You’re In The Digital Age, Baby!

One of the fun things about digital photography, is that you get to see immediate results of your photo. You’re in the digital age baby, so no more using those old film cameras, finishing off a roll, rewinding, then taking them to get developed, then wait to pick up your pics. Boy have a lot of things changed since I was younger.

Popart Effect Used

Popart Effect Used

This is the normal photograph

This is the normal photograph

I love it how I can take a photo, plug my USB cord into my laptop and upload my pics within seconds. Now that is satisfaction!

One of the other great things about being in the digital age, are all of the photo editors that are available to us online. I use quite a few of them to enhance my photographs, and they are free to use. The majority of them do have subscriptions that you can pay for that give you access to more awesome effects, but most of the time, you can get the effect & enhancement you are looking for without having to pay a dime.

The one photo editor that I am currently using is called BeFunky. As with all the other photo editors out there, BeFunky gives you a plethora of choices to enhance your photo, add text, photo frames, and much more.

Using a photo editor gives you lots of options that you can use on your blog:

  • Enhance your photo from normal to black & white, or sepia to give it that nice aged look
  • Special effects can be added to make your photo look like an oil painting
  • Got a blemish? Your photo editor can erase that!
  • Want a tan without the harmful rays of the sun? Yep, your photo editor can give you a golden tan too!
  • Want to make a header for your blog? You can do so with a photo editor
  • Ever want to create a widget for your blog? You can resize a photo to 300 x 300 and add it to your sidebar as a widget
  • Adding text to a photo is a breeze too
  • Ever want to create a watermark to add to your photos with your blogs name? You can use a photo editor to do this too

This is the normal photograph


This is the enhanced photograph (Impressionist Effect used)

This is the enhanced photograph (Impressionist Effect used)

Now, with all of these great enhancements you have at hand, why are you still placing thumbnail sized photographs on your blog? Show off your photographs on your blog!! When you upload them for your posts, use the LARGE size option (584 x 388), and center them on the page!

I have seen so many blogs still using those thumbnail sized pics and while yes, we are actually reading what you write in your blogs, we also want to see the photographs too! So ENLARGE them on your next post, everyone will thank you!

The one last thing that I want to touch on is how do you store your digital photographs? I used to just have a file folder on my laptop where I saved, well….every photo I ever took. Then came the day that I was looking for a specific photo and could not find it. I needed to do something about that! I pain-stakingly went through each and every photo by date and moved them into a) year folder (2015, 2014 etc.), and then inside each of the year folders I created b) by month folders (January, February etc.).  Now, if I needed to find a photograph that happened last July (like my birthday pics), I can find them in a flash! (all I would need to do is click on the 2014 folder, then open up the July folder)

So there you have it, my quick down & dirty photo editing tips for the day! What are you going to tweak today?

14 thoughts on “You’re In The Digital Age, Baby!

  1. I can’t stand to delete any photos of my dogs, even the outtakes. I have external harddrives full of them. And the photos from my phone all go to DropBox. Of course the file sizes keep getting bigger and bigger too.

  2. Great effects! My idea of tweaking is to crop out some of the unnecessary stuff in the background. One of my friends who is a skilled photographer/artist with an amazing eye for detail asked me, “Why does every picture you take have the TV on in the background?” Hmmm. I guess because my LIFE has the TV on in the background!!

    • That is funny that your friend noticed that about your TV. It makes you feel like you are not home alone. You should try that photo editor when you have the chance!

  3. How funny, my neighbor and I were talking about camera film over the weekend. We were laughing as we remembered taking the film to CVS for processing and waiting a week before we could pick it up. Loved looking at your images too!

    • Hey there Groovy! Thanks for stopping by today! Oh I remember those days long ago too, and I think I might even have a huge glass vase still filled with film rolls I never developed! It would be interesting as to what was on them. One will never know. I so much like the digital age better, take a photo you don’t like, delete it! Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you subscribed and follow along too!

  4. Awesome techniques and suggestions my friend. I use BeFunky as well. I’ll be using some – snort snort – photograph in the next couple of weeks on some pictures of the house. XOXO – Bacon

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