Snow Doggies

I love our dogs! There is nothing that I would not do for them. I will never get tired of seeing them sit in the front door together, side by side, watching the cars, deer (aka “Big Doggies”), an occasional kitty, and the police cars that patrol the area.


This is Bella’s other new sweater! She looks like a little lady bug in her new pink sweater with black polka dots! I used a neat photo effect on this photo called colored pencil. I love how it brought out Bella’s coloring and defined the bricks on the house.


Bella loves her new sweaters because she is now nice and warm and her butt is now covered well too!


What is the funnest thing to do when it snows? Build Snow Doggies! Here is my rendition of Nikita and Bella as Snow Doggies! I can’t even tell you how many people slowed down to take a look at them when they drove past the house!


Snow Doggie Nikita even had a stick in her mouth!


Little Snow Doggie Bella had a stick too, but she also had a frozen ice ball sitting next to her that was made by freezing water in a balloon.


Winter is such a great time to get outside and have some fun! Have you made any snow doggies in your yard yet?

13 thoughts on “Snow Doggies

    • Hey Wally & Sammy! We are glad that we are getting so many compliments on our sweaters because we LOVE them too! Bella only had her little red jacket and needed a sweater to keep her warm, and now she is so happy!

  1. Oh I LOVE your snow doggies! We’ve been gypped so far this winter – only two dustings of snow, not even enough to make a snow mousie! Hopefully we’ll get some good snows yet, and then we’ll add some snow doggies to our yard too! 😀

    • Hi Easy! That is such a sweet comment! I do love love love our doggies so much! They mean so much to me, give me love & kissies every day, and I love them right back the same!

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