A Romp In The Snow

We had a romp in the snow today. It was a quick romp, but nonetheless, we romped! This was the first time in a few days that it has not been so brutally cold. We stuck our noses into that cold white stuff, sniffed some spots that were yellow, and dug into the huge piles of snow that Mommy had built.


Mommy let us romp around while she tried to dig up our frozen doo doo’s in the snow.


Hey, what’s up? This is Bella’s signature facial expression.


Nikita was watching our neighbors dogs head outside. Doesn’t she look so beautiful in her winter sweater?


Bella heard another snow plow coming down the road. She does not miss a thing going on around here.

1-9-15 BELLA IN THE SNOW3Ha ha! Bella snickers as she woofed at the plow guy! Take that you loud and noisy plow guy! Quit filling up the end of our driveway with snow already!

Our romp is exactly what we needed, but we’re back inside snuggling on the couch together in front of our little heater, while our Mommy covers us up with her fuzzy blankie. Life is good.

19 thoughts on “A Romp In The Snow

    • Oh boy! Bella just got two new sweaters this Saturday and she loves, loves, loves them. She only had her red furry jacket to head outside, but she needed a sweater to keep her warm. They are truly beautiful dogs and I love them so much! My beautiful fur babies!

    • We just bought Bella 2 new sweaters today because our poor little girl was so cold this week in these low temps. Gotta keep our girls warm! Her red jacket is warm, but it’s not a sweater that covers her entire body.

    • They did enjoy their romp outside for a quickie. It was still cold that day, still is, but the winds died down a bit for them to head out. We take special care to make sure our fur babies are nice and warm!

  1. I’m surprised Nikita will wear a sweater, especially with that long hair. My very-very-short-haired Vizsla despises winter coats & sweaters and I think he could use one. The beagle hates them too, but he has thick oily hair and I’m not as concerned with him.


    • Nikita does not mind wearing her sweater. The part that she hates is when I have to struggle with her to take it off. All of her floooofy hair looks so cute when it shows out of her neck of her sweater.

      My Sweetie just got Bella two sweaters yesterday to keep her warm outside. Bella tried both of them on and she just prances around the house so proud of her new sweater.

    • Thank Goodness it’s Friday too! Nikita and Bella were just glad to finally get the chance to go outside and romp for a change this week. It was just too cold and bitter outside earlier in the week, so when we went out, it was for a very quick potty break and back in. All I kept saying was “Hurry Up!”

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