It Happened Last Night

Yesterday afternoon the dogs caught me. Caught me wrapping up their Christmas toys! Dogs don’t miss anything! A simple crinkle noise from a package, sends them running to investigate. I sat on the rug in the living room wrapping up each new squeaky toy, rope pull, and stuffies, while they hoovered over my back the entire time. I was caught, but I continued to wrap!


But I made a mistake. When wrapping up a larger stuffie, I pushed down on it while wrapping and it “oinked”! “OMG” I thought and I turned around to look at Nikita and Bella and they were close to drooling! Their eyes were glazed over and the moved in to sniff the wrapping paper. I can’t believe that stuffie gave me away and squeaked on me! (darn stuffie)


I did not think much about the toys after I placed them in their Christmas stockings and a few under the tree. The dogs sniffed their stocking a few times then followed me into the kitchen where I continued on with my holiday baking, and was glad to know that I got everything all wrapped.


Then last night after dinner, Nikita went back into the living room and never left. She just sat there, in front of the tree and her pink Christmas stocking and looked at it. I watched her as she scooted closer and closer to her stocking. Then she laid down right in front of the tree and stayed there the entire night. We thought it was the cutest thing we have ever seen, a dog who was getting excited about Christmas presents. I went over to check on her and she looked up at me with those sad puppy eyes as if to say “can I have that thing that oinked?” What a sweet dog. I tried to explain to her that Christmas is not here yet, but all she did was look at me with that sad look on her face. All she wanted was that thing that oinked.


It was time for bed, and Nikita was still laying under the tree, where she had been laying for hours. I had to do something. I picked up their toys under the tree and removed the stockings hanging on our stocking holder and carried them into another room. Nikita followed. I gave Nikita a hug, kissed her on her nose, and told her it would be ok. She went into the kitchen and laid down.


I was just amazed on how persistent she was on keeping an eye on her presents under the tree, after one of them gave themself away by oinking. (darn piggie)


THANKFUL For Everything

I am truly THANKFUL for everything.  Having a roof over my head, food on the table, a warm bed to rest in at the end of a long day, the sweetest guy in the whole world, two of the best dogs around, and everything else that encompasses my world.  I don’t live the high life, but a life that is full of joy and lots of the little things that matter the most to me.  For these things, I am truly thankful for what I have.


I was looking at our Christmas tree the other night, and I am just a little overwhelmed at the amount of gifts under the tree.  Yes, a lot of them are for our family and I hope they truly love what we hand-picked for them, and I am sure they will.


I take gift giving very seriously.  I don’t just run out and pick something up, I do a lot of thinking of what to get the recipient and what they like, and then I make my selection. But it does not stop there for me.  I have to make the gift look beautiful, and probably too pretty to open. But it is supposed to be opened, ripped open, tear that paper up and see what is inside.  Just save the ribbon bows for me!  I don’t know how I do it, but I find the most beautiful wrapping paper around and it just makes the gift look fabulous.  Wrapping up the gifts is just as fun as picking them out. I know it is a lot of work to get them to look so pretty, but that is something that I truly enjoy.


NIKITA SITTING BY BACK DOORBut this year was a little different, as I was able to do some gift giving myself from the money I earned dog sitting this year.  Since I have not worked in a few years, it made me feel so good that I could spoil my Sweetie this holiday season.  He deserves all of the gifts under our tree, and more.  He puts up with me on a daily basis, but he is also spoiled by having a nice warm dinner on the table every night he arrives home, a warm welcome from the dogs, and a glass of wine to ease his long day at the office. Life is good.  It is the little things in life that matter the most, and those are the ones that I truly treasure.


I also treasure all of the people, whom I call friends now, since I started blogging.  I have been enlightened by their thoughts, wisdom, and humor, as we share so much in common.  For all of you who love Nikitaland, we are truly thankful for you!  You brighten my day every time one of your posts hits my in-box, to which I can’t wait to read.  A lot of you are craftier than me, (if that is possible – LOL) and I would love to be able to get together with you to do some major craft projects and set the world on fire, while others take animal welfare to the highest level and I adore all that you do for those who cannot speak!  All of you mean the world to me, and just in case you didn’t know it, I love each and every one of you so much.


We take animal welfare seriously too, that is why we always collect donations each year for the annual Pledge For Pets Fundraiser for the APL.  We head out into the neighborhood and collect donations from our friends, neighbors, and local businesses to help make an animals life better and to help them find their forever homes.  If you are new to this blog, please watch around February for our announcement and link so you can make a donation to the APL too.  Every donation helps, even if it’s a dollar, or five, it all adds up.  We have exceeded our goal every year and we want to make next year no exception.

There is so much to be thankful for this year, and I am, truly thankful for many many things.  My Sweetie, our dogs, a bountiful garden, our love for Halloween, great neighbors, a wonderful family, a green plush lawn in the summer, grilling burgers, a good cup of coffee, and much more. Thank you everyone for making 2013 such a great year for me.