A Day In The Life Of Nikita

Yesterday was VAL-entine’s Day and my Daddy surprised Mommy with huge chocolate strawberries that were delivered to her yesterday afternoon – WOW, what a surprise for Mommy!   Of course, I have to investigate every box that enters our house, so I did some major sniffing when this one arrived. 

Mommy opened up the box and went WOW!  She was surprised at how huge these strawberries were and of course, Mommy got a plate and had to try one immediately!  She phoned Daddy to thank him, but he was super busy and in a meeting, so she had to leave him a voicemail.  Mommy turned her back for only a few seconds, and I was up on the counter – sniffing away at the box and she snapped this photo of me, but grabbed the box away from me fast before I could get my tongue all over that corner strawberry!  Rats, but it was quick thinking on my Mommy’s behalf because chocolate is deadly to us dogs.  Phew, thanks Mommy!  Thanks again Daddy for the wonderful & delicious surprise! 

As for me, my day started off rough, as I threw up in the kitchen.  My tummy was not feeling well when I woke up, so I did not eat any breakfast, but I made a mess for Mommy to clean up.  (Sorry Mommy)  But, by 11:30, I was ready for breakfast and back to my normal self again!  I am not sure why certain toys of mine “make me crazy”, but my hedgehog turns me into one crazy dog.  I grab that thing in my mouth and shake it like a run over piece of road kill, I throw it up in the air, catch it, and run down the hallway with it while I snort away.  Silly me, eh?  Sometimes, I get so crazy with Hedgie, that Mommy has to take him away from me to settle me down. 

The snow doggie that Mommy and I made yesterday, has already started to melt, as we are watching it from the front window as piece by piece falls off – an ear, the tail is leaning now, and just a few moments ago, the head of our snow doggie fell right off.  Bummer!  That was our best snow sculpture ever and it got lots of “head turns” as people walked by and drove by yesterday and today.  That’s ok, if it snows again, we will have to make another one! 

American Idol is on tonight, so don’t forget to tune in at 8:00pm.  We felt let down last week, as we watched an hour of torture with the behind the scenes of the contestants forming groups, and one contestant who was a cop with a really bad attitude towards people in general and she could not find a group to join – I wonder why with that attitude?  Anyhow, it was way too much drama for us to watch, and when the hour was over, we looked at each other and said “that was it?”  We did not hear one group sing, and if we knew that was what we were going to watch for an hour, we could have hired someone to pull our fingernails out one by one, as it was torture!  They ended the show with a clip of “The Betty’s” walking up on stage to sing….and then the show ended.  Hopefully tonight we will be able to see some talent, and we would chuckle to our hearts content if we saw the group that the cop joined be sent home – I know that is harsh, but you don’t make it to Hollywood by threatening people “Sing Joy to the World, or else!”  

Group Night will be interesting none the less, as there is “always” someone in the group who THINKS they are better than the rest and their attitude will always ruin it.  They should sit back and listen, take everything into perspective, and just be happy that they actually made it to Hollywood in the first place.  We’ll see what happens in a few hours…. stay tuned!

Secondary Leaves Forming

And last, but not least, I wanted to give you an update on our pumpkins that we started in little pots, as they are over 14+ inches in height now!  WOW!   They are sprouting their secondary leaves right now and if you remember from our experience last year, our secondary pumpkin leaves got over 17″ in width.  We started our little “kins” early just to see how well they would grow indoors before we planted them outside, and we are glad to see that they will be a big hit in the garden this year!  Don’t you just love the little “fur” (as we call it) on the pumpkin stalks?

Save The Drama for Your Momma

There may be “No Crying in Baseball”, but there will be lots of drama tonight on American Idol, as the initial auditions are over and the eliminations begin!  There will be lots of boo-hooing, lots of tears, and probably lots of bad notes flying around the stage like nails on a chalkboard, but one thing for sure, it will be exciting!  I got my official American Idol email this morning and noticed that there is about 300+ contestants going to Hollywood to see if they’ve got what it takes to stay in Hollywood.  Of course, up to now, we have only seen just a handful of auditions that aired on TV, so seeing the entire group tonight will be interesting.  We already have a few favorites of our own from what we saw, so we’ll see if they make the cut or not. 

Here is a list of some of our favorites so far: (In no particular order)
* Phillip Phillips – Sang Superstition by Stevie Wonder
* Hallie Day – Sang I Will Survive
* Ashley Robles – Sang I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston
* Kyle Crews – 19 Year old College Student sang Angel of Mine by Monica
* Jason “Wolf” Hamlin – Sang Midnight Special by CCR
* Ethan Jones – Sang I’ll Be by Edwin McCain
* Lauren Gray – Sang One and Only by Adel
* Eben Frankowicz – Sang Ain’t No Sunshine
* John Keyser – Sang Changes Gonna Come

I hope you are going to tune in tonight to watch American Idol as the fun is just beginning as hundreds of Hollywood Hopefuls will take the stage to see if they got what it takes to move on to the next level.  I know one thing for sure is, that even if I sounded good singing in the shower, no way in the world would I audition.  I know better.  I’ll just keep my songs in my heart.

With love always – Your Puppy Idol Reviewer,

American Idol: Day Two – Not a Shortage of Talent

Day two of American Idol was on location in Pittsburgh and that was the first time ever they held auditions there.  The call Pittsburgh the city of champions, and it was proven as 38 gold tickets to Hollywood were handed out!  And if you’re counting, 80 total gold tickets to Hollywood have been passed out in two days.

First up was Heejun that sang “How am I supposed to live without you” by Michael Bolton, and although it has been said that you should not judge a book by its cover, this saying holds true for this contestant.  Looks were certainly deceiving, but his voice went through the roof!  Randy Jackson was impressed & shocked.  GOING TO HOLLYWOOD!

Reed Grimm was up next and he has been singing since he was 2 years old, on stage with his family of performers.  Reed belted out the theme song from Family Matters and to me it appeared that he scatted while doing so.  All of the judges commented the same way – – a zillion percent yes!  YOU’RE GOING TO HOLLYWOOD!

Patricia Bell and her sister stepped up on stage, and while Patricia sang, her sister “planked” in front of her.  Jennifer Lopez said that Patricia had guts behind the voice!  GOING TO HOLLYWOOD!

Creighton Fraker wrote his own song on his bus ride from New York to Pittsburgh.  Absolutely outstanding! DEFINITELY HEADING TO HOLLYWOOD!

Young Eben Frankowitz from Milford, OH (15) came to Pittsburgh to make his dream come true and sang “Ain’t No Sunshine” and shocked the judges with his awesome vocals.  A young Justin Bieber!  GOING TO HOLLYWOOD!

As they always seem to do, they saved the best for last and this was true for Hallie Day who sang “I will Survive”.  Hallie had a lot of hardships in her life and until she met her husband who gave her hope, she would have never been able to fulfill her dream and audition for American Idol.  She reminded us of Blondie when she sang.  Definitely someone to watch out for in the competition!  HEADING OFF TO HOLLYWOOD!

American Idol will be back on TV this Sunday, so don’t miss it and my next review!  Nikita the Puppy Idol 

American Idol: Day One, You Get One Shot at Fame & It All Starts Here

“You get one shot at fame and it all starts here!”  (Randy Jackson)

Last night was Day One of American Idol, Season 11 as the judges arrived in Savannah, and I sat on the edge of my seat eagerly awaiting the start of the show!  Yippee, I said – – “Here We Go”.  We always love watching American Idol right from the beginning so we can see the good, the bad, and the ugly auditions, and last night surely held enough of the ugly ones, but a total of 42 people got the “Golden Tickets” to Hollywood and their one shot at fame.

Getting Ready to Watch Idol

  • First up was 17 year old from NC, David Leathers who sang “Remember the Rain” – GOING TO HOLLYWOOD!
  • Jessica Whitely, age 19 from Cuyahoga Falls was shot down by the judges with all no’s.  Randy stated “Awful“.
  • Next up, was a Ryan Seacrest look-alike, Shawn Kraisman and although he got Ryan’s personality down perfectly, his rendition of “Oh Girl” was horrible.  Sorry Shawn, but you are not heading off to Hollywood.
  • Shannon McGrane belted out her Etta James song and won the hearts of the judges.  She also introduced her family to the panel and her Dad was Joe McGrane who pitched in the 1987 World Series for the Cardinals.  (How cool is that?)  Shannon got her gold ticket and is GOING TO HOLLYWOOD!
  • Next was a 24 year old girl who actually lived in a tent in the woods in Tennessee with her husband Blake, Amy Brimfield sang “Super Woman” for the judges.  All of the judges were in agreement to send Amy to Hollywood.  Steven said: “The spirits in the woods snuck into you“.  GOING TO HOLLYWOOD!
  • Just when you think the auditions are going great so far, here comes Joshua Chavis, 23 year old from SC who upon stepping on the stage states “I’m not leaving the stage without a ticket“.  We are not even sure what he sang because it was not something that you would want to remember.  Jennifer Lopez said “Your voice is not up to par“.  Joshua threw a hissy fit because he was not going to Hollywood and flipped off the camera man.  Sorry Joshua, maybe next year!
  • Stephanie Renae, age 15 sang “Inside your Heaven” and blew the judges away with her beautiful voice.  GOING TO HOLLYWOOD!
  • Lauren Mink, 25 year old Program Director got her wish and is GOING TO HOLLYWOOD!  Lauren gave Jennifer Lopez goose bumps with her beautiful voice.
  • W.T. Thompson, quit his job at a prison to pursue his dream.  The judges voted and Steven said “no”, Jennifer said “yes” and Randy said “yes, but you’re going to be eaten alive”.  GOING TO HOLLYWOOD!
  • Then, there always has to be one (if not more) star gazer who obsesses over famous stars, and Erica Nowak for sure fit this bill.  Erica stated that “Steven Tyler is my future ex-husband” and while she was granted a hug from Steven, she took advantage of that and grabbed Steven’s back end!  Obviously, after hearing her sing….she was not granted a golden ticket to Hollywood.
  • Brittany Kerr, age 24 was a dancer for the NBA and got the attention of the judges with her beautiful voice.  GOING TO HOLLYWOOD!
  • They always seem to leave the best performances for last and Phillip Phillips (yes, that is really his name) rocked his performance with “Superstition” by Stevie Wonder.

Day two auditions will be in Pittsburgh – the city of champions!  Stay tuned for more Nikita, the Puppy Idol Reviews!


American Idol Season 11 Starts Today!









The anticipation has been building as Season 11 of American Idol begins tonight and you know what that means?  Over the next few weeks you will be able to watch some really good auditions and some lousy ones too (which we all love to see these), and some “I can’t believe they THINK they can sing auditions”. For many “Idol” viewers, it is this early stage of the competition, when various unknown singers with wildly varying talent levels walk into that audition room for the very first time, that’s the best part of the season. Many of these auditioners don’t end up with a ticket to Hollywood, rather they end up with the walk of shame to the door and have some really unbelievable last remarks for the judges as they make lasting impressions nonetheless. And some of them even manage to stretch their fame beyond the expected 15 minutes.

I will for sure be sitting on the couch taking notes tonight as the contestants appear in front of the judges and either blow them away with sweet sounds, or make them feel like nails on a chalkboard, either way I will be keeping you up to date on what happens and bring you weekly updates from this Puppy Idol! 

Stay tuned…. it’s going to be an interesting season!
Love – Nikita, the Puppy Idol

P.S. – Did you know that our favorite Idol Rocker, James Durbin from Season 10 got married on New Year’s Eve to his girlfriend Heidi Lowe in Santa Cruz and his 2 year old son, Hunter was the ring bearer.  Congratulations James & Heidi!

The Anticipation is killing me…

I feel the pressure building inside me, my thoughts are racing around in my puppy head, I stare blindly across the kitchen floor…thinking (oooh wait, is that a crumb on the floor?) anyhow, my mind has been pre-occupied all day wondering WHO was going to win American Idol tonight.  Our first thought after Haley Reinhart was booted (ha ha) was to vote for Scotty, but after the performances we saw last night, our votes might now be swayed over to Lauren.  I think she is “IN IT TO WIN IT” as Randy Jackson always says!  Lauren had such a better night of song choices than Scotty, but who knows… Scotty could still win it.  Unfortunately, we will have to wait the entire 2 hour show to find out who wins the whole kit-and-kaboodle Idol crown!  Just a few more hours until we find out….stay tuned!

You know how much my Daddy & Mommy love Halloween, right?  Well, I must know that it is just around the corner, because all that I have been doing lately is playing with my stuffed pumpkin.  This squeaky toy is so huge, but I love it.  I just grab that huge thing and bite real hard and shake the daylights out of it.  Don’t know what I am trying to accomplish, but it is fun!  (this photo Mommy snapped of me really shows off my fluffy tail, eh?)  Anyhow, if anyone wants to check out some really cool Halloween props & accessories, you should pop on over to see my Daddy & Mommy’s website, Themes N Things www.themesnthings.com   They have a lot of seasonal items (just not Halloween) and have a huge inventory of more Halloween props that will be arriving soon, so check back often to see what’s new!

I hope you are having a great day so far…I am going to take a nap so I can stay up for Idol tonight.  I hope America voted correctly…we’ll have to wait & see for ourselves.

Yee-Haw from Nikita Idol!

End of the World? Or Just a Really Bad Storm

After my blog post yesterday & greeting my Daddy at the back door, it happened…. the winds kicked up, the rain started to fall, and so did the hail!  The storm hit us so bad and the thunder & lightning was so severe that I actually pee’d on the floor because I got scared.  We were getting tornado warnings that were beeping across the TV screen and were ready to run downstairs if we had to.  We could not believe what we were watching, as this was one of the worst storms we have seen in a long time.  Beep….beep….beep….This is a report from the National Weather Service a tornado was spotted in a neighboring city and that truly got our attention!  We were just finishing dinner while we watched from the kitchen windows how the rain came down in sheets & buckets too (I heard that this is also called “Raining Cats & Dogs”, but I did not see any cats or dogs falling from the sky)  Before the rain came down really hard, Mommy ran outside to pull all of her newly planted flowers into the garage to protect them from the storm and she is glad she did that!  (they would have been damaged from the rain, wind & hail)   We were even wondering if the glass top on our outdoor table was going to be broken from the high winds, but it was safe.  (phew)   The storm or tornado-like weather did not last that long, but the severity of it was amazing to watch.   After the storm was over, I had to “really go”, so Mommy took me outside.  To my amazement, I found little ice balls all over the ground to eat!  YIPPEE!  I love eating ice cubes, but was really surprised that I now had a whole backyard filled with them!  We even got a call from Grandma who said that they had a tree come down in their backyard and have a lot of clean-up to do.  (sorry that happened Grammy!) 

Well, we made it through this storm without any damage, but we have damage in another way.  Someone keeps running over our grass with their car and is making ruts in the yard.  This is the fifth time that this has happened, so we are starting to think that it is on purpose now.  (what elese would it be?)  Mommy & Daddy take such pride in keeping the yard looking so beautiful and are mindful of neighboring properties when working in the yard, because that is the right thing to do…. respect others property.  Have any of you ever had someone do property damage to your yard?  How did you handle it?  What was the outcome?   Let me know & give me some advice on what to do. 

Anyhow, with the storms behind us, and poor Grandma & Grandpa have lots of tree damage to clean up today, I feel bad for them because today is supposed to be a special day….. “It’s Grandma’s Birthday“!  We got Grandma something really awesome & special and know that she will love it!  We got her personalized dessert plates that have their last name initial on them!  (shhhhh, don’t tell Grandma) We thought and thought really hard on what to get her that she could use, and we thought that these would be great because we can now use them every time we have get-togethers at Grandma’s house!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA, I LOVE YOU! 

Ok, so tonight is American Idol, a day early.  So who are you voting for tonight?  Scotty or Lauren?  From what I have read on the web, not many people are going to vote tonight because they have now lost interest.  We would be voting for something that is the same, like voting for “apple -vs- apple” – or “country -vs- country”, and there is not much of a difference in that.  We kinda lost our interest in AI ever since James Durbin was voted off, he is the one who should be honored as the next American Idol, not Scotty or Lauren.  America voted last week with 95 million votes, but I am sure the votes will be much lower this week because not everyone likes country music.  Get ready for the flood gates to open wide if Lauren loses this week. 

The Hail-Eating puppy,

Drop & Give Me 10

Drop & give me 10….10 reasons to love ya!  My Auntie Annette stopped over last night while we were watching American Idol and just made my day!  She gave me all kinds of attention, huggies, and kissies and she even played ball with me.  (even though I still did the same thing and “booped” her with my ball to let her know that I wanted to play, then teased her when I ran away with it!)  I love it when she comes to visit me as I always try to be on my best behavior.  I tried so hard to keep my eyes on the TV so I would not miss a second of Idol, (as I did not want to miss out on who was being sent home), but it was so hard not to jump up on her lap for some attention. 

Well, from what I caught on Idol last night in all the excitement of my visitor, I got to see the Final Three contestant’s videos of them going home to see all of their friends and family.  All of their videos were awesome and very touching and you could tell that they were all chocked up from seeing how many people were waiting for them with a warm reception.  Then, after tons of waiting….Ryan Seacrest finally announced “who” was going home.  And boy oh boy were we happy with the results – Haley Reinhart was being sent home and would not continue in her fight for the Top Spot, being the next American Idol.  She looked like a deer in headlights when she heard the news.  We were just waiting for the flood gate of tears to open when the camera panned over to Lauren who was just told she was in the Top 2 with Scotty.  WOW, what an ending it was on Idol – two country singers will now battle it out for the finale next week to be “The Next American Idol”. (This ought to be interesting, but we feel that Scotty will probably end up being the next Idol, as Lauren will most likely crack under the pressure)  Since our favorite Idol, James Durbin is no longer in the running for AI, our vote is for Scotty.  Poor Haley, she thought she had this one “in the bag”, too bad that it was up to America to vote….and they voted her off.  (she might have still been “in it to win it“, if it were the judges voting)

Bye Bye

Mommy took a short walk to the bank this morning (but I could not go with her since Doggies are not allowed in the bank) and she stopped at KMart on her way home to look at the flowers in the Garden Center.  She is trying to figure out what kind of beautiful flowers to put in the front yard to add that perfect splash of color.  On her way home, she was chased by a goose in the field by KMart.  When she got home she told me about how that bad goose chased her, but she said that it did that because it was probably protecting her young babies.  (even so, that goose is cooked for chasing my Mommy) Grrrrr   I knew that I did not like those squawking geese – remember, they were the ones that were on the roof of the building across the street from me that drove me nutso.   

Anyhow, when Mommy got home from the bank, she took me over to visit Maggie & Lisa who work across the street.  I can visit them only on Fridays because their boss (the doctor) is not there.  I don’t stay long, because I don’t want to get them in trouble, so I make sure I use my time wisely and get lots of attention from them (and treats too) in a short time.  And, the funny thing is that every time I go over for a visit, the Doctor calls in and I have to be real quiet and not bark. (insert small woof here)   Time for a nap now! 

Anyhow, it’s Friday and I am sure that I will be up to lots of things over the weekend, but I am going to try to NOT eat any mulch this weekend, or I am in big trouble from Mommy & Daddy.  Before I forget, I wanted to share with you some more pictures from last night’s visit from my Auntie.  Before she left, she had to visit with my other furry sisters & brother: Princess, Angelica & Gabriel.  Gabriel is always a hoot because he is always under foot and likes climbing on things…..and, well took advantage of my Auntie’s back to climb on!  It was really funny because he would not get off either.  (silly cat

Have a great goose-chasing weekend,
Hugs & wet puppy smoochies to you – Nikita

I’m 10 Months Old Today!

What do you do when a normal Wednesday turns into a party?  You celebrate!  I woke up this morning, looked outside only to see that “it looks like rain…again”, got breakfast from Daddy, went outside, and checked the calendar and found out that I am 10 months old today – YIPPY! 

I have been a busy puppy over these last 10 months.  I got adopted last September, celebrated my first Halloween, got introduced to Jason Voorhees & Michael Meyers, found out that it is not a good thing when a black cat crosses your path,  got my first Halloween costume (I wore a pink fairy costume with a tutu and a wand), saw my first Thanksgiving come & go (and actually if you were interested in some news – Thanksgiving day last year, my blog post on that day had 186 views – WOW!).  I also celebrated my first Christmas, and I’ve got to tell you, I just LOVE this holiday because you get lots of gifts, treats, and Mommy even decorated my cage with LED lights & hung my stocking up & Daddy spoiled me with tons of new squeaky toys & Scoobie Snacks!  I also found out this holiday that Mommy’s new Smoothie Maker makes me want to growl at rip it off the counter! (Man, that thing drove me nuts with all its whirring & chopping it was doing) 

Watching it rain

I have had so much fun these past ten months and can’t wait now for the weather to get better out & finally stop all of this raining.  It has rained so much lately that I am actually getting tired of trying to walk around all those squiggly worms all over the driveway!  (I even got the see a birdie this morning pulling one out of the lawn – he must have been the “early bird” because I hear they get all the worms!)  Hope everyone sends me birthday wishes today to make my day special! 

And, you all know what tonight is….IDOL NIGHT!  We are down to three now, and Daddy, Mommy & I are still in shock over last week’s elimination of James Durbin.  (We will miss you James!)  Words will never be able to express how saddened we were when we heard the results…. What in the heck was America thinking?  Man, did you guys get that vote wrong.  James was the only Idol that had it all together, his stage presence was outstanding, he could sing anything he attempted, he was the only one who was consistent every week, and he was never in the bottom 3.  So who do we have left?  A country boy, a country girl, and Haley… who is such a baby that she forgot it is truly a BAD thing to argue with the judges, has been up and down with her singing, chooses bad songs – yet, does not get sent home.  THIS does not seem right.  James Durbin truly should have been the NEXT American Idol in our book.  At least Scotty & Lauren are appreciative on how far they have gone in the competition, Haley needs to GO this week. (What do you think Auntie Rene?)

Birthday Girl,

Braggin Rights


Hey everyone, it’s me, Nikita!  I hope everyone had a great weekend and a Happy Mother’s Day!  My Auntie Rene just reminded my Daddy that I forgot to post something over the weekend….now I feel embarrassed!  YIKES!  I must have been really busy and I was, because I was trying to finish my little project for Grandma for Mother’s Day.  I made a little collage of photographs of me when I was first adopted and Grandma came over to see me for the first time, to photos of me now, on how big I got.  Grandma just loved it and I went….”Phew” because I worked hard on finishing it on time for her.  Grandma cooked a great tummy rubbing dinner for the family (stuffed cabbage), and I know that you all are thinking….that she should not have been the one cooking, but NO ONE can cook like Grandma can – – so who better to make this scrumptious meal, than Grandma! 

Daddy & his Mom

We spoiled her (of course) with tons of presents, and even one that made her cry (with tears of joy).  I love my Grandma so much! 

Our wonderful neighbor (Jen – she’s the one who’s getting married on June 4th) let Mommy borrow her really cool doggie brush for a few days to see if she liked it.  It was called the FURminatorWOW, is what my Mommy said when she first used it!  This brush gets a rating of a 10 in Mommy’s book because it worked so great on my long puppy hair and helps with 90% of shedding.  Daddy ordered one for us so that I can look fabulous and also help with the “tumble weeds” (this is what Mommy calls them) or furballs that seem to gather around the house.   If you don’t have one of these, you truly need to get one! 

We did our first cookout over the weekend and Daddy & Mommy had some tasty hamburgers and homemade thick-cut french fries (are you getting hungry yet?) and I….. casually walked by Daddy’s glass of wine that was sitting on the driveway and took some sneaky sips before being caught.  “Hey, this is not my water bowl, but I like it!”  LOL    Mommy is trying to teach me a new trick – how to crawl!  She figures that I already know how to lay down, so teaching me how to crawl on the floor would be easy to learn.  So far, I kinda got the concept of how to do this, but my butt keeps popping up in the air.  I guess I have to work on this one a little more! 

My Auntie Rene also “reminded me” that I did not do my blog post on the American Idol elimination last week – Jacob Lusk.  This was no shocker that he was sent home, as his performances started to head down the ladder for the last few weeks.  There is a lot to say about Jacob: he is a great singer, sings gospel music like an angel, and adds a nice spark to any R&B music he sings, but…..it was time for Jacob to head home.  This is not the end for Jacob, as his time on American Idol will open many doors for him, but remember….being called a “Diva” is not a good thing if you are a man.   As for this week’s elimination, we are not sure that Lauren will be able to handle it if she ends up in the bottom (again).  My advice to her is, “Stop crying….you’re in the Top 4 Baby“.  (Stefano would gladly take your place! LOL) 

Anyhow, I hope Auntie Rene is happy that I updated my blog today & got all of you up to date on what is going on in my little world!  There is one little critter that I wish I could get though….it’s the little jittery chipmunk that has been teasing me all morning on the front porch!  He knows that I can’t get him, but he just runs back and forth teasing me.  Your time is limited my little jittery friend…hee hee hee

Sunny Monday kisses to you,

P.S. – Mommy wants to thank Daddy for surprising her with the sterling silver heart & diamond necklace for their Anniversary & Mother’s Day (THANKS DADDY – We Love you!)

Curtain Call for Casey

Hey everyone, it’s Friday, and yes, we are in shock over last nights outcome on Idol.  We know that they have to go home – – ONE DAY – – but actually seeing them leave the show, really is sad.  We loved Casey and thought that he would be around to the end, with James, of course!    We wish Casey much luck and hope that one day when we’re out shopping, we happen to see his burly face on a CD cover!  (one that we would buy)  Now, what is Haley going to do?  (hmmmm?)

Anyhow, Mommy made a great dinner for Daddy last night – homemade beef stroganoff and boy oh boy was Daddy surprised when he got home from work!  She also made him a pound cake with mini chocolate chips & walnuts too, but the funny thing about the cake is that all of the mini chocolate chips sank to the bottom of the cake and did not stay mixed throughout the batter.  Did that ever happen to you? 

Before the Rain Storm

Mommy is still baffled about the chips.   After dinner, Mommy had to clean up real fast so that we could get ready to watch Idol, and she put some pots she cleaned on the counter to dry.  Well, I walked into the kitchen and halted abruptly, something changed in this room, now what is it?  Ah, it is that huge pile of strange things on the counter – – “I must bark at them to save everyone”  Woof Woof Woof at the pots, and a little growl too.  (Heck, I barked at a jar of BBQ sauce last week and our neighbors blue tarp, man am I silly or what?)

Well, I am glad that it’s Friday, because I get to spend lots of time with my Daddy.  Hopefully, if it can finally stop raining (and we can stop building our ark) perhaps I can go for another walk with Daddy & Mommy.   Maybe we will even head up to PetSmart so I can see all of my friends!

Have a great dry weekend & bark at odd things,
Love Nikita