Fast Forward

I wish there was a fast forward button on some magical remote that I can push to get us out of Winter already. I am truly beyond my tolerance of this white stuff. I have never recalled a month where so much snow has fallen and the temps were below zero for days in a row. It’s endless. Hence the yearning for that magical remote where I can fast forward us right out of this season.


Last night was the worst and coldest night I can remember. The dogs did not even want to go out in it, and I knew they “had” to go, but hesitated on asking to go out. Nikita and Bella chose not to sit by the back door like they usually do, rather they stayed on their pet beds all warm and cozy. Phew! That saved me the ten minutes it takes me to put on my snow pants, boots, hat, scarf, coat and gloves to take them out, not to mention I have to put their warm sweaters back on them too before we head outdoors.


These temps and snow dumping has got to stop already. I can seriously see where one can get cabin fever or depressed seeing things like this on a daily basis, and it is understandable. I just feel really bad for those who have fallen in the snow while shoveling, got frost bite, or even died from these severe temperatures. It’s been rough dealing with it. I know I have had to call it quits many times while trying to clear off our driveway because I could not feel my fingers any longer, nor could I bend them to just open the back door to come in to get warmed up.


I have limited the dogs time outside too because their paws get frost bitten really quickly. If I could get them to wear little booties, I would, but I know that booties are not in our dogs future. When I am outside with them, I am always watching how they react and when I see them walking with a paw up in the air, it is time to head inside and fast.


I know that the dogs are getting a little stir crazy from being cooped up in the house with all these frigid temps of late, so we always have play time activities like hide and seek, keep away from Bella, and tug-of-war games are always fun too. I normally don’t win any of these games, because Bella is always the one who sneaks off with the toy at hand. Nikita always gives up the toy to her, but loves the chase!


Gimme gimme gimme, this is my toy!


I always get the toy in the end! LOL


Bella is hiding behind the couch as Nikita looks for her.


Nikita figures it is easier to let go of the toy some times, rather than chasing Bella for it. She knows that she will get it back sooner or later.

So what are you doing to keep yourself from going insane from being cooped up inside during these frigid temps? I see another game of hide and seek in the near future, but the dogs always find me hiding behind the bedroom door.

34 thoughts on “Fast Forward

    • Oh Misaki, this snow of ours will not go away. We got more of it over the weekend, but it was not that bad this time. I heard it was going to rain here on Tuesday, and we have not seen rain in a long time, so this will be interesting on how much of the snow it will melt when it rains!

  1. Oh my friend! That is a LOT of snow, cold and wet stuff. I shivered just looking at it. WOW! Please stay warm and have fun inside. I think I would take plenty of naps. Yawns. I think I’m off to take one now. Wake me when it’s spring? XOXO – Bacon

    • I like that….”wake me when it’s Spring”. We are currently below zero right now and the cold feels like it burns your face when you go outside. Dogs are having such a hard time on days like this with their poor little paws. I keep telling them to pee fast!

      • I’m telling you – PEE quick and run… then again with that kind of cold you might here ice tinkling on the ground while they are doing their business. That is COLD! XOXO – Bacon

  2. Great pictures! I also find Mom easily behind the door. Sometimes she puts me in the bathroom, hides a treat, and then lets me out to “find it.” That’s a fun game.

    Love and licks and stay warm,

    • Oh Cupcake, I knew you were very clever too! The funny thing is, is that our Mommy always hides in the SAME place every time we play hide and seek. Perhaps she should try hiding some place else, right? Your treat game sounds like a lot of fun too!

  3. My husband left 12″ of snow in Richmond; here in Georgia it’s unusually cold – 16 degrees on a house that is not very well insulated. Even with my heavy winter coat, I’m cold. My daughter and son-in-law have already had to take the baby out in this cold for a doctor’s appointment. Brrrr.


    • Oh Nancy, I just want this stuff to end already. Enough is enough! Another storm is coming in tonight around midnight thru Saturday midnight, so I guess it is going to snow tomorrow, eh? The weather guy said about 5-9 inches….I hope he’s wrong. I am a freeze baby too, you are not alone!

    • Oh boy, if it were in the cards for us to do that, we would be on the first flight outta here! It just stinks, plain and simple. Another snow storm in coming in tonight through Saturday anywhere from 5-9 inches. I hope the weather guy is wrong on this one.

  4. Oh, I am just donning three layers to take Charley for a last walk for the day. The sky is becoming grey and thick quickly and we are in for a humdinger of a snowstorm. I love fall and winter…but these freezing temps that one cannot walk for long, gets the better of me too.My right arm has streched a few inches more from throwing Charley’s rope all the time to entertain her;0) Hang in there sweeties…Spring will come!!! xoxox Charley and Johanna
    ps love your cute banner…they are such an adorable pair…in all the photos too!

    • Hi Johanna! I tell ya that all of us will be so relieved when this cold snap is over. I can take the snow, but the cold – no way! Nikita and Bella are really close and they love each other so much! As for your one loooong arm…start throwing Charley’s rope toy with the other arm! LOL

      • Throwing left???…that’s the end of my nicknacks ;o) Charley and I just managed to walk a decent strech through the neighboorhood..we should be good for tonight. Now I am going to enjoy my hot apple cider;o)

      • Oh nooo, we don’t want anything to happen to your nicknacks! I guess you’ll just have to deal with one arm longer than the other! I am ready for a glass of wine! I got all of our driveway cleared just in time for our snow storm that’s coming in tonight. Ug.

  5. Well I guess we’re the wrong family to talk to, because we love fall and winter and aren’t too crazy about summer heat! But it’s easier with Daisy because she’s not big on being outdoors anyway, she’s very, very much a homebody. She’ll go out in frigid temps to do her business and look around a bit, but then comes right back inside; but in summer, she’ll refuse to go out at all if it’s really hot or humid. We’re at 2 degrees today with a wind chill of -18 and high winds – a bit extreme even for us! And more snow tomorrow!

    • Yeppers, we are supposed to get more snow tomorrow too here, around 5-9 inches. Well, at least that is what they said this morning, but things could change. Bella loves the heat, Nikita would rather be cooler. Being a home body is not a bad thing, home is where the heart is ya know!

  6. Wow. Wow… My friend Dave back in Michigan has been sending me his local reports, they had -29 the other night. So much colder than anything i have ever seen that far south in Michigan. i really hope the temps moderate soon for you all, Valerie. Another reason we are glad to have left the north. I love how you take care of the dogs, so wonderful. I can only imagine how cold, how fast those little paw pads would begin to freeze.

    • Oh boy John, these low temps and wind we have had around here lately are unbelievable. Seconds outside, you are already frozen. I had such a time yesterday when I could not even open the back door to get in because my fingers were so cold. Yes, I do take good care of our dogs and I don’t want anything to happen to them! Last year, poor little Bella’s paws got cold and she could not stand up only seconds of being outside and I grabbed her up in my arms and ran into the house to warm her up. It has been so brutal here and I can’t wait for it to end already.

  7. We’re getting Ray out on a regular basis for shorter walks than usual. He is not too enthusiastic going out but, once out, his nose takes over and off he goes! He can be persuaded to wear boots with the right encouragement (just training with treats!) and looks really silly until he adjusts to wearing them. As for the cold and snow? We just spent this morning thawing out a frozen water pipe inside the house! Hurry up Spring!

    • I hear ya on the hurry up Spring part! I have a funny feeling that we are going to skip over Spring this year though. I am sorry to hear about your frozen water pipes! What do you have to do to them?

      • Fortunately the problem was near the water meter in the basement so I had to take out the insulation and pipe wrap, and then put the hair dryer on for about 15 mins! So glad the pipe had not fractured with the ice! ๐Ÿ™‚ These are unusual temperatures for S. Ontario.

      • WOW, that is awesome to have to go through. I hope the hair dryer works! Do you have a craft heat gun? That is hotter than a hair dryer. It might work. Good luck with your pipes!

      • Pipe problem solved. Dead giveaway was when I heard “hard things” (bits of ice) clunking along the pipes. We’re back to normal now! Must remember to let a tap/faucet drip over night, when the temperature is extreme, so that there is always a little water movement. Live and learn!

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