Christmas Favorites

The holidays were especially good, not only because we got presents, but because it was a happy holiday. The only thing missing was snow on the ground. We got the cold temperatures back, but not no snow. It felt weird not to see the ground covered in the white stuff at Christmas, but we got a freak snow storm here on Thanksgiving. Go figure, Mother Nature messed this one up.


I found these adorable camera rubber stamps in my stocking and I absolutely love them! I have already stamped little cameras on everything I can get my hands on!


As you can see, I already inked these babies up really good! Putting them to good use for sure. Thanks Sweetie!


I got this coffee cup stack too, and this gift has a funny long story behind it. Without giving away the long story, all I can say is that I am happy with this awesome coffee cup stack as it is exactly what I wanted. What amazes me, is that I can create a board on Pinterest of things that I wanted for Christmas, and this gift shows up! Amazing on how that works, eh!


All of you know that I love, love, love to work outside in the yard and garden. A friend of ours has one of these garden carts that I fell in love with while we were helping them with their landscaping project over the summer. To my surprise, they bought me one! I was so shocked and joyous and had to put it under our tree (well sort of) and filled it with all of my other presents. Thank you Jamie & Simpson for the nicest gift ever – you really surprised me with this one!


While we watched a Cops marathon, we opened our gifts! They were too pretty to open, but we ripped through them in style!


Bella and Nikita got new Christmas blankies and as you can see, Bella tested hers out to make sure it provided the proper warmth. It passed inspection!


Daddy was spoiled with lots of presents and got lots of new clothes and this beautiful new sweater.


As we opened up our gifts, Nikita ran off with the boxes to play. Maybe we should have just wrapped up some empty boxes for her instead of buying her new toys?


Here is a funny photo of Nikita snarling because she did not want me to steal her new ball.


Bella found the toy that “oinked” when I was wrapping it up. This is one of her new favorite toys now!


All of the presents under the tree were opened, except one that was hiding behind the tree. (this kinda reminded me of the Christmas Story movie when Ralphie’s Red Rider BB Gun was hiding as the last gift to open) It was a surprise for my Sweetie, a new Shakespeare fishing rod & reel. Boy was he surprised.

All of us must have been really good this year! What was your favorite Christmas present?

It Happened Last Night

Yesterday afternoon the dogs caught me. Caught me wrapping up their Christmas toys! Dogs don’t miss anything! A simple crinkle noise from a package, sends them running to investigate. I sat on the rug in the living room wrapping up each new squeaky toy, rope pull, and stuffies, while they hoovered over my back the entire time. I was caught, but I continued to wrap!


But I made a mistake. When wrapping up a larger stuffie, I pushed down on it while wrapping and it “oinked”! “OMG” I thought and I turned around to look at Nikita and Bella and they were close to drooling! Their eyes were glazed over and the moved in to sniff the wrapping paper. I can’t believe that stuffie gave me away and squeaked on me! (darn stuffie)


I did not think much about the toys after I placed them in their Christmas stockings and a few under the tree. The dogs sniffed their stocking a few times then followed me into the kitchen where I continued on with my holiday baking, and was glad to know that I got everything all wrapped.


Then last night after dinner, Nikita went back into the living room and never left. She just sat there, in front of the tree and her pink Christmas stocking and looked at it. I watched her as she scooted closer and closer to her stocking. Then she laid down right in front of the tree and stayed there the entire night. We thought it was the cutest thing we have ever seen, a dog who was getting excited about Christmas presents. I went over to check on her and she looked up at me with those sad puppy eyes as if to say “can I have that thing that oinked?” What a sweet dog. I tried to explain to her that Christmas is not here yet, but all she did was look at me with that sad look on her face. All she wanted was that thing that oinked.


It was time for bed, and Nikita was still laying under the tree, where she had been laying for hours. I had to do something. I picked up their toys under the tree and removed the stockings hanging on our stocking holder and carried them into another room. Nikita followed. I gave Nikita a hug, kissed her on her nose, and told her it would be ok. She went into the kitchen and laid down.


I was just amazed on how persistent she was on keeping an eye on her presents under the tree, after one of them gave themself away by oinking. (darn piggie)


The Christmas Sock Bins Are Overflowing

One of the cool things about the holidays, are the things that you can find at dirt cheap prices, if you know what to look for. Let’s talk about socks, for instance. You can find a boat load of holiday socks in almost every store you visit, and luckily for me, I have a KMart within walking distance from me.

The holiday sock bins are overflowing with socks that will probably make their way into hundreds of Christmas stockings this year, and this is the time to pick up a bunch of them because they are about a buck! Not only finding socks in your Christmas stocking is fun, but you can also use them to make “Sock Bunnies”!


I picked up a few pair that I found in the huge sock bin and I mostly look for socks with cool stripes on them, or something that stands out about them, like the colors. You can usually find me standing in front of a sock bin talking to myself while digging through the piles saying “Ooooh yeah, I like that one” or “I wonder if they have another one just like this“. No matter what, it is sock porn plain and simple.


I did a post back in March of 2013, Anatomy Of A Sock Bunny that you might want to check out for a great tutorial on how to make a sock bunny, so I won’t bore you with all the details again. Just one click, and you will be on your way to making your own sock bunnies, which are easier than you think. One of the funnest parts of making sock bunnies are adding the embellishments, like some cool eyes, a nose, a jingle bell necklace, and of course, a frilly tulle tutu!


The Christmas sock bins were overflowing, and I made my selections of some fancy pairs, and got to work creating some Christmas Sock Bunnies.

When making a sock bunny, you will always have a leftover piece of sock. Ever since I started making them, I never threw away that extra sock that I had, because I thought that I might need it one day for something. And, while making my Christmas sock bunnies, I found a use for that extra sock! I made some sock toys for Nikita and Bella!  The dogs watched me the entire time I was sewing up the sock bunny, hoping that they would get it. They would come over and sit next to me and try to “snatch” it off my lap, and that is how I got the thought to make them each a sock toy.

Nikitas Sock Toy

Oh boy, I was right! They loved their sock tube (is what I called it) and ran all over the house with them. When Bella gets a new toy, she prances all around the house with it as if to say “look at me, I got a new toy“, while Nikita takes her new toy back to her pet bed and guards it from Bella. After all of the prancing, Bella ended up napping with it on the couch.

Dog Toy Made with Sock

We don’t have any pampered dogs in our house, just happy ones!

Merry Christmas

The best part of blogging, is meeting new friends. I have met so many wonderful people all across the world and love sharing our lives with each other. There is nothing better than this! Pure joy from the ground up.

I love reading all the blog posts from fellow bloggers & their pets. I gain insights into some things that I might not know. It’s educational. It’s enlightening.It’s a ton of fun! I look forward every morning to see what they have posted overnight, and I can’t wait to read them! Some of the photographs that I see are hilarious and I just sit here laughing my head off. Pure entertainment!

The holidays are a time to stop & say thanks to those around you. It is also a time for giving, not receiving. The gift of your good deeds. The time for getting together. And, the time of year when we all decorate our pets for the holidays! Yes, I said decorate our pets! I am sure all of you have already adorned your pets in antlers, jingle bells, wreaths, & lights, just to get a funny photograph. I am guilty of this too. Nikita does not like anything on her head, and Bella just goes along with whatever Mommy does to her. She is good that way.

I had to take a Christmas photo of the dogs, just because it is the thing to do this time of year. I took many many photographs, just to get a good one. They kept trying to run out of the room, and I brought them back in. Bribed them with treats just to sit still, or look in the direction of the camera. It was a photo shoot that could have taken two minutes to accomplish, and turned into twenty due to un-cooperating pooches. I know they don’t like dressing up, but they put up with it for me. Thank you my furry friends for making Mommy happy and getting through yet another holiday photo shoot. Here is our best Christmas photo!


Bella actually liked these candy cane light around her neck because she likes heat and the rope lights were nice and warm. The funny part was when she tried walking away and realized that she was plugged in!


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all of my fellow bloggers! We love you all and we look forward to another year of happiness with all of you!

The Making of A Christmas Sign

Viewing the numerous Christmas signs all over the place, on Pinterest boards, and in antique shops, I decided to try making one for myself. It all started because I found a little piece of scrap wood I had leftover, and I don’t throw any of these little pieces away, just in case I might need them. I had to trim the piece of wood with my jigsaw a little to make it perfectly shaped, then I sanded it really good.

Here’s what you need to make your own Christmas Sign:

  • Piece of 1/2″ plywood
  • Jigsaw & Sander
  • Create your own stencil & choose your fonts
  • Newspaper
  • White high gloss paint
  • Black high gloss paint
  • Red paint
  • Of course, paint brushes!
  • Polycrylic
  • Small string of colored Christmas Lights

Let’s get started!  You have the list of materials that I used in creating my Christmas Sign, so let’s begin the process. After the piece of wood is cut to the size you want (mine was 18″ x 9″), you need to sand down the top of your sign really well. Vacuum off all the dust particles afterwards.

Christmas Sign

Next, take out your white glossy paint and paint two coats of white on your wood. Let dry in between coats. If you still think you might need a third coat, then do a third, but let it dry thoroughly.

While your board is drying, you can sit down and design your Christmas phrase on your computer and choose your fonts.  I decided to use “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” phrase, because it is cheery. The font I used for all the words was Time New Roman, and I used the font called Riddle for the word “little”. I sized the font size appropriately so it would fit on my piece of wood. Once you get everything in the size you want, print it out on a sheet of copy paper, not cardstock.  Cut out each word and leave a little space around each word. Place the cutout words onto your board to ensure that they fit.

Christmas Sign1

Next, take a piece of newspaper and lay it under your cutout word and trace really hard around the edges of your letters. What you are doing here is letting the ink from the newspaper transfer onto your white wood. It does a pretty good job. (you could probably also use a piece of carbon paper too if you had some on hand)

Christmas Sign2

Make sure your cutout words are always straight on your piece of wood when transferring them, or you will be sad to find out that they are crooked. I used a ruler to line up my cutout words when I did my board.

Christmas Sign3

Once you transfer all of your words onto your piece of wood, you are now ready to paint the letters black. Use a very small flat paint brush and carefully paint each letter, starting from the middle of your board and work your way out to the sides. This ensures that you will not accidentally slide your arm into any wet paint!  Work your way around your board until all your words are painted black, except for the word “little”, as you want to paint that red.

Christmas Sign4

Let your words dry thoroughly. Now, you might notice that you have some ink that accidentally transferred onto the white board from the newspaper, and that is not a problem. Just use your small paint brush and touch up those areas.

Christmas Sign5a

When I was making my Christmas sign, I noticed that after I had all of the words painted on the sign, it looked good, but I felt that it was missing something. I decided to paint a small black border around the sign and that really did the trick in completing the look of the sign. It’s perfect now!

Christmas Sign6

Once all of your lettering has dried, you are ready to apply a layer of Polycrylic to seal the top of your board. Apply the polycrylic very slowly because you do not want any air bubbles. If you get any, just brush them away, or pop them with a pin as you go. I added actually two coats of Polycrylic to my sign just to seal it well. Let each layer of this step dry overnight before you add a second layer.

Christmas Sign7

The last thing that I did was add a little string of 18 LED Multi-Colored Christmas Lights around the frame. These little lights were found at Walmart.

So, there you have it, a beautiful Christmas sign to brighten your holidays!

Recycled Rudolph

I am always on the lookout for neat & cute craft ideas and I ran across this awesome cardboard reindeer on Pinterest that was posted on Good Housekeeping, so I just had to try making one for myself!

Here is the pin from Pinterest on what theirs looks like:


Here is mine:


Printout the Reindeer Template on legal-size paper. Find a nice piece of cardboard and trace the pattern onto the cardboard. Trace two pieces of the head. I used a sharp knife to cut out the pieces. One note if you are going to try making one for yourself, is to NOT cut the little slices on the deer antlers any larger than what is shown on the pattern, or your antlers will fall off when you try to slide them into place. Keep true to your cuts so your pieces fit together tightly.


Place the two pieces of the head together and add a dab of glue to where the nose is. Then spread the head pieces apart a little (after your glue has dried) and attach the rest of the pieces to the reindeer.

Now all that is left is to decorate Rudolph! You can make him a pom pom nose like I did to mine, or just paint it red. Add some eyes, a collar with a jingle bell on it, or even slip a small wreath around his neck! Be creative and deck your halls with this awesome reindeer!


How would you decorate your Recycled Rudolph?

Join Us For A Christmas Card Exchange

It is about “that time” again, and Christmas is quickly approaching. I already have quite a few of your mailing addresses, but for those of you who would like to join in the holiday fun, let’s share some Christmas cards!

Christmas Card Exchange

Contact me offline via email with your mailing address and we can exchange Christmas Cards! There is nothing better than receiving a Christmas Card in the mail from a wonderful friend!

There are a few of you who I know have “moved”, so make sure that you contact me with your new mailing address! (ie: Boomie & Laurie)

And, don’t forget to use my little “Happy Mail” and “This is not a bill: Open Me” labels that I shared with you in a previous post to stick on your cards heading out to your mailbox!

So, join in the fun and let’s share Christmas Cards! (don’t forget, please do not share your address in the comments section! Email me!)


Our First Snowfall of the Season

We knew it was going to happen, sooner or later, but we got our first snowfall of the Season yesterday.  We had mixed feelings of whether we were glad to see the beautiful fluffy snowflakes falling so daintily covering everything in a white powder. I think we are just not quite ready to head on into Winter, but we can do nothing about that. It’s going to come whether we want it to or not.


The photo above was just the start of the snow, as you can see the ground was not yet covered, but we ended up getting about 4 inches by morning. (I love how the snowflakes look in the photo with the flash on my camera!) Nikita and Bella of course, loved the arrival of the snow and immediately did zoomies in the yard!

Last weekend, we got the Christmas lights on the house and the decorations out in the yard, as this was our last chance with a semi warm day to do so before the cold temps hit us. Boy are we glad that we did, because it is just way too cold out now to decorate. I have also been under the weather for a few weeks now with a nasty chest congestion, and I did my best at helping get the decorations outside. (these chest congestions hang on forever which stinks!)


Here’s a photo of our Christmas decorations in the snow last night! Boy are we glad we got them all up! It has been snowing here since yesterday and it has not stopped. Nothing makes outside Christmas decorations look so beautiful when they are covered up with white fluffy snowflakes.

How much snow did you get in your area?

Merry Christmas From Nikitaland



Santa in Sleigh Happy Holidays



Dear Santa




MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR from all of us at Nikitaland! We wish you all the best in the new year and much happiness. We are so thankful that we have all become such good friends and look forward to another year of blogging fun with you!