Daddy & Mommy.  It is truly important that great organizations like this, get your donations & support to help them continue their journey in keeping us safe and into good homes like mine. 

Let me know what you think about my story, you might need a tissue when you read it. 

Snowy puppy kisses to you,

Christmas is the time for GIVING

Donate to the Cleveland APL please

Christmas is the time we all have kindness in our hearts and get all caught up in the holiday spirit.  But, not only during the holidays does the Cleveland APL need your help.  They are in need of some much needed items to help take care of all the little puppies & kittens in their care.  You can do your part and donate any of the items listed below:  Cleveland Animal Protective League, 1729 Willey Avenue, Cleveland, OH  44113  216-771-4616  www.clevelandapl.org Tell them Nikita sent you!


  • Powdered Kitten Milk Replacement Formula (KMR) sold at pet supply stores. Needed for infant kittens that require bottle feeding.
  • Powdered Puppy Formula or Esbilac formula. Needed for infant puppies that require bottle feeding.
  • Feline/canine nursing bottles
  • Heating pads
  • Dry puppy & kitten food in unopened bags
  • Canned puppy & kitten food in unopened cans. Prefer premium brands.
  • Litter boxes, non-dust cat litter, scoopers
  • Plastic or Wire Crates
  • Thermometers
  • Digital baby scales


  • Cat Scratchers
  • Kuranda beds
  • Gift cards (that can be used at any store)
  • Large brown paper bags w/no handles
  • Flat fabric collars in all sizes
  • 6 foot leashes
  • Canned cat & dog food-unopened
  • Non-dust cat litter
  • Small animal food (Timothy Hay for rabbits)
  • Pet nail trimmers
  • Towels/blankets
  • Cat/dog toys
  • Bleach
  • Automatic dish washing liquid
  • Laundry detergent for both Top and
    Front-loading washing machines
  • Paper towels
  • Clean newspapers

Administrative and Humane
Investigations Department Items:

  • Lilac 8 ½  x 11 copy paper
  • #10 envelopes
  • Blue, black and red ink pens
  • Violet twin-pocket portfolios
  • Letter-size reinforced top-tab Kraft fastener folders
  • Invisible tape
  • Packaging tape
  • 9-volt batteries
  • Blank CDs and DVDs
  • Dry erase markers
  • Sharpies
  • Laminating pouches
  • 1-inch masking tape
  • Carbonless 3-part receipt books 11” x 7 5/8”
  • Labeler tape ½” black on white
  • Clip-style name badge holders 2¼” x 3 ½”
  • White copy paper
  • Photo-quality printer paper
  • Blue/Black Ink Pens
  • Post-It Notes pads
  • Postage stamps for 1st Class mail
  • Manila file folders
  • AA and AAA batteries
  • Digital Video Recorder
  • Digital Cameras
  • DVD Player
  • Desktop computers – Windows XP OS
  • Laptop computer – Windows XP OS
  • 17″ and above computer monitors
  • Computer speakers
  • 4 and 6-foot folding tables

Thank you for your donations to the Cleveland APL in advance, every little bit helps!  Hugs & wet puppy kisses to you – Nikita

Goofing Around

Goofing Around

You just gotta love the holidays!  The wrapping paper, the bows, the ornaments, and the …. BOXES!  I crawled into this one after Daddy received his Black Friday deals from JCPenney!  I fit perfectly in here, I even brought with me my little snowman toy, but you can’t see him because I am sitting on him.  Of course, Mommy had to run and get her camera to take some more pictures of me because I am so photogenic!  LOL 

Get the wrapping paper & ribbon!

I was also sniffing around the Christmas tree and I smell “TREATS” somewhere under that tree!  Mommy caught me though, and chased me away, rats.  When do I get these?  Why do I have to wait?  Why are they wrapped up in shiny paper?  I don’t need shiny paper or a bow on my treats – I just need them in my belly!  Grrr, gotta have those treats!

Taking a little rest from playing

It is snowing again today and the ground is getting all covered with that white stuff that I love to eat!  Mommy keeps reminding me when we are outside to not eat the yellow snow though. 

I also wanted to remind all of you to visit my Daddy & Mommy’s website and check out the neat Pet Accessories they have.  For every purchase from their website under the Pet Accessories category, they are going to donate a portion of the proceeds to the Cleveland APL and help give back to them for taking such good care of me before I was adopted.  I am also working on my own line of products too, like Nikitaland Tote Bags, key chains, and more to help raise some money for the APL.  I will make an announcement on my blog when my items will be available.  Every little bit helps and I am trying to do my part and help raise money to donate to the APL and thank them for all of their efforts! 

Have a great snow day & stay warm!
Hugs & wet puppy kisses to you – Nikita