Growing Container Corn

I can definitely say that we stepped a little out of our boundaries this gardening seasoning, but not out of our comfort zone. If you have followed along with us through the years, you have read all about our successes and failures through our gardening adventures. Some things worked, some things grew & some did not, but that is what gardening is all about…the learning process, and to get fresh home grown veggies (of course).

Like I mentioned in the last post, we wanted to try to grow Container Corn (and yes, that is what the name is) from Burpee Seeds. We got a nice sized huge container, drilled lots of drain holes in the bottom of it, and placed it up on top of a few landscaping stones to level it a bit in the garden area. Then, we took a lot of soil and filled that container to the top. We only planted nine seeds because we wanted to follow the directions for growing container corn exactly as directed.

Guess what we got from all of that? We have corn stalks (nine of them) growing in our huge container! And, on each stalk, we have actual corn cobs growing & forming too! I know that we sound waaaaaay too happy to see corn growing on a “corn stalk” (but what else would you find on that stalk, eh?) But it is our pure excitement to see corn growing when we never ever grew it before in our backyard!  Another sweet success for sure! And, we should be getting two corn cobs on each stalk too!

The photograph below is from June, so you can see how short the stalks were. By the time Fourth of July rolled around, well….you know the old saying “knee high by the Fourth of July” and our corn stalks were at that & more!

6-15-15 Container Corn

The photograph below is from current day! Each stalk has at least one corn cob on it, and the second cob should  be starting to form shortly!

Container Corn

Growing container corn has definitely been fun to watch! In a million years, we would have never guessed that we could grow corn in our small backyard, but to our surprise, anyone can! As long as you have a huge container & good drainage, you can do it too! (perhaps you can try it next year too!)

Ear of Corn

Have you tried to grow anything different this gardening season that you have not grown before? I would love to hear what you have tried!

11 thoughts on “Growing Container Corn

  1. That’s terrific! We tried growing corn once and the cobs only grew to the length of my thumb. We still ate them, but they weren’t the best. We probably didn’t have the right soil, sunlight, or drainage. But it was something!

    • Ah, the dreaded drainage problem! I made sure I drilled tons of hugs holes in the bottom of our huge container to make sure that the corn was not sitting in a pile of water. Our corn is definitely bigger than a “thumb”, so I hope that means that we’ll get some nice sized ears this season. If so, that will probably mean that we’ll do more containers of them next year! It is so much fun to watch!

  2. that’s a cute idea… I always pick corn from the field to dry it for my fall decorations, think the container corn would be better, it isn’t as huge as the common plants and I bet there are not much scary critters inside :o) Easy “planted” a potato under the fence and we got 6 small but very tasty potatoes… at least one with a green thumb (or paw) in our family :o)

    • The corn cobs are forming really nicely right now, and we can’t wait until the day when we can pick them! How exciting! I’ve already got the butter ready! 🙂

      • Hi Auntie Rene here. We are growing potatoes. They are in a grey felt growing bag also known as a container. There are 8 plants growing are are about 2-3 feet tall. According to my sister the plants will wilt and start to die when they are ready to harvest. I can almost taste them now!

      • That is something that I would love to try to grow one year! I heard that when the plants “fall over”, they are ready to harvest. Trying to grow things that you have never grown before is FUN!

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