When Blogging Creates Friendships

I am embarking on my third year of blogging, as it all started when we adopted our puppy Nikita from the APL.  I thought it would be easier to share photographs of her growing up and funny stories of her life, but somewhere along the way, blogging created friendships and much more.  Yep, we still blog about the silly things that Nikita does, and have added another rescued puppy to our family named Bella, but our blog has also added along the way our craft projects, and lots of life’s experiences.

For those of you who have blogs, you all know the reason why you started your blog.  It could be to promote your products on Etsy, sharing your crafts and decorating ideas on Pinterest, or you simply blog to create an outlet for your thoughts.  But when blogging creates friendships… that is priceless.

I have viewed so many blogs over the years of some of the most creative people and their craftiness has really blown me away, and just when I thought that I was creative, I would definitely take second seat to those whose craft projects were amazing.  That will not deter me from being crafty at all, but it only makes me work harder in coming up with new things, so thanks for pushing me to the next level you crafty crafters!

BOOMDEEADDAOne special person in mind is Kelly over at http://www.boomdeeadda.wordpress.com as she is the reason for this blog post.  She is so sweet and has the neatest blog ever and I encourage each and every one of you reading this to head on over to her blog and tell her that we sent you her way!  She has a unique writing style and a great sense of humor, not to mention that she has taken crafting to the next level.  Her attention to detail in her crafts goes way beyond what my crafting experience has even brushed the surface, and that is one of the reasons why I admire her so much.

Kelly had a fun blog post back in December and held a contest and to my surprise, I won!  Yippee is what I said when I received the email of my winning entry!  She advised me that I would be expecting my gift in the mail and I could not wait as I knew it would be something awesome.


Well, my package arrived yesterday in the mail and I was on pins and needles to open it.  Nikita and Bella inspected the box by sniffing it all over as they usually do when I bring in the mail.  (they make me laugh every time they do this!)  Even the outside of the brown paper wrapped box had cute little stars stamped all over the paper (and yes, I noticed that little detail too)  I carefully opened the brown paper only to find that the box inside was wrapped in beautiful Christmas paper with a ribbon in her favorite color! (noticed that too)  Now, it was time to unwrap my goodie box to see what was inside!


Upon opening the box, I found the most beautiful note which made me cry and underneath the note, I saw this:


Inside the box I even found a gift wrapped up for both Nikita and Bella which I am wondering if they could smell it through the box.  Kelly had sent them some dental chews and I know that they will love them.


I continued to dig in the box and found a bag of snow and at the bottom of the box was my beautiful prize….bleached wire trees!  The trees were painted in beautiful pastel colors and all I know after seeing these, is that I want to bring back Christmas so I can set them up on display!




I can’t thank Kelly enough for such a wonderful package that truly made my day yesterday.  Her loving heart and creativity overflowed in this little box of goodness which is a gift in itself and one that I will never forget.

Blogging has been a great outlet for me and I have loved every minute of it, but creating wonderful friendships is truly priceless.