Pay It Forward Differently

This is my third installment of our Pay It Forward program that we have partnered with our good friends over at Pig Love. If you are joining in with us, please link back your posts back to us! I have found over these past few months, that I am happier inside by doing good deeds, and that it is contagious. When you can see how happy it makes someone to receive your good deed, it is all worth it!


I had a thought today. I was thinking about our Pay It Forward program that we are doing this year, you know the one where we ask everyone to head out into the world and do a good deed for someone to brighten their day! These deeds are random acts of kindness for the people that live in our area and neighborhoods.

Then I thought, what if our fellow bloggers, those whom we talk to every day through our blogs – what if one of them needed help? What if one of them needed help with something, but was afraid to ask for assistance?

All I have to say is, WE ARE HERE FOR YOU! If you are a blogger and need help with something, whether it be figuring out how to setup something on your blog, you don’t know how to create a button for your blog, you don’t know how to use a photo editor, or perhaps you need help in general. If you find yourself struggling with something, let us know. Perhaps you need to find someone to watch your dog or walk them for you, then ask! There might be a blogger in your area that could help you out! I could list out a million things that someone might need help with, but guess what, you are not alone, as someone can help you out! Are you under the weather? Then let us know – someone can send you some chicken soup! (see how this works)

The Pay It Forward program in my mind, does not necessarily have to be for perfect strangers ya know, it can also be used for us to help those we blog with every day and have created a lasting friendship with.

We all know lots of valuable information and we should start sharing it! For example, do you know of a great place to purchase office supplies at a reasonable rate? How about paper towels? Do you know where to get the best deals? Also, how about sharing with others what online photo apps do you use?  What ideas & awesome deals do you have that you can share?

We are here to help. Paying It Forward is a powerful and contagious thing. What have you done today to Pay It Forward?

Some of the Pay It Forward good deeds that we have completed in February are:

  • Still bringing up our neighbors garbage cans in all the snow that we have had (I know that they appreciate it a lot)
  • We made a huge snack bag for a police officer that is a good friend of ours when he was on duty. He texted us to say hello and said that he was hungry. We sprung into action and put together a snack bag with goodies for him to munch on and included a drink too. He swung by the house and picked it up and said that he was having a crazy busy night. He was so appreciative of our little gesture and drove away with a big smile on his face!
  • Shoveled our neighbors sidewalks and driveways

I am also working on another fun Pay It Forward idea too! I have designed little slips of paper to fit inside those small snack sized baggies with a note that says “Enjoy a free car wash on me!” “Just wanted to put a smile on your face today with this simple act of kindness. YOU deserve a smile today! Now, go ahead and Pay It Forward to someone else today & make them smile too!”  Then, of course, I will add the correct amount of change into each baggie for their free car wash and then tape these baggies to the money machine in each car wash bay.  Keep watching for my upcoming photographs on this PIF random act of kindness!

I actually got a random act of kindness done for me too, as I was sincerely surprised when Bacon mailed me a walnut & cranberry cake! It was delicious! It is not every day that we get a cake mailed to us, so this was the coolest surprise ever. Thank you Bacon for such a sweet gesture of kindness, my tummy thanks you!

We can all make a difference in the world today, even if it is just a smile, holding the door for someone, or returning a shopping cart back to the store for someone. Every good deed does make a difference.

13 thoughts on “Pay It Forward Differently

  1. This is such a wonderful program! Imagine how much less ugliness there’d be in the world if people simply followed the “pay it forward” philosophy. What a great thing to start in a community, especially in schools and scouting programs where it may have a permanent positive impact on youth. Growing up with a philosophy like that can blossom into wonderful things…

    • I agree. Random acts of kindness is contagious. You can see how good it makes people feel – you can see how it can change your community and we definitely encourage others to join in! If you want to do a blog post on this and link it back here, that would be awesome! The more people joining in, the more the world can smile!

      • It was only a couple of bucks too! But I’ve been there crying when I couldn’t figure out what else to put back because I didn’t have enough money. It really felt good to help someone else out that night.

      • I have not had that opportunity to help anyone out at the grocery store yet, because my Sweets does all the food shopping. But what you did by helping out with a few dollars, made someones day! That was so sweet! Keep up your awesome good deeds!

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