Gabriel Gone Wild

Gabriel Goofing Around

Well, today started off on a funny note.  My furry Brother, Gabriel, was having some fun on the kitty tower that Mommy made for the kitties.  It was breakfast time, but for Gabriel, it was play time.   He is one funny cat.  When he gets on top of his kitty tower, he lures you in to pet him, but when you turn around, he climbs right onto your back!  Don’t let that adorable face of his lure you in or you’ll have a cat on your back! 

Mommy had a couple of old UPS international boxes laying around, so she made the kitties a really neat tower to climb on.  They love it!  Sitting next to the tower, is their condo, which was made out of old brown boxes.  The condo has doors that they can crawl into and windows cut out that they can look out of.   I have even caught them playing inside the boxes and swatting at each other through the windows.  (silly cats)  I know that if I had any boxes laying around, I would probably just chew them up! 
One just never knows what Gabriel or the rest of the kitties will get into, but Mommy always tries to catch them doing something funny, but they usually stop doing it when she gets closer to take a picture!  It would actually be great if we could put a mini camcorder on them to see what they get into during the day. 
What does your cat do that is funny?