How To Repair A Lawn

So you want to know how to repair your lawn to look lush and green? It’s easier than you think, and does not take that much time to do. Follow these simple steps and your lawn will look nice and green again!

First of all, I love dirt. I love digging my hands into a good pile of dirt and feeling it crumble between my fingers. It must be a gardener thing, ya know. The other reason I do this is because I can break up the soil by hand so there are no clumps when I lay the soil before I seed.

You all remember the mess I had in the backyard in the Poop Pit after our long Winter, and I was left with lots of lawn damage. I deal with this every year, but it is rather easy to get your lawn back to “green” again.

If you have any spots in your yard that need some extra attention, you too can get your lawn green again by following these simple steps.


Remove any dead grass in your yard either by raking it up or by sliding an edging shovel over the area.



Get your topsoil ready and start laying it down in the area. This is where I dump a nice pile of topsoil down and then break it up by hand. I used to use a garden rake to distribute the soil, but then I can’t see how much topsoil was laid, so I just choose to move the topsoil around in these spots by hand. (I know what you are thinking, “Wow, that’s a lot of work”, but it’s not) You want your soil to be loose, but not too loose. (after you water it, it will compact)



After you have completely filled in all the areas with a nice layer of topsoil, it is time to seed! But before you lay your seed down, this is the time to check to make sure you have enough soil laid down. My rule of thumb is, lay just enough soil down so that it does not rise above the blade of grass in your lawn. This is also the time to fill in those dips you might have in your lawn too, and all you will have to do is lay a little more topsoil in those areas to make your lawn nice and flat. (tamp down those areas that you are filling in, but make sure the surface is scratched up so that the grass seed has something to grab onto when the seed starts to germinate)

LAYING SOILOnce you feel that you have completely covered all the areas you need with the topsoil, it is time to spread your seed. You can lay your grass seed in two ways, or however you are comfortable with, but you want an even distribution of your seed. Either throw the seed by hand if you are comfortable with this way or if you have just a few spots in the lawn that you are fixing, or use a seed spreader which is what I am going to do because I have a larger area that I need to seed.


Make sure you use the correct seed for your growing zone and also make sure you use the right seed, either sun or shade seed too! You can also lay a light layer of straw over the top to protect the seed from the birds.



Now that your seed is laid, it is time to water! Fresh seed should never be allowed to dry out, or it will not germinate. Make sure that you don’t walk over the area that you have just seeded, so if you have dogs you might want to move them to another area when they head outside. You want to give your seed a chance to grow before anyone walks over this area.


Getting your lawn back in shape is easier than you think, and now is the time to head outside and tackle your lawn problem spots!

16 thoughts on “How To Repair A Lawn

  1. Great DIY post. I too love the feeling of earth in my hands. It’s grounding and wonderful. We’re actually doing away with our lawn this summer. We’re in year four of a drought with mandatory water reductions of 25%. The lawn goes!

    My husband is a bit sad, but I’m looking forward to the native meadow garden we’ll have in its place. Happy gardening and enjoy all your native rain and snow.

  2. Good info and timely as that is a job that has to be done really soon. Our challenge is what to do about Ray! He pees and poops as often as necessary in the back garden and keeping him off the grass is going to be difficult. The lawn area is not large enough to work it in two stages either. We’ll have to think about that for a while!

    • Hey Ray! I moved the dogs to the front yard for now, until the grass starts coming back. What I can’t happen, is for the dogs to pee on that new grass coming up either as that will kill the new grass. It is a chore when you have pets to keep them off certain areas, but you do what you have to, to get a nice green lawn again.

      • Have to think about that as our front is wide open (no fence). Perhaps a small pipe clamp and a cork installed on/in Ray?????

      • I use one of those metal screw dog ties for when the dogs are in the front yard with us. For a bigger dog, you will have to get the one for his size. (it’s a bigger screw that holds better in the ground)

  3. guess what? it looks great even when you have to wait a little for the fresh grass :o) we once bought “any” seeds and it still was a pitiful lawn… till we added seeds for shady places… :o) it’s really no merchandising trick, it’s true, you need the correct seed :o)

    • Having the correct seed is important. A neighbor of ours used shade seed for their lawn one year and wondered why they had problems with growing their seed. They should have purchased a sun seed instead. Watering is the next thing that is important, as with all new seed, you need to keep it well watered. Any problem spots can be fixed easily. You just have to have patience. If you need more seed, then re-seed that area again until your lawn comes back.

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