Woke Up To A Winter Wonderland

It did not surprise me that I woke up to all of this snow this morning. We had another clipper blow through here last night and it was supposed to last through the morning. My Sweetie left for work without waking me up, and I felt bad because I normally shovel the driveway on days like this so he could get out. He got out ok, phew!


The one thing that drives me nuts is how you get your driveway all cleared off, you’re pooped from shoveling, you need some warm coffee, and then the snowplow guy drives past and covers up the end of your drive with snow again. Ug. The endless process of snow removal.

1-9-15 NIKITA

Nikita always watches me from the back door and makes sure that I am ok. What a sweet girl looking out for Mommy!


This is what our temps here in wintery Cleveland, OH have looked like for the past few days. Cold, eh?  I get a kick out of the “real feel” temps, and trust me, it really did feel like -25 with the cold winds. No matter how bundled up you were, the winds just blew right through ya.

I still need to head back out to clear off the end of the driveway from the snow plows attempts to make my day miserable, and endless.

6 thoughts on “Woke Up To A Winter Wonderland

    • I hear ya on that one, and wonder why I am still here too! I can take all the snow, but this bitter cold is too much for me. Time to move! I just had to take that pic of my temps so all of you can see what’s going on here, brrrrr!

    • I do love how everything outside is covered in all white! It is beautiful, until the sides of the road get all yucky & dirty looking, then it ruins the look. LOL Nikita is a real beauty for sure! She loves that striped sweater of hers!

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