March Madness

Keeping on the ball with the fun of March Madness, we have some really bouncy Basketball Photo Holders ready for you to enjoy the March madness, or rather anytime of the year.  Click on the link to order yours today! 

As you can see from the photo, we are using our Basketball Photo Holder to display a funny photo of me with my winter hat on.  (by the way, I hated wearing this hat, but made Mommy happy when I didn’t fuss)  Basketball is made of squishy foam & you can even use it for a recipe card holder too!

Pick up one (or a few) of these today for your basketball fan, or keep them hidden for a great stocking stuffer!  P.S. – My photo does not come with the photo holder, but it can if you want one!

Love, Nikita

Monday’s Stink – But They Don’t Have To!

MONDAY’S STINK is a common phrase you hear every week.  It’s the start of a new work week, and we have to leave the weekend behind.  But, Monday’s don’t have to stink, if you had one of these whimsical lighted “Monday’s Stink” glass blocks! 

We created these to add a little humor to your Monday and perhaps put a smile on your face.  If you would like to order one of these for yourself, or as a humorous Christmas gift, click HERE to order!  These lighted glass blocks can also be inserted into a black metal stand to raise them up of your desk or counter, but the stands are sold separately. 

What a great way to make Monday’s NOT stink!  Order one today! 


Identification Handle Wrap

Hey everyone, have you ever been at the airport and grabbed the wrong suitcase because you thought it was yours?  I am sure that has happened to most of us…until now!  You can now identify your OWN bag with this bright yellow neoprene handle wrap!  Grab your luggage FIRST on that conveyor belt and be on your way when you use one of these handle wraps!  Check out how you can get one of these on our eBay store today!   Great gift idea for the frequent traveler, or you can even use this on your gym bag, your reusable shopping bags at the grocery store, or even on your dog leash for more comfort when walking Fido!  Make sure you let them know that Nikita sent you!   

Nikita’s always working hard to keep you informed of all the HOT new items!  WOOF!

I’ve Been a Good Girl

I'm tall enough to see out the window now!

Hey everyone, it’s me, Nikita!  I have been busy since the last time I posted something on my blog.  I still chase leaves in the yard, even though Mommy keeps cleaning them all up, I found out too that I am now tall enough to look out the window to see the BIG huge world.  I bark now at the dogs walking by, just want them to know that I am on duty! 

It only took me a week to learn my name and how to sit on command, but coaxing me with treats to do so helps. (it is always appreciated)  It’s been about a week that I haven’t had an accident in the house either (Mommy is happy about that) and I now whine by the back door when I want to go outside.  (phew)  Heck, if that is all that I had to do was whine by the back door to go chase leaves, I would have done this a lot earlier!  (silly leaves) 

Me and my new Hedgehog toy from Grandma

My nice Grandma visits me often and when she does, she brings me a new toy!  (Thanks Grandma – I love you)  Here is a photo of me and my new toy from Grandma.  Mommy might have to sew the nose back on my Hog because I kinda chewed it off a bit, sorry Mommy. 

I also help my Mommy get the eBay packages ready for shipment! (I don’t think that Mommy likes it when I try chewing on the boxes though).  Mommy & Daddy also have a neat website at and they sell all kinds of unique Seasonal items for Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, and 4th of July.  Both Daddy and Mommy are really big into Halloween, and some of their props scare me, so I try to stay away from those things because some of them talk too! (yikes) 

Well, that’s it for today because it is time for me to take a nap! (I love naps) But I did hear that Mommy & Daddy are trying to figure out what I should be on Halloween…what do you think? 

Until tomorrow,

Helping Mommy ship items on eBay