I’ve Been Busy…How Have You Been?

It amazes me that it has already been over a month since Christmas and I don’t know where the time has gone.  Time is just flying by, and for us in the Cleveland area, we’ve been truly lucky with the amount of snowfall that we have had.  Yesterday marked the anniversary of the Great Blizzard of ’78 where it snowed for two days straight closing schools and businesses and it took the normal pace of society five days to get back to its norm.  This has not been the case with our snowfall of late.  This morning, we woke up to the ground just starting to get covered with snow, and it appears that it might turn out to be a snow shoveling day after all, and what that means for me is lots of play time out in the snow! 

Mommy & Daddy have been busy too, but Daddy has been under the weather for the past few weeks with a cold and can’t shake this awful cough he has.  Poor Daddy, we feel bad for him and hope he gets better soon!

We almost sold out all of our small lighted Valentine Hearts with Arrow, but only have one left!  These must have been the hit this year with everyone and we’re happy the lighted hearts found new homes!   Daddy and Mommy will also be announcing soon some brand new products that we are sure you will love.  They will have some really neat Lighted Bats for Halloween and some adorable Stone Fairies/Angels to adorn your garden this year and some really beautiful Stone Stepping Stones too!  (all of which will be handmade)  So, keep an eye out for the announcement of these new products that we are sure you will love! 

I hope you have been keeping up with the American Idol tryouts!  We have watched every episode and we already have a few favorites!  The funniest part of watching Idol are the people who can’t sing!  I even remember what Randy Jackson said to one contestant – – “Have you ever tape recorded yourself singing?”  “You should – so you can hear how bad you are“.  Ouch, but it was the truth!  It’s just like nails on a chalkboard – something you don’t want to hear!  LOL 

Bundle up & stay warm!
Love, Nikita

American Idol: Day Two – Not a Shortage of Talent

Day two of American Idol was on location in Pittsburgh and that was the first time ever they held auditions there.  The call Pittsburgh the city of champions, and it was proven as 38 gold tickets to Hollywood were handed out!  And if you’re counting, 80 total gold tickets to Hollywood have been passed out in two days.

First up was Heejun that sang “How am I supposed to live without you” by Michael Bolton, and although it has been said that you should not judge a book by its cover, this saying holds true for this contestant.  Looks were certainly deceiving, but his voice went through the roof!  Randy Jackson was impressed & shocked.  GOING TO HOLLYWOOD!

Reed Grimm was up next and he has been singing since he was 2 years old, on stage with his family of performers.  Reed belted out the theme song from Family Matters and to me it appeared that he scatted while doing so.  All of the judges commented the same way – – a zillion percent yes!  YOU’RE GOING TO HOLLYWOOD!

Patricia Bell and her sister stepped up on stage, and while Patricia sang, her sister “planked” in front of her.  Jennifer Lopez said that Patricia had guts behind the voice!  GOING TO HOLLYWOOD!

Creighton Fraker wrote his own song on his bus ride from New York to Pittsburgh.  Absolutely outstanding! DEFINITELY HEADING TO HOLLYWOOD!

Young Eben Frankowitz from Milford, OH (15) came to Pittsburgh to make his dream come true and sang “Ain’t No Sunshine” and shocked the judges with his awesome vocals.  A young Justin Bieber!  GOING TO HOLLYWOOD!

As they always seem to do, they saved the best for last and this was true for Hallie Day who sang “I will Survive”.  Hallie had a lot of hardships in her life and until she met her husband who gave her hope, she would have never been able to fulfill her dream and audition for American Idol.  She reminded us of Blondie when she sang.  Definitely someone to watch out for in the competition!  HEADING OFF TO HOLLYWOOD!

American Idol will be back on TV this Sunday, so don’t miss it and my next review!  Nikita the Puppy Idol 

American Idol: Day One, You Get One Shot at Fame & It All Starts Here

“You get one shot at fame and it all starts here!”  (Randy Jackson)

Last night was Day One of American Idol, Season 11 as the judges arrived in Savannah, and I sat on the edge of my seat eagerly awaiting the start of the show!  Yippee, I said – – “Here We Go”.  We always love watching American Idol right from the beginning so we can see the good, the bad, and the ugly auditions, and last night surely held enough of the ugly ones, but a total of 42 people got the “Golden Tickets” to Hollywood and their one shot at fame.

Getting Ready to Watch Idol

  • First up was 17 year old from NC, David Leathers who sang “Remember the Rain” – GOING TO HOLLYWOOD!
  • Jessica Whitely, age 19 from Cuyahoga Falls was shot down by the judges with all no’s.  Randy stated “Awful“.
  • Next up, was a Ryan Seacrest look-alike, Shawn Kraisman and although he got Ryan’s personality down perfectly, his rendition of “Oh Girl” was horrible.  Sorry Shawn, but you are not heading off to Hollywood.
  • Shannon McGrane belted out her Etta James song and won the hearts of the judges.  She also introduced her family to the panel and her Dad was Joe McGrane who pitched in the 1987 World Series for the Cardinals.  (How cool is that?)  Shannon got her gold ticket and is GOING TO HOLLYWOOD!
  • Next was a 24 year old girl who actually lived in a tent in the woods in Tennessee with her husband Blake, Amy Brimfield sang “Super Woman” for the judges.  All of the judges were in agreement to send Amy to Hollywood.  Steven said: “The spirits in the woods snuck into you“.  GOING TO HOLLYWOOD!
  • Just when you think the auditions are going great so far, here comes Joshua Chavis, 23 year old from SC who upon stepping on the stage states “I’m not leaving the stage without a ticket“.  We are not even sure what he sang because it was not something that you would want to remember.  Jennifer Lopez said “Your voice is not up to par“.  Joshua threw a hissy fit because he was not going to Hollywood and flipped off the camera man.  Sorry Joshua, maybe next year!
  • Stephanie Renae, age 15 sang “Inside your Heaven” and blew the judges away with her beautiful voice.  GOING TO HOLLYWOOD!
  • Lauren Mink, 25 year old Program Director got her wish and is GOING TO HOLLYWOOD!  Lauren gave Jennifer Lopez goose bumps with her beautiful voice.
  • W.T. Thompson, quit his job at a prison to pursue his dream.  The judges voted and Steven said “no”, Jennifer said “yes” and Randy said “yes, but you’re going to be eaten alive”.  GOING TO HOLLYWOOD!
  • Then, there always has to be one (if not more) star gazer who obsesses over famous stars, and Erica Nowak for sure fit this bill.  Erica stated that “Steven Tyler is my future ex-husband” and while she was granted a hug from Steven, she took advantage of that and grabbed Steven’s back end!  Obviously, after hearing her sing….she was not granted a golden ticket to Hollywood.
  • Brittany Kerr, age 24 was a dancer for the NBA and got the attention of the judges with her beautiful voice.  GOING TO HOLLYWOOD!
  • They always seem to leave the best performances for last and Phillip Phillips (yes, that is really his name) rocked his performance with “Superstition” by Stevie Wonder.

Day two auditions will be in Pittsburgh – the city of champions!  Stay tuned for more Nikita, the Puppy Idol Reviews!


American Idol Season 11 Starts Today!









The anticipation has been building as Season 11 of American Idol begins tonight and you know what that means?  Over the next few weeks you will be able to watch some really good auditions and some lousy ones too (which we all love to see these), and some “I can’t believe they THINK they can sing auditions”. For many “Idol” viewers, it is this early stage of the competition, when various unknown singers with wildly varying talent levels walk into that audition room for the very first time, that’s the best part of the season. Many of these auditioners don’t end up with a ticket to Hollywood, rather they end up with the walk of shame to the door and have some really unbelievable last remarks for the judges as they make lasting impressions nonetheless. And some of them even manage to stretch their fame beyond the expected 15 minutes.

I will for sure be sitting on the couch taking notes tonight as the contestants appear in front of the judges and either blow them away with sweet sounds, or make them feel like nails on a chalkboard, either way I will be keeping you up to date on what happens and bring you weekly updates from this Puppy Idol! 

Stay tuned…. it’s going to be an interesting season!
Love – Nikita, the Puppy Idol

P.S. – Did you know that our favorite Idol Rocker, James Durbin from Season 10 got married on New Year’s Eve to his girlfriend Heidi Lowe in Santa Cruz and his 2 year old son, Hunter was the ring bearer.  Congratulations James & Heidi!