Killer Clowns Snuck Into Yard

Just when you thought it was safe to visit your front yard…
you see this…

Killer Clown

It’s not every day that we have killer clowns show up in our front yard, but yesterday was my Sweetie’s birthday. We both love love love Halloween, so I decided to pull out a few of our skellies to help pull off a front yard birthday greeting.

But they needed something. I found these awesome killer clown masks at KMart and thought they would look awesome on the skellies. Heck, everyone loves clowns on their birthday, right?! And what killer clown would look right without a shiny birthday hat on too!

Birthday Sign

I have been doodling lately a bunch of these 3D ribbons on paper, and thought to myself, I wonder how hard it would be to make one life-sized. Well, here is my first attempt at one and I think it turned out awesome!  The entire sign was made on the side of a cardboard box that I opened up.

Cardboard Cake

Since I made the birthday sign, I had to have a birthday cake to go along with it, so I grabbed another box and cutout a birthday cake, all from the side of a cardboard box.

Roy with Clown Skellies

Here is my Sweets with the killer clowns! He loved the front yard display and could not stop from laughing at the masks on the skellies!

Clowns at Night

Happy Birthday Sweetie!

10 thoughts on “Killer Clowns Snuck Into Yard

    • That’s correct…clowns really really love cake! I even made little Lego Men out of chocolate and stood them up on top of his cake with a few chocolate lego pieces for him to eat. He was surprised to see them!

  1. What a lovely and TERRIFYING birthday surprise. Happy birthday, buddy and GET OUT OF THERE FAST! I’m pretty sure Mom would have to carry me past those guys. *gulp*

    Love and licks,

    • Nikita and Bella are used to all of our strange stuff, but when they see the skellies for the first time, they peek around the corner at them…until they get to sniff them & realize that they are OK.

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