Curtain Call for Casey

Hey everyone, it’s Friday, and yes, we are in shock over last nights outcome on Idol.  We know that they have to go home – – ONE DAY – – but actually seeing them leave the show, really is sad.  We loved Casey and thought that he would be around to the end, with James, of course!    We wish Casey much luck and hope that one day when we’re out shopping, we happen to see his burly face on a CD cover!  (one that we would buy)  Now, what is Haley going to do?  (hmmmm?)

Anyhow, Mommy made a great dinner for Daddy last night – homemade beef stroganoff and boy oh boy was Daddy surprised when he got home from work!  She also made him a pound cake with mini chocolate chips & walnuts too, but the funny thing about the cake is that all of the mini chocolate chips sank to the bottom of the cake and did not stay mixed throughout the batter.  Did that ever happen to you? 

Before the Rain Storm

Mommy is still baffled about the chips.   After dinner, Mommy had to clean up real fast so that we could get ready to watch Idol, and she put some pots she cleaned on the counter to dry.  Well, I walked into the kitchen and halted abruptly, something changed in this room, now what is it?  Ah, it is that huge pile of strange things on the counter – – “I must bark at them to save everyone”  Woof Woof Woof at the pots, and a little growl too.  (Heck, I barked at a jar of BBQ sauce last week and our neighbors blue tarp, man am I silly or what?)

Well, I am glad that it’s Friday, because I get to spend lots of time with my Daddy.  Hopefully, if it can finally stop raining (and we can stop building our ark) perhaps I can go for another walk with Daddy & Mommy.   Maybe we will even head up to PetSmart so I can see all of my friends!

Have a great dry weekend & bark at odd things,
Love Nikita