Pay It Forward: How Are Your Good Deeds Coming Along?

pay-it-forwardIt’s been a week since Pig Love and Nikitaland started our Pay It Forward Campaign and we had quite a few of you wanting to join in with us to do good deeds. So, how has it been going for you? Have you made someones day by doing a good deed for them? How did they react when you did it? I bet they were surprised!

With all that is going on in the world today, we need to spread cheer to those around us! When you do a good deed, it makes YOU happy doing it, and it makes the person who receives the good deed happy too! That’s how we can help change the world a little bit at a time!

Remember my post about a week ago where I Caught A Crook Red-Handed? Well, we have been on “pallet watch” ever since and so far we have not seen any activity of anyone stealing KMart’s pallets. At least that is good news! Anyhow, I was at KMart today and talked with the store manager whom I called and reported the pallet theft at the time, and she was so glad to meet me in person. She said that their Loss Prevention manager showed her the photographs that I gave him of the guy who stole the pallets, then put them back after I caught him. She could not believe how clear the photo’s were, or how close I was when I took them! Anyhow, she surprised me today, and “paid it forward” by rewarding me $25 on our KMart Shop Your Way Rewards Card for the good deed that I did for their company. WOW, I was so shocked! I was not expecting that at all, but I guess that is part of what all of this Pay It Forward Campaign is all about.

It’s NOT about expecting something in return for your good deed. You do your good deeds because you can. You do good deeds because it makes someone happy. You do good deeds because it is the right thing to do. You expect nothing in return, but when it happens, like it did today, it makes you feel so loved.

In my opinion, the Pay It Forward Campaign works! I hope you will join in with us and do a good deed for someone today. Make it a habit.

February 4th, we will all meet back here to discuss what good deeds we have done since we started our campaign. (and we will continue meeting back here the first Wednesday of every month too)

And, if you would like to keep track of your Pay It Forward Good Deeds, I have designed a sheet that you can printout and use!  (click on link & printout!) One good deed deserves another!

5 thoughts on “Pay It Forward: How Are Your Good Deeds Coming Along?

  1. Very good article about an important topic. It’s important to give a little more and take a little less. I gave a homeless man & his dog a bag of dog kibble the other day, along with a gently used collar & a doggy winter jacket & crate pad for some warmth. My husband & I see the duo every now & then, and have given them food, water, some cash, and some other doggy accessories. We will keep doing this ~ it’s rewarding to see the man smile & to see his very well-behaved, cute little black dog sit so loyally next to him.

  2. I love this! Great job Val! That is so great that you caught those people. How nice of Kmart to thank you for your good deed 🙂

    • Hey Julie! I was so shocked that KMart did that for me! I do good deeds all the time and do not want anything in return, it is just the right thing to do. (just like how I bring up the neighbors garbage cans every week – I love helping people!) I definitely know that the guy will never try taking those pallets ever again!

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