27 thoughts on “Currently Happening

  1. Isn’t that the building across the street from you? Or did you interpose the news feed over your picture? It’s funny wording: under a snow ban–as though you can ban the snow! But I know what they mean. I actually dreamed last night that I was at my parents house and I watched it snowing. Then I watched a pine tree, loaded with snow, fall down across the road. It has to be from having looked at your pictures yesterday!

    • WOW, I never knew my photographs could give someone dreams! Cool! Yes, that is the building directly across the street from us and yes, I superimposed the news feed over the photo! Good eye!

      • I recognized it and thought, “Wait, that would mean the news is being filmed on her front porch!” But if that were the case, you would totally have mentioned it. The wheels they were a-turnin’!

      • You are too funny! Thank to the wonderful photo editors I use, I found this awesome breaking news banner that I could type in whatever I wanted. That would be cool though if the news reporters were on our front porch! I totally would have told you about that!

  2. …. wow that are big snow flakes, stay warm while Mr. Winter throws that white confetti around…. guess what? we have snow too… uhoh! it’s not much, but enough to confuse all that sunshine-drivers here :o(

    • Oh WOW, you got snow too?!!! Even people here don’t know how to drive in this white confetti! I had to take that photo – – I opened up the front door a tad and stuck my camera out to get that pic of all the snow coming down! I woke up this morning to see that it is still snowing too!

    • It is pretty to watch it snow and how it covers everything so beautifully. But, I could deal without having to shovel it! How is your hubby doing? You have been in my thoughts!

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