I Caught A Crook Red Handed

“It was an interesting day. I caught a crook stealing.”

Yes, you heard it correctly. I caught someone in the act of stealing, taking something that was not theirs.

We live on a nice quiet street behind our local KMart. We notice things. Not until lately, we have started to see a lot of activity behind our local KMart and started watching. What we have seen, are guys in pickup trucks driving slowly behind the KMart building by the loading dock, and we started to keep an eye out on what they were doing. They have been casing out the loading dock because this is where KMart keeps their pile of pallets. We have already seen a few trucks grab lots of pallets, load up their pickups and fly out of there quickly, because well, they know that they are stealing them. Until you see this happen a few times, you don’t know you have a problem.

Yesterday morning at 10:44am, we noticed a pickup truck drive around the building and it drove past the loading dock. We watched out our window to see what he was going to do. He drove all the way to the end of the building, perhaps to see if anyone was going to drive around the building, then he turned around and stopped right in front of the huge pallet stack. The second I saw this guy start loading pallets into the back of his pickup, I grabbed my camera and threw on my coat, and ran across the street to catch him in the act.


I walked across the field and into the area where the loading dock was. As I got closer, I pulled out my camera from inside my coat and started taking photographs. His dog that was sitting in the front seat, saw me and started to bark. The guy kept loading pallets on his truck, until the pile in his truck bed was higher than his cab. I kept taking photographs and zoomed in on his license plate, then he walked around the back of his truck towards me, and I snapped a really good photograph of the crook.


I did not say a word to this guy. When I took the last photograph of him, I turned quickly and started walking back towards the field which was across the street from our house. When I turned to walk away, he said to me “Hey, can I talk to you?”. I kept walking. He then said “Am I not supposed to have these?” I kept walking. Then he said twice to me “I’ll put them back”, “I’ll put them back!”.  I turned to look over my shoulder just to see if he was following me, and he was in fact, taking the pallets that he was stealing off of his truck and putting them back onto the pile.


As I was crossing the field, I saw a neighbor of mine walking down the sidewalk and I approached her and told her what I just witnessed and said that I was going to stop here and talk with her a bit, just so this guy would not see what house I entered. (just to be safe) My neighbor said that I had a lot of balls to go over there and photograph this guy, yeah, I guess I did. We watched as the guy in the truck drove off with his dog and left the parking lot.

What I did not know at the time, was that my Sweetie had phoned the police to send a cruiser that was in the area to try to catch this guy. They showed up only minutes after this guy had left the parking lot. Damn. That’s ok though, because I got home, and printed out all the photographs that I took of this guy, with his license plate, and gave them to a police officer.

Although this crook did not get caught stealing all of these pallets, the police department now have a plate number and a nice quality photograph of his ugly mug. This guy will probably never try stealing pallets ever again, well, maybe not behind KMart at least. Hopefully, he learned a valuable lesson, that crime does not pay.

25 thoughts on “I Caught A Crook Red Handed

  1. Wow. Good job. I hope you didn’t get too close to the guy. I would have been so scared, esp. when he said, “Can I talk to you.” Good thing you kept walking! If you had run, he may have chased after you. Scary! But way to go!

    • At the time it happened, I wasn’t scared at all, but when I think about it afterwards…a lot could have happened. I am just glad that I did help out our neighborhood and stop a crook in the process of stealing! Yeah Me! I never muttered a word to this guy, so I bet he was surprised to see someone approach him and take photographs of him. Hee hee hee Kids, don’t try this at home!

  2. Oh squeals!! Please be careful my friend. They got busted – you the woman! Next time though, bring me. I will oink him into submission so he doesn’t hurt my friend 🙂 Oinks XOXO – Bacon

  3. Be careful, K-mart’s pallets aren’t worth risking your safety. If they were concerned, they’d store them more securely. Perhaps they wouldn’t pass them to you when asked for some liability issues. Not knowing the guy, I wouldn’t judge him too harshly. Maybe he’s out of work and using them to build furniture, toy boxes or maybe picnic tables. You never know what people are up against. Agreed, he’d best clear it with Kmart before making assumptions. They may make considerations for a family man. You just never know.

    • I can understand your thoughts on “giving a guy a break” if perhaps his situation is bad and needs help, but stealing is stealing.

      I had this exact conversation the other day saying…what if I personally went out and stole things from people in the neighborhood because I needed money and food on our table since I don’t work, and I was desperate. Would the police “cut me a break” or arrest me for stealing? I believe that I would be arrested.

      I would give the shirt off my back to help someone if I felt that they needed my help. I truly would, and you know that. But taking things that are not yours, is stealing.

      Imagine how upset you would get (in an office setting) if you brought in things to the office, put them in the fridge, and someone just took them? I would be irate! I went out to the store and purchase that pop I put in the fridge and someone just took them! I was raised with morals and good values and learned at an early age, if you did not buy it, you don’t take it! Now, if someone at the office would approach me and asked me if they could have a pop, I would most certainly say yes – – because they asked me first.

    • That is so sweet of you to say! Our little neighborhood is a nice quiet place to live, but we have been seeing lots of things happen. For example, we had between 8-10 burglaries happen where someone was stealing things out of peoples cars in their driveway. We found out that it was a young kid robbing people…..while his parents sat in their car as the getaway vehicle. We found out that they have been doing this for awhile and have already been arrested before for other robberies. I just got tired of seeing things like this happen, and I just reacted, grabbed my camera, and went into action — probably not thinking it out too clearly, but I feel that this guy will probably never steal any pallets ever again.

      Thanks for stopping by today! 🙂

    • I am getting a lot of mixed feelings about what I did, but all I know is, that I feel good for doing what I did. More people in our world need to be involved in their community to keep it safe. I know that this whole situation could have gone completely bad if he had a gun, or even sicked his dog on me, but it didn’t, and I am thankful.

    • Phew! I am just glad I did not get into any trouble. If I would have not seen my neighbor, I would have just walked down the street a bit until I saw this guy leave. I truly think I taught him a valuable lesson. I caught him stealing, he immediately got scared, and put all the pallets back onto the stack. I bet he won’t be doing that ever again.

      I mean, come on, who in this world walks up to someone stealing something, takes photographs of them doing so, and then just walks away without saying a word? Me, that’s who! It did make a good blog story though! LOL

    • Perhaps he did think that, but why drive past a few times, back and forth, kinda like he was scoping out the area to make sure no one was around? The pallets are NOT FREE, because I asked for 2 of them last Summer for a DIY project, and they said that they do not give them out & use each and every one of them. I did the right thing last year by ASKING, and they told me NO, so that did not mean that I should go over there and take 2 anyways! Stealing is stealing, whether they knew or not.

      Would people think it would be ok to take something out of someones yard, and figure that it was free for the taking? I think not.

      The best practice would be to ASK first. If denied, then look elsewhere.

      • I agree. That is what I did last Summer. I went inside KMart and asked 3 different managers I knew and they all said the same thing, that their pallets are not for the taking and that they use them all. I got my answer, went away sad that I could not build my potting bench, but that did not mean that I just turned around and stole 2 of them at night. I did the right thing and asked permission first.

        I tell ya Alys, if you lived in our house, you would see so many outrageous things happen on our little street!

    • I will stay safe, trust me. I was told to phone the police dispatcher the next time we see someone stealing the pallets. We hope the police will patrol the loading dock more closely now that they know there is an issue.

      I also took this crime scene information a bit further and contacted KMart’s Loss Prevention Department and told them that their property was being stolen, and more than just this one occasion. They thanked me highly and were glad for good citizens like me! Aw!

    • Yeah, it might have been a really stupid thing I did, but I did not think about it first, I just reacted and caught him in the act. Glad he was not an armed crook, just a stupid one! That’s ok though, the po po now know who he is, and it would be really stupid of him to return to try stealing again!

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