A Bitter Cold Wednesday

The bitter cold has returned to Cleveland, OH. The winds are bone chilling. It’s about 11 degrees here right now, but the real feel is -13. I am limiting the dogs time outside because of the wind chill to keep their paws safe from frost bite.


It was play time inside for the dogs. Hide & seek and tug-of-war games broke out.


Bella always runs with her toys to the safety of the couch. I wonder if she thinks that Nikita can’t get them up there.

1-7-15 BELLA

Nikita grabbed her own toy and climbed up on the couch next to Bella.

1-7-15 NIKITA

Here is where they both fell fast asleep, each of them guarding a toy.


When it’s bone chilling outside, there is nothing better than snuggling on the couch with a friend.

18 thoughts on “A Bitter Cold Wednesday

  1. Oh, yes, cold snap here too in Cincinnati. Charley has to go for a walk otherwise she gets troubles with her digestive system…but oh boy, I dress in three layers and she wears her stylish coat and no time for sniffles!!!! The rest of the day, Charley follows the sunshine through the house and selects the best spots to do extra napping…smart girl!

    • I love sunshine napping! Both Nikita and Bella do that too! I found them one day lined up in a row capturing the sun beams coming in the kitchen window, it was so cute to see that! I hear you on the bundling up bit…I had so many layers on yesterday, but my fingers still got frost bit! Darn!

  2. We’re having a cold snap, too! Mom says the word “Hurry up” when we are outside. Inside we’re playing Where’s the Treat and Bowling.

    Love and licks,

    • Ooooh, Cupcake, can we play “where’s the treat” game with you too? We love games & treats! We never bowled before, but that sounds like a lot of fun too! Oh trust me Cupcake, our Mommy always always says “Hurry Up” when we are outside too. Mommy should just grow some fur so she can stay warm too like us! hee hee

    • I hear ya Will! Right now we are having fun playing (mostly chewing) the empty wrapping paper tubes! I agree, that trips outside today will be quick. I would be surprised if their No. 1’s don’t freeze in mid air on how cold it is here today! lol

    • You just had to rub it in now didn’t ya! LOL We’re used to it here in Cleveland, but we don’t have to like it. Brrrr. The wind is so bad here today, that it almost knocked me down. Geez, how rude!

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