Finding Cleaning Products That Actually Work

At one time or another, we have all noticed areas in our house that needed cleaned. Perhaps a spot that we could never get cleaned, no matter what we tried. I had, yes I said had, one of those spots, but it is now clean!

I had this ugly calcium buildup that resided around the kitchen sink sprayer and no matter what I tried on it, no matter how hard I scrubbed, nothing worked. Until I found my miracle cleaner. I got so excited that this actually worked, and forgot to take a “before” photo, but trust me, it was a mess.


Isn’t our new carpet so beautiful? (my Sweetie got this for us & I love it) What did I use you ask? Well here is my new found cleaning spray formula that makes our stainless steel kitchen sink sparkle with no more calcium buildup! I just took a spray bottle, filled it with white distilled vinegar and added a few drops of the blue Dawn Dish Liquid, then shook it up. I sprayed this solution all around the calcium buildup and let it sit. It only took a few minutes and I wiped off the vinegar & Dawn solution and all the calcium was gone!


The calcium buildup was all around the base of our sprayer, but not anymore! I bet you are reading this and thinking, “I should try this, because I have the same calcium buildup around my kitchen sink faucets too!” You should try it, because it works!

This same solution can be used in the bathtub too! Just spray it all over the bathtub and let it sit, for 30 minutes or so. Then wipe it off, and rinse. Now you have a clean bathtub!

Spring cleaning will be quickly upon us, but why wait til Spring to try this out? Do you have a cleaning solution that you use that you want to share?