Looking Back on January 2014

I wanted to create something different on my blog for the New Year, so I decided that I would put together a little gallery of some of the photographs from January of 2014. It was really fun looking back on what we were doing a year ago!

What were you doing a year ago?

20 thoughts on “Looking Back on January 2014

  1. Love this pics. What was I doing a year ago? Probably the same thing i’m doing now – hibernating. I hate cold. Have I mentioned that lately? Snorts. XOXO – Bacon

  2. That’s a good idea for a post! I have to look back at what I photographed last January too.

    I’m not sure which I liked better – the ring around Bella’s nose or your husband snowthrowing (with appropriate commentary!).


    • I am glad you liked my idea Nancy! I thought it was a good one and something new to look forward to creating each and every month on my blog! I love experimenting with new things and I never ever created, nor knew how to do a gallery post. Once I played around with it, I figured it out. P.S. That’s my boyfriend, and he indeed needed a glass of wine after he cleared off the driveway from all that snow we got last January!

    • I love your hops and always try not to miss one! We are getting more snow right now, and I can’t wait for the cold temps to dismiss already. Enough is enough. I freeze just going outside to get the mail. Geez!

    • I hear ya Jodi, last January was horrible. Now this January, we are dealing with below zero temps! By the way, I just subscribed to your blog and I hope you follow along with ours too!

      I was thinking the other night about doing something different on my blog, and found out how to do a gallery post, since I have never did one before. And now, I will do a “looking back” post once a month!

      Keep warm & cozy!

    • That was last January’s snow and we got hammered so many times last year with snow that height! Right now, we only have a nice covering but the bitter cold temps which feel below zero.

      • Our dogs mean the world to me and I want them to know that they are loved each and every day. I cover them up at night and tuck them in, wash their blankies so they smell like the awesome smelling dryer sheet, and wipe their paws when they are dirty. They are my furry kids and I love them both!

    • I hear ya on the freezing cold part. My cell phone says our current temp is 0 and the real feel is -25 degrees. Yikes! It has been a very strange winter for us here, that’s for sure! Thanks for stopping by today! We hope you subscribe to our blog too! I love that Lord of the Ring photo too. I just happened to take a peek at what Bella was doing that day and found her sitting there with the ring on her nose! Glad I was in the right place at the right time, with a camera in hand! πŸ™‚

  3. I had 50% fewer pups a year ago. Now I couldn’t imagine the place without Penny. Your photos reminded me not to complain about today’s temperatures. At least there’s an end in sight, unlike last year.

    • It is really fun looking back at old photographs! I still look back to the old photographs of both Nikita and Bella when we first brought them home. Gosh, they grow up so quick, but look at how many memories we have with them! By the way, how is your brother doing?

  4. GREAT snow pictures! I love that ring toss bullseye. I was King of the Hill on our snow piles last year. Now I am cold, and there are flurries every day, but I’m only King of the Sidewalk….

    Love and licks,

    • Hi Ya Cupcake, I think I remember that photo of you on top of the snow pile. You were King of the White Stuff for sure! I hear ya on being cold, all we hear is our Mommy telling us to “Hurry Up” when we’re outside, but I know that it is for a good cause.

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