What Would You Give Up To Save An Animals Life?

All of us at Nikitaland take the welfare of animals very seriously. We cry when we watch the commercials on TV of all the abused and neglected animals in the world. We want to help. We want every animal to find a forever home & happiness that they deserve.

Please consider helping us today & make a donation to help change an animals life today.  Click HERE to make a donation!


To date, we have raised a total of $2,375 for the Animal Protective League and we could not be happier!  Each and every year we have collected more than the last year, as you can see from the graph above, and we are so glad to give back to the community to help those animals in need. We are doing our part to help, and we hope you can help too!

Without YOUR GENEROSITY we could have not made this possible! For the cost of a coffee at Starbucks, you could donate that money to helping the animals who need us. Each and every donation adds up, no matter how much you donate. Every donation helps feed the animals, it provides them with the medical care they need to heal from their abuse, it helps pay for the electricity to keep them warm at night, and in the end, it helps them to have the hopes that someone will walk in and rescue them today and give them a home to go home to.

Would you give up your Starbucks coffee today if you knew you could help save an animals life?

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Tick Tick Tick, Time is Running Out

The clock is tick tick ticking as time is running out to donate to the APL for their 2012 Fundraiser, Pledge For Pets.  We are doing our part and getting the word out to everyone we know, but we are behind in reaching our goal of collecting $1,000.  WE NEED YOUR HELP!  Even a $5 donation can help, so don’t think that donating such a small amount can’t possibly be helpful, it is!  Even making a donation of $25 is about $0.83 for 30 days and that would feed a lot of animals in that time. 

All of the animals in need at the APL have a story to tell, where one day they lived with someone who took care of them, and the next day, they were out on the streets, looking for food, shelter.  Or how about those people who move and leave their animals behind to fend for themself.  All of their stories are quite heartbreaking.  For example, we adopted our dog when she was only two months old from the APL, and she came from a litter of seven.  Their dog mommy was poisoned with anti-freeze and died, so the puppies needed immediate care.  That is where the APL came in and rescued all seven of the puppies and nursed them round the clock.  And, we also adopted two kittens who were brother & sister that were left in a box outside a church.  How sad is that! 

We all know that times are hard, but who takes care of all the animals who can’t help themself?  The APL does, and this is why they need our help.  Online donations for this fundraiser ends on May 6th, so pass our donation link for the APL onto someone you know who loves animals and wants to help us raise donations to help those furry friends who need our help.  We appreciate all the help we can get, not to mention, it will benefit the animals in need.

TO MAKE A DONATION TODAY:  http://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/themesnthings/2012-doggy-dollars-kitty-kash

Thank You!