A Is For Answers

Here are the answers to the little gardening plant quiz in my post “G Is For Gardening”, just in case you were wondering if your guesses were correct or not!


If you head back to my “G Is For Gardening” post, and look at our plants, the answers are as follows in correct order:

  1. Tomatoes (Juliet and Big Boys)
  2. Romaine Lettuce
  3. Marigolds
  4. Cilantro
  5. Celery
  6. Flat Dutch Cabbage
  7. Zucchini
  8. Cucumber

So, how many of these plants were you able to identify? Yes it is true, that some plants like the pumpkin, do look like the zucchini, so it can be hard to identify those that are that close to being identical. I added the marigolds in there to fool you a bit, but marigolds should be planted in your garden to ward off bugs on your plants. So by planting a row of marigolds around your garden, you will be helping out your plants, not to mention the beauty of the marigolds blooming will look beautiful around your garden!

I hope you had fun with this little garden plant quiz, so look forward to some more interesting quizzes as the gardening season continues!

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