Happiness Is Found In The Little Things

I started the journey of Christmas wrapping the other day. I take my time. I make presents look pretty, beautiful, to a point where some don’t want to open them to ruin the beauty, but they do in the end. (I used to wrap my one brother-n-laws presents to his wife because he knew of my wrapping talent and he wanted the gifts to look awesome – she never knew)

Anyhow, I came to the end of a roll of wrapping paper, and Nikita noticed. I think she was lurking behind the couch to watch for it, and would not put it past her. She walked over to me as if to ask “may I have that?” and of course I gave it to her because I know of her love for cardboard tubes. She drools over them, no really, she does. She has also been known to sit for a long time in front of the counter in the kitchen, just looking at the paper towel roll that’s almost empty. “Not yet” I tell her, and she walks away, but looks over her back just to make sure.


After Nikita got her wrapping paper tube, she runs to her bed, a safe place, to guard her new toy from Bella. She watches closely where Bella is.


She then grabs it and runs into the living room to have some fun. She definitely knows how to keep her toys balanced!


Here she is practicing to be a baton twirler!


Who said you can’t snuggle with your toys. Can you see Bella’s head in the photo? She is waiting for Nikita to drop her cardboard.


Bella Boo always wants to be the life of the party, time to strike a pose!


Hey, get the camera back on ME!


After some time rough housing with her new toy, happiness finds time to nap. It is the little things in life that matter the most…even a cardboard tube can bring out happiness. (but, I am sure that Nikita walked back over to the counter to check on the status of the paper towel roll!)