The Times Are Changing

As I sit here enjoying my second cup of coffee, I notice that the sleeves of my sweatshirt are covered with dog hair.  I just finished brushing Nikita outside as it is a nice cool crisp morning and thought that she would enjoy sitting on the porch with Mommy while getting groomed.  She loved it, and sat there so nicely on the porch watching the cars pass the house and a few morning walkers.  I can tell by the amount of hair I remove off of her that the seasons are changing, just like how we recently noticed that it is also getting darker outside earlier.  I even had to change the timer for the lights in the flower bed to come on a little earlier.  With this realization of the seasons changing, it kinda makes me sad.

Gosh, I remember just yesterday (well actually, a few months ago) how excited we were to finally start our very first garden, and now, the garden will be coming to an end in a month.  It was our first time gardening and we have learned quite a bit doing research, and learned a lot from our neighbor who also gardens and has the most incredible garden this year.  We know for sure that we will be picking his brain over the winter and will get help from him on how to start our tomato plants indoors for next year, because the tomatoes that we started indoors flopped.  They started off really nice and they appeared that they would be ok, but we failed miserably and they all passed away and we had to purchase more tomato plants.  What we find mind-blowing are the Juliet Tomato’s that our neighbor is growing.  He only has two of these plants in his garden, but they have produced probably hundreds of tomatoes!  We are amazed by what he has picked from these two plants in his garden.  The Juliet Tomato is a longer skinny tomato and a lot meatier, kinda the size of two cherry tomatoes.  So next year, we will probably not plant any cherry tomatoes, rather we will plant two Juliet plants and will have more tomatoes than we know what to do with – nice!

The times are a changing, just like the weather.  We have finally and thankfully got out of the 100 degree days where you could fry an egg on the driveway, to a more respectable temperature where you can cut the grass without sweating like a pig.   With the weather changing, it also gets us excited because we know that Halloween is just around the corner, under 80 days now.  Yeah!  And pretty soon we can pull out all of the wood tombstones that we made last year and proudly place them in the front graveyard.  We painted some funny things on our tombstones like “economy” which was painted in white on a black tombstone with red blood dripping from it, and we also painted a white tombstone with “high gas prices killed me” on it with a little red gas can on the front.  Everyone in our neighborhood just loved these tombstones and laughed every time they saw them.  Q:  What should we paint on our tombstones for this year?  Leave your comments below and let us know! 

The month of August has been quite eventful for us, as Nikita got a bath at the beginning of the month before her Revolution treatment, and just like she does every week, she gets her teeth brushed too.  Yes, we brush our dogs teeth and you should too.  Brushing their teeth will help prevent gum disease, not to mention, will keep her pearly whites looking great!

Daddy and Mommy also took me to the APL for a visit one weekend, and I got to meet a couple of dogs.  One was a beautiful black german shepherd who did not like me and I huddled by Daddy for protection.  We found out that he did not get along with other dogs too well, but he has been adopted into a good home, so that is good to know.   Daddy and Mommy also went to a neighboring city to see a Pet Fair that was going on over the weekend and they got to meet a lot of nice dogs & puppies.  They also met a beautiful german shepherd named Rocky that was a police dog for the Cleveland Metroparks.  Rocky even had his own badge too on his collar which was so neat to see. 

We also had a Staples truck driver who was making a delivery to our house, actually hit our mailbox while he was pulling away from the curb.  He ripped the mailbox door off and it is hanging now and the entire box is squished.  It took about a week for this to get taken care of, after numerous emails and phone calls, but now we found out that we can go out and get another mailbox and send Staples our receipt and they will reimburse us for the expense.  We are glad to hear that they will pay for another box, because with all the rain we have had lately, it stinks because the mail inside the box gets wet, not to mention that it could fall out of the box.

The Browns had their first pre-season game last Friday and they won!  Yeah!  We adorned our front door with our Browns banner and hope that it helps! Yeah, I know it does not actually count as a “win” but if you are a Browns fan, a W is a W whether or not it actually counts.  We’ll see what happens this year for the Browns as we got a new owner, so we’ll see what changes are in store for us!  Hopefully more “W’s”!  Maybe perhaps my driveway drawings are helping out!?  Daddy got Mommy a few cans of sidewalk chalk and she leaves Daddy messages all the time on the driveway to make him smile.  Then, when Daddy leaves for work in the morning, his backup monitor in his car will show the notes that we leave for him and hopefully it makes him smile when he leaves for the day! 

How has your August been so far?  What have you been up to?  What plans do you have for the Fall?  Share with us!

The only thing that we need to figure out and we need to do this real soon, is what should Nikita be for Halloween?  Since we hand make all of her costumes, we need to start thinking about what to make for her.  Any suggestions?  Nikita was a Fairy for her first Halloween and we dressed her up in a pink tutu with a frilly pink collar made from felt and beads, and last year she was a Lion which was made from a brown baby blanket and white fur and felt.  Now, this year I am stumped at what she should be.  Perhaps we could dress her up like Madonna with pointed boobies?  Let us know what you think!

Squeaky Clean

If there is one thing that us dogs don’t like…it’s baths!  I don’t actually know how I started not liking them, but nonetheless, I get all squeamish and run when I hear the bath water in the tub.  I remember when I was adopted back in 2010 and I was a little puffy ball of fur, Mommy gave me my first bath in the kitchen sink.  I am sure most of us had baths in there, but now that we are all grown, the kitchen sink won’t do as we have outgrown those small stainless steel receptacles for washing dishes and on occasion a dog.  So, we now have to head into the bathroom to get squeaky clean. 

We know that some of you might wash your dog outside to reduce all of the “shaking” we do while getting a bath, but when you are outside, there are a lot of distractions and us dogs aren’t confined which actually does make giving us a bath harder.  So, when I get a bath in the bath tub, Mommy always closes the shower doors to keep me in and confined.  Now that I am a bit over 60+ pounds, she needs help getting me into the tub and that is where Daddy comes in helps out.  It takes both of them to safely get me in and out of the tub.  Mommy always washes my head and face last, because us dogs don’t shake while getting a bath if our head does not get wet.  (well, it works for me at least)  After Mommy lathers me up real good, and washes all of the dirt off me, gets my tail & behind real good, she uses the shower nozzle to rinse me, then she hand washes my face and is careful not to get any water in my ears.  Although it seems like an eternity that I am in the bath tub, I have heard that it only takes a few minutes.  Daddy helps Mommy lift me out of the tub and always makes sure that I have a towel over my back to keep the shaking down to a minimum.  I get fluffed up real nice and finally I am let go to run around the house like a Tasmanian devil.  Not sure why I do this, but it happens every time I get a bath.  The last time I got a bath, I actually ran around the house with my towel on my back and Daddy & Mommy laughed at me.  I don’t get bathed every month, as I am mostly German Shepherd (the other part I am an Akita) and our coats need the pertinent oil in it to keep a nice shiny coat.

Mommy does have a neat tip for all of you who have a German Shepherd or Lab, or any other dog who has a coat like them and how to clean our coats in between a real bath.  What you do is take a clean small spray bottle and fill it with water and two tablespoons of white distilled vinegar.  Then just spray or mist your dog with this mixture all over and then rub a towel over them to dry.  Just don’t use this in the dog’s face!  What the part vinegar does is takes away the “dog smell” from your dog and the vinegar also “shines” your dog’s coat.  It works every time!  They will smell like vinegar for a little bit, but the smell goes away and so does the dog smell.  (I don’t know about you, but I like smelling like a dog!)

What are some of your dog bathing rituals that you do?  Does your doggie run and hide when it’s bath time?