DPchallenge: A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Words

couple-embraceI have not yet participated in the DPchallenge before, and thought that it would be fun to give it a try.  Here is the link to the DPchallenge, just in case you too would like to participate:  http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/01/28/writing-challenge-1000-words/#more-13580    The challenge is to write a story of 1,000 words to describe the photo in their post, and since I have been told that I am a great story-teller, I thought I would give it a try.  Read on for my story from this picture…

Anna is a young Marketing Specialist who spends long hours at the office.  Her work schedule is demanding and stressful, but she loves her job.  She is a creative person with a fluent outlook that can envision things that no one else could ever imagine in the marketing world – that is why she excels in her career.

She has a quaint loft in the city that she shares with her dog Hercules, an adorable, well-mannered German Shepard.  When she arrives home after a long day, Hercules is always there to greet her at the door and lavish her with affection.  Anna’s schedule is predictable for the most, as she works long hours, arrives home and takes Hercules for a walk, cooks dinner for one, does the laundry when it’s needed, and tries to get a good nights sleep, only to start her same schedule again the next day.

Anna’s life seems picture perfect, but something is missing.  Someone to share it with.  Her friends have numerously tried to fix her up with people who they felt were “just perfect” for her, but those hook up always ended up badly.  One after another, Anna met her friend-of-a-friend, with no real love connection.  As Anna went on her way with her daily work schedule, she always had that dream deep inside her that she would one day meet the man of her dreams.  Since her friends truly did not know what Anna was looking for, she tried the online dating scene for awhile, as she felt that this was her only option left in finding the one for her.  She met a few nice gentlemen, but none that actually made her heart flutter.  She started to get weary as the online dating scene got old as she was overwhelmed by emails from men all over the world, who obviously did not read her profile of what she was looking for in a man.  But, she kept reading them, going on a few dates here and there, but eventually, she called it quits and cancelled her online subscription.  Phew is what she said, as the emails stopped coming in.  She regretted ever doing that in the first place, but it all started from the long hours that Anna worked that made he wonder “how would I ever meet someone when I work all the time?”  Anna needed a break, so she decided that she needed some time away from the office to relax and rethink a few things.

In a city far away from where Anna lived, Mike, a young architect was going through the exact same situation.  Mike just got his foot in the door at an architect firm and was eager to learn the ropes.  He just got out of college and someone gave him a break and got him into the company because they wanted someone fresh out of college.  He put in long hours as he tried to impress the staff, and went home tired every night and overwhelmed.  After six months on the job, he was able to take some time off, and although he did not want to take any time off, the company suggested that he should take a little break to refresh himself.  With a lot of fuss, Mike finally agreed to do just that.

What makes life interesting is that you just never know what is going to happen.  Life is not spelled out for you in black and white, but if it was, what fun would that be for you to know exactly what was going to happen?  Sure, life has its ups and down, but that is life.  We get up every morning, start a new day, and always hope for the best, but sometimes we do stumble along the way, but get right back up to do it all over again tomorrow.  We always dream of one day winning the lottery and making everything better, but what are the chances of that actually happening, so we head off to work every day to earn a living to enjoy the life we have made for us.  Friends are wonderful to pass your free time away, but you don’t look at your friends as someone you would want a long term relationship with.  They are your friends.

So that takes us back to Anna and Mike.  Two people who have never met, who live two different lives, in two different cities, but yet yearn for the same thing.  Finding their soul mate.  They want something more out of life and look forward to the day when they will find that one special person whom they can share life with, make memories together, and eventually marry the person of their dreams.  They want the entire package.  They want to find true happiness and be able to wake up every morning with the love of their life next to them, and smile, because they have the world in their hands and their dreams fulfilled.

Anna decided to head off to a city that she had never visited, one that sounded exciting and invigorating with lots of things to do.  She did not mind spending her vacation alone, as her first few days she spent thinking about work and had lots of creative marketing ideas filling her mind, but on the third day of her vacation, someone stole her wallet.  She thought the world had crashed in around her and started to feel lost, alone, and frightened.  But what happened next, changed her entire life.  She got on a street car to head back to her hotel and the car made a sudden stop to pick up more passengers, and that is when she accidentally fell backwards…right into Mike!  When Anna looked up into Mike’s eyes, they knew.  They got that fluttering feeling in the pit of their stomachs when you meet someone.  The right someone.  The perfect someone for you.  Without thinking, both Anna and Mike exited the street car and walked to the sidewalk where they embraced.  An embrace that feels like you have known this person your entire life and never ever want to let go.