Wordless Wednesday

Today’s garbage day, and one thing that we do well around here is rip up our recycles first before the garbage man gets them.


Bella inspects the Lucky Charms box in case there’s a piece left in the bottom of the box.


What do you do to your trash before the garbage man gets it?

22 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. What great helpers! We break down the cardboard from the many boxes of meat we buy, and get the recycling ready since the recycle truck also comes on trash day.

  2. We squash boxes. That’s us anipals job here at the Hotel Thompson. We are working on two huge boxes at this moment trying to break them down… of course after we get done playing with them. XOXO – Bacon

    • Oh yes, over here, we always have to play with our boxes before we throw them away! Heck, our Mommy can’t even open up a box without our eyes glossing over and us drooling….”we want that box” and now!

  3. We can only recycle plastic, metal and glass here (no cardboard or paper), so Daisy doesn’t get to help. But she does prepare empty paper towel rolls for the regular trash by shredding them! 🙂

    • Our recycle program takes everything. When we started recycling years ago, I was surprised at how little actual garbage we had when we recycled everything else.

  4. We have to fuss with the recycles or the recycle man won’t take them and leaves a note telling us we did them wrong so he won’t take them. So we don’t want to be stuck with this garbage and listen to him.



    • WOW, your recycle guy is a meany! LOL I could not go a week without our recycle being picked up – – it is super crazy on how much we get over here. I wish we had a larger recycle bin.

      • We get the recycling every 2 weeks…this has me upset because I don’t want garbage hanging around in the recycle bin for 2 weeks. It’s an invitation for ants….I’m paralyzed when I see a bunch of ants……my waterloo!

  5. Our neighborhood has a great recycling system. Each house gets a huge lidded trashcan on wheels and all types of recyclables can be mixed in. Of course flattening the boxes ensures enough space for a week’s worth of stuff. Ours is right next to the garage door in the kitchen so it is easy to just open the door and plop them in!

  6. we shred all boxes (mostlyEasy’s part LOL)and we open the bottles and squash it… it’s the worst to do that in front of the plastic container, specially in summer when you are surrounded by millions of wasps :o)

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