Halloween Pumpkin Carving Contest – Enter Today!


With Halloween’s arrival of only 108 days until the witching hour, we decided that we should hold a “Pumpkin Carving Contest“.  Starting today, you have one week to email us your photo’s of your carved pumpkins (we know that all of you have tons of photographs of those awesome pumpkins that you have carved over the years) and the cutoff date for photo entries is 7/22.  Then, on Monday 7/23 we will post all of your pumpkin photographs for you to vote on your favorite!  We will keep the voting open for one week and on 7/30 we will announce the winner!  So, what does the winner receive?  They will receive a Halloween Skull & Web Doormat!

So, start looking through your photographs and pull out those awesome pics of your carved pumpkins and submit your entry to us today!  Good Luck

P.S. – If there is a tie in votes, we will post the finalists for you to vote on again to determine a winner!