Share Our Link & Save A Life of an Animal

We need to get the word out and we need YOUR help!  If you are reading this and YOU have a blog, we are asking you to post our 2012 Pledge For Pets button on YOUR blog!  If you don’t have a blog, please forward our donation link for the APL to everyone you know, as by helping us collect donations for the APL, YOU will help save an animals life!

We are asking everyone to get involved as this is such an important fundraiser for the APL as they take care of on average 17,000+ animals in a years time which helps for operations, shots, emergency care, food and shelter.  Your donation and your assistance in forwarding our link to everyone you know will help us collect the much needed funds to help those who cannot speak for themselves – the abused and neglected animals. 

On your blog’s dashboard, go to Appearance, then to Widgets, select Text.  A box opens and you can give your button a title, then you just drop the button’s text into the bottom area of this pop-up box.  Click Save.  That’s all there is to do!  Easy, right? 

If you want to help us out and add a button to your blog today, here is the “text” you will need to do so.  Just copy & paste the information below into the body of your text box, and name your button:  2012 Pledge For Pets   (You can see what the text box looks like on our blog)

<a href=””><img src=”” /></a>

We appreciate ALL the help we can get, and if you do upload our button, let us know by replying to this post!  We can’t thank you enough for your help!  After May 6th you can remove the button from your blog, as this is the last day for online donations.  (How to remove this button:  Just do the same thing you did to create it, by going to your WordPress Dashboard, then to Appearance, Widgets, and you will see the button on your sidebar, just click on it, and click delete)

If you need any assistance with your button, let us know! 

Even if you can’t donate at this time, we understand, but upload the button to your blog and email the donation link to all you know!    Donation Link: