Wordless Wednesday

Some days, you just need a nice spiffy sweater to keep you warm!


Hey, Nikita! I have a cool sweater like you too now! Wait until I show off the second sweater that my Daddy got me! (yep, I got two new sweaters) My wardrobe is growing!


Mornings around here are the same routine every day. Watch for any bad guys, dogs, kitties, squirrels, deer (aka: Big Doggies) that walk past the house.


Goofed around with some food coloring.


Repurposing a pastry container can make some fun ice sculptures.

In case you missed it, here’s how you can make Colored Ice Balls too! What fun things have you made outside in the Winter?

20 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. These are very cool and I like to sneak out and dump different colors of food color in the mud puddles in the parking lot right before they freeze and watch the neighbors in the apt complex I live in wonder what happened.
    Those are some mighty spiffy seaters those two pooches are wearing.

  2. what a great idea… I made a tabele decoration that way and used it as a wine cooler for my Titanic menue…. I only forgot to place it on something what holds the condensation water… well so it was my doomsday too LOL. I love the sweaters, hope I will find one in Easy’s size too :o)

    • What? Easy doesn’t have any clothes? I find that hard to believe! You need to get some cause they are fun to wear! That is so neat that you made a table decoration for a wine cooler! I hope you took some photographs of that!

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