Fixing Winter Messes

When one season ends, another one starts. Hopefully our Winter has finally left us and Spring and regrowth can start, although we woke to find the ground lightly covered with snow on Saturday. But the good news is that we can see that the grass is slightly getting greener day by day and the temps are slightly climbing.

With the arrival of a new season, there is always things that need attention from the aftermath of the prior season. With no doubt, we had a horrible winter and we are so happy to say a final farewell to it. With Winter finally behind us (I hope), I can finally start getting out in the yard to get it all fixed up.


The first thing on my agenda is getting the lawn back into shape. Since my infamous poop pit was dug out in the snow for the dogs, it left me a huge spot in the backyard that is crying for my attention. The nice green grass that was once so nice and plush, is now burned out and dead. I know that this is what I have to deal with when Spring arrives, so I am not overwhelmed by this task, rather all I need is a few bags of good soil and a huge bag of grass seed to get the job done, not to mention my handy rake.


Getting the lawn back to “normal” doesn’t really take that much time at all. I spread the soil all over the spots that need it, fill in any dips in the lawn to level it out, then lay a good layer of grass seed over it. Then I wait. I don’t have to water the seed normally at this time of year because it usually rains enough so I don’t have to waste our garden water. And, before you know it, you can see the seed germination in process and then one day you walk outside and notice that the once yellowed pee spots are now all nice and green.


Here’s a photo of how I got our backyard back into shape last year after our Winter ended. What a difference, right? See, it can be fixed!


After I fix the lawn, the garden gate and fence is in dire need of my attention. With the melting of our snow and rain we have had, it has made the ground really soaked, so the garden poles that hold up the gate and fence have moved quite a bit.


I am planning on building a new garden door and make it a bit wider. I found out the hard way that I could not get the wheelbarrow through the door of the garden after I made the door a few years ago, so I am going to fix that problem this year.

I have done extensive research on Pinterest for garden fences and gates, and I think I know what I am going to do. I will keep you in the dark though on what I am going to do!

One thing for sure that I am going to be using this year to fix our garden fence are these things called EZ Spikes from Home Depot. They are long metal spikes that go into the ground and then you insert your wood into the spike and secure it with screws. These will hold the fence in place nicely.


Check out a few of my Pinterest Boards here for inspiration:
Privacy Fences
Garden Fences
Flower Containers


After working on all of the above, my next fun project will be creating new flower containers to add some height and interest in our backyard. I saw on Pinterest where you can purchase some nice flat stone or slate pieces, glue them together with some sort of cement adhesive, then just fill them with dirt and plants! I would have never thought of this idea ever before, but what a great idea it is! Since these would be heavy, I would suggest that you build them where you want them in your yard first because I bet you won’t be able to pick them up afterwards. Aren’t they just beautiful?


We only have to wait to get the right weather conditions so I can head outside and get to work on the backyard whipping it back into shape. In no time at all, all will be good in the backyard and harmony will resume. Just in time for grilling season because I know my Sweetie can’t wait to enjoy his time in front of the grill!

What plans do you have on your plate to get your yard back into shape? What have you been putting off fixing in your yard that you should put on your to do list?

8 thoughts on “Fixing Winter Messes

    • I know, I fell in love with those slate flower containers too, now I would like to make some. Very unique idea for sure! Definitely not something that you would move too often, eh?

    • Hi Ya Cupcake! I can’t wait to start working out in the yard again! I really do love making our backyard into something beautiful – a place where you can retreat and relax! But, I fell in love with how they put those pieces of stone together to make flower containers. That is such a sweet idea, not to mention, an ingenious idea! I so want to do some!

  1. I’m seriously impressed, I thought lawn repair like that would be a massive headache. Nice to know it can be fixed pretty quickly with enough elbow grease and some cooperative rain clouds.

    • Oh Will, I have been doing this for a long time and definitely know how to grow grass! If you don’t have the rain, of course, you will need to lightly water the new seed every day. It is quite easy to repair those nasty pee spots! As you can see what I will be repairing, it will come together nicely & will keep you posted! That last year’s photo shows you how I can rebound from a bad winter!

  2. Oh WOW! These are all awesome ideas. I can’t wait to see your finished products. We may move to the outside when all is said and done with our current renovation project. XOXO – Bacon

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