Merry Christmas

The best part of blogging, is meeting new friends. I have met so many wonderful people all across the world and love sharing our lives with each other. There is nothing better than this! Pure joy from the ground up.

I love reading all the blog posts from fellow bloggers & their pets. I gain insights into some things that I might not know. It’s educational. It’s enlightening.It’s a ton of fun! I look forward every morning to see what they have posted overnight, and I can’t wait to read them! Some of the photographs that I see are hilarious and I just sit here laughing my head off. Pure entertainment!

The holidays are a time to stop & say thanks to those around you. It is also a time for giving, not receiving. The gift of your good deeds. The time for getting together. And, the time of year when we all decorate our pets for the holidays! Yes, I said decorate our pets! I am sure all of you have already adorned your pets in antlers, jingle bells, wreaths, & lights, just to get a funny photograph. I am guilty of this too. Nikita does not like anything on her head, and Bella just goes along with whatever Mommy does to her. She is good that way.

I had to take a Christmas photo of the dogs, just because it is the thing to do this time of year. I took many many photographs, just to get a good one. They kept trying to run out of the room, and I brought them back in. Bribed them with treats just to sit still, or look in the direction of the camera. It was a photo shoot that could have taken two minutes to accomplish, and turned into twenty due to un-cooperating pooches. I know they don’t like dressing up, but they put up with it for me. Thank you my furry friends for making Mommy happy and getting through yet another holiday photo shoot. Here is our best Christmas photo!


Bella actually liked these candy cane light around her neck because she likes heat and the rope lights were nice and warm. The funny part was when she tried walking away and realized that she was plugged in!


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all of my fellow bloggers! We love you all and we look forward to another year of happiness with all of you!