Happy Birthday Daddy!

Sing along with me…
Happy Birthday to you…
Happy Birthday to you…
Happy Birthday Dear Daddy…
Happy Birthday to you!

If you haven’t already guessed, today is my Daddy’s birthday!  Make sure you send him birthday wishes today!  My Daddy is special because he takes such good care of me and makes sure that I have plenty of good food to eat, a treat jar that never is empty, and provides me with more toys than most dogs have.  He is such a good provider and a loving Dad and I am so happy that I can spend his special day with him. 

I love our “special” moments together whether it be playing catch with my toys, or receiving butt rubs every night, or when I beg for my three treats every night at dinner, or when it’s “time for bed” and I snuggle next to Daddy before I head off to sleepyland.  Every moment I get to spend with my Daddy is special because I love him so much.  Daddy works in the Cardiac Diagnostic Services industry and he works really hard all day, so I make sure that I always greet him at the door with a big warm welcome because he deserves it! 

Happy Birthday Daddy
Hugs & Kisses from all of us,
Mommy, Nikita, Prinster, Angelica, Gabriel, Scootie & Buttons

P.S. – Don’t forget to send Daddy Birthday Wishes today!

Happy Birthday Donna

It’s a rainy Tuesday here in Cleveland, but it is a special day nonetheless.  It’s Donna’s Birthday!  Donna works with my Daddy and is such a great friend.  She always brings in goodies for everyone at the office, but today, I am sure goodies will be waiting for her instead!  So, if anyone see’s Donna today, make sure you wish her Happy Birthday!

I also wanted to mention that we’re coming down to the wire with collecting donations for the APL, as the Deadline is May 8th for online donations.  If you thought about donating, but forgot, here is your chance to help an animal in need.  Any amount of donation is greatly appreciated, even $1 helps!  DONATE TODAY by clicking on the link & it will take you to the donation page.  Thanks again for those of you who have already donated, we appreciate it greatly & the APL does too! 

Again, Happy Birthday to Donna!  Run between the raindrops, Nikita