2015 GARDENING: Did You Know You Can Grow Loofah’s In Your Backyard?

Our 2015 Burpee catalog arrived yesterday and with great exhilaration, I viewed each and every page, salivating at all the goodies we could plant. At this time of year, we are already going through gardening withdrawal and miss being outside and working the soil in the garden. The horrible reality though, is that our Winter season just began and we have to wait awhile for our gardening season to begin outside, but the planning of our 2015 garden will begin any time now. Hence, we always welcome the first sign of the new Burpee catalog.


I learned something new in that Burpee catalog we received. Learning is a good thing, because I read about the most fascinating thing ever that I never knew you could grow in your backyard. I learned that you can grow your own Loofah Sponges! What? you ask? You can grow a loofah? Yep, and we are going to attempt to do just that! Never in a million years would I have ever thought that you could grow a loofah in your backyard. You see them on the shelves in every store, but you never have asked yourself, where do they come from, why would you? You just purchase them to exfoliate your skin, or for gifts, but have you ever wondered where they came from? Nope.


I then went on Pinterest and did a search for how to grow a loofah and boy did I find some interesting facts! I even created my own Pinterest Loofah Board too! A loofah actually is a gourd! It flowers just like a pumpkin would, it needs pollination from a male to a female flower for the fruits or loofah to grow, and it grows up a trellis. I also learned that you can make “Loofah Soap”, which actually looks like they make the soap and pour it into the loofah, then slice the loofah after the soap has hardened. You then get little loofah slices with soap for your exfoliation needs! Cool, eh?

Here is one informational link I found on How to Grow a Loofah. You will be amazed after you read this article, I know I was.

We will be ordering our first batch of Loofah Seeds from Burpee (25 seeds for $4.95) and once we get them, we will start our journey in growing our own loofah sponges, so you should stay tuned for some interesting tidbits as we embark in the unfamiliar world of loofahs!

Geez, who knew you could grow a loofah in your backyard? I didn’t! What I want to know is, are you going to join in and try growing some loofahs in your yard too? We would have some really awesome feedback from everyone then!