Blimps to Ice Cream Trucks – Things that Dogs Bark at

It amazes all humans what us dogs bark at.  They never seem to understand the reason why we bark at what we do, but we bark, it’s inevitable.  Sometimes it’s funny when we bark at what we see, sometimes we bark to protect, sometimes we bark at things we are uncertain about, and sometimes we bark at silly things, but all in all we are just being dogs. 

For example, I was looking out the window yesterday afternoon and I saw this huge thing in the sky – – so I barked and growled too.  Mommy asked me what I was barking at, and she could not see anything at the moment.  She thought that I was barking at something in the bush by the window, like perhaps a little bird or something, because I was looking up, so she investigated and saw the Met Life Blimp going over the house.  She ran outside to take some photographs of it as it circled the house, did a nose-dive turn in the air as it changed direction, and off it went into the cloud-filled sky.  REASON I BARK:  IT WAS HUGE, IT WAS SOMETHING I NEVER SAW BEFORE, AND IT RUMBLED IN THE SKY AS IT PASSED THE WINDOW. 

This icecream truck absolutely drives me crazy!  Everytime I hear the trucks music playing, I run to the window and bark at this thing.  It seems to go by the house a few times a day and since we have a park right by our house, he frequently stops there to sell his icecream.  REASON I BARK:  I BELIEVE IT IS THE MUSIC THAT MAKES ME GO NUTS.

I also have noticed that I can get my underwear in a bunch (not that I wear underwear, it’s just a saying) when I see anything hanging on a clothes line.  It does not matter what is hanging on the clothes line, like a towel, sheets, or a shirt, I just know that the last time I went outside those things were not there, so I bark & growl at them.  REASON I BARK:  TO TELL THOSE THINGS THAT I AM ON PATROL AND THAT I NOTICED THEY WERE THERE – DON’T MESS WITH ME BATHROOM TOWELS! 

Mommy and I had birthdays in the same week in July, and she got some helium balloons from Daddy.  I did not know what to do when I saw these things come into the house as they were dancing all over bouncing in mid air – so I barked at em!  What else would us doggies do in this case?  Geez, if we have never seen anything like this before, it would be normal for us to growl and bark at them.  They are still floating around right now, but they are getting closer and closer to the floor and drive me nuts when the wind catches them and make them move.  I run over to them (not too close mind you) and growl at em.  I don’t think I would ever get close enough to these things to bite them, because they are a little scary to me.  REASON I BARK:  UNCERTAIN OF WHAT THEY ARE!

There are so many other things that I have barked at including all small dogs that walk by the house, my reflection in the oven door, a pillow case that changed color (Mommy put a new pillow case on this one pillow and I noticed it had changed – so I barked at it), garbage cans by the curb, the gas grill, a paper cup blowing down the street, the smoothie maker (makes too much noise for me – I hate this thing), my reflection in the TV when it’s off, and the upright vacuum.  Those are just a few of the things that I bark at, as I am sure there are many more. 

What do you bark at?



Visitors Galore!

Hey everyone!  It’s me, Nikita!  I just wanted to announce that yesterday I hit 6,000 visitors.  WOW, that is pretty good for a dog, eh?  The funny thing is, is that I started this blog when I was adopted last year because it got hard and time consuming to email family and friends my photographs of me as a puppy, so I decided to start a blog where everyone could go to see what I was up to.  Who knew that it would grow with leaps and bounds with so many followers in a little under a year, that is something that still amazes me.  I am not sure as to what got you here on my blog, what you typed in as a search keyword and found me, or perhaps you saw my comments on someone elses blog & clicked over to see me, whatever the case may be, I want to thank each and every one of you for visiting, stopping by to read an article, or subscribing to my blog!  I appreciate it so much! 

I promise to keep up the good work and bring you interesting articles, not only about me, but about us dogs and how we have fun in life.  I have written important articles on what to do if we get stung by a bee (you need to check out that article & print it out for future reference), the importance of introducing all of my toys to you (the total amount of my squeaky toys have grown a lot lately!  Toys to me is as important as shoes are to a girl!  Can’t have enough of them!), the importance of playing hard with your toys and how they can end up in the “Pet Hospital” on top of the fridge until Mommy fixes them, (the insurance deductibles have been exceeded on some of my toys), how to wait for your Daddy by the front window every night when he returns home from work (then you go crazy when he walks into the house), how to bark properly, why eating mulch is not a good thing for us dogs, how fun it is to eat hail in your yard after a storm, and lots more fun stuff!  So, stay tuned, visit often, and follow me as I grow up!  Thanks again for visiting! 

Smoochies & Hugs to you,
Love Nikita

The Art & Science of Barking

Barking, woofing, growling, it’s a thing of art.  Us dogs do it best, and we put a lot of passion behind the science of it.  It’s what we do.  We bark to protect, we bark to ward off intruders, we bark for the hell of it, in general, we bark sometimes at strange things.  Today is no different than the rest, except that there is a strange (new) dog at my neighbors (a yellow lab) who is in the room right outside our kitchen window, and….he is barking.  That is driving me crazy, and I am running around the house like a maniac, from window to window, growling, barking, woofing and even an occasional snort trying to tell that dog that I am here and I am on patrol!  I have been up on the kitchen sink so many times this morning growling & barking at him that Mommy actually caught me in the act.  I turned around and acted so innocent, like I was getting a drink of water or something, but she caught me and laughed.  Ok, back to my patrol, I can hear that dog out of all the windows, so I must run to each window and bark out of it, just in case.  That yellow dog is making the other dogs in the house bark, which then I can hear a harmony of woofs that echo in the morning air. 

The reason behind all of my barking

1. First, find a subject to bark at
2. Make sure your barks are believable
3. Make sure you bark from the gut, as it makes your barks sound meaner
4. Run back & forth while barking, this draw attention to you
5. Make sure you add some growls in between your barks, this makes everyone know you are serious
6. Once you do all of the above, you will get rewarded with “Treats” for a job well done, if not, REPEAT steps 1 thru 5

May the BARK be with you!
Love – Nikita

The Snarky Squirrel

The Snarky Squirrel

The utter disturbance of the faint squeak or squeal from these little rodents have me glued to the window these last few days.  Now that I am tall enough to look out the bedroom window, I can now check out the noises I hear in the backyard.  I am truly convinced that they sit on top of the garage and back fence just to annoy me.  They know that I can’t get them…they just sit there making their annoying little squeaks, eating the leftover bird seed, while laughing at me.  Those snarky little squirrels are annoying.  Between them and those squawking geese, I will never get any rest. 

The busy snark-less puppy,