Join Us For A Christmas Card Exchange

It is about “that time” again, and Christmas is quickly approaching. I already have quite a few of your mailing addresses, but for those of you who would like to join in the holiday fun, let’s share some Christmas cards!

Christmas Card Exchange

Contact me offline via email with your mailing address and we can exchange Christmas Cards! There is nothing better than receiving a Christmas Card in the mail from a wonderful friend!

There are a few of you who I know have “moved”, so make sure that you contact me with your new mailing address! (ie: Boomie & Laurie)

And, don’t forget to use my little “Happy Mail” and “This is not a bill: Open Me” labels that I shared with you in a previous post to stick on your cards heading out to your mailbox!

So, join in the fun and let’s share Christmas Cards! (don’t forget, please do not share your address in the comments section! Email me!)


Christmas Cards from Grandma

In the midst of technology, we text, we blog (yeah), and we send lots of emails, but receiving something special in the mail means so much!  Sending snail mail as what most people call it, means that someone took the time to purchase a card, fill it out, address the envelope, stick that stamp on it, and walk it to their mailbox to ensure that when we receive it — we smile!  Their efforts to send something in the mail meant the world to us!

Nikita Got Christmas Card from Grandma

Well, that is what happened today!  We walked to our mailbox and what did we find?  Both Nikita and Bella (and us too) received Christmas cards from Grandma!  Grandma remembered us too at Christmas and we got our very own cards in the mail.  Mommy waited until Daddy got home from work to open the cards for us, and when Nikita sniffed the envelope, she knew that it was from Grandma and started wagging her tail in excitement.  She loves Grandma!  Nikita always “sniffs” the mail when I bring it in, but when she smells an envelope that Grandma has sent, she wags her tail!

Bella Got Christmas Card From Grandma

Both Nikita and Bella took turns and jumped up on Daddy’s lap so he could read the Christmas card to them.  We will for sure have to save these as they are very special, and this was Bella’s very first Christmas card.  A great big thanks to Grandma for remembering us at Christmas as dogs are an important part of the family too!  We would have called you tonight to thank you Grandma, but we have not yet mastered dialing the phone yet, but we’ll thank you with lots of wet puppy kisses when we see you next!

Love to you Grandma,
Nikita & Bella