Bath Time

It amazes me on how well aware that Nikita and Bella are of their surroundings. I brought a pile of towels into the bathroom yesterday and set them on the sink, they noticed, and ran to the comfort of their beds. They knew what was going to happen – bath time. The infamous pile of towels in the bathroom always means that something not of their liking is going to happen. If they see a pile of towels anywhere else in the house, no biggie.

I used to turn on the shower before I brought them into the bathroom for a bath, but I changed that awhile ago. The sound of the shower running and me walking towards them made them run in the other direction. They would immediately turn on that sad face of theirs as if to say “Mommy, how could you do this to me?” kinda look. Mommy would always comfort them, give them hugs, and tell them that everything would be ok, it’s just a bath, silly dog.

Giving a Dog a Bath

This is Nikita’s sad after bath face as she dries under her fresh towels. Her treats for being a good girl during bath time await her, but she does not eat them until I turn my back. She plays a game with me as if she is saying “I am so upset that I got a bath, that I am not going to eat these!”, but the second I turn around, they are gone! You can hear the sound of crunching as she dines on her reward.

Giving a Dog a Bath

Amazingly, the treats disappeared only seconds after I turn around, and she plays the sad face again. I go over and give her snuggles, she licks my face, and the world is all better again – and better smelling too!


Bella takes a different approach to drying off. She loves to sit in front of my little heater. After her bath, she immediately ran to the carpet and sat there while the warm heat blew on her. The funny thing is, is that she kept turning around, as if to dry all the sides of her. Bright dog! Bella got her reward of treats too, but she did not waste the time to do the sad after bath face with me, as she dove in and munched down her little snack gladly.


After an exhausting day of getting a bath, snuggle time always follows by falling asleep in the comfort of Mommy’s arms. (Daddy could not resist taking this adorable photo)ย 

What do you do when you know it’s bath time?


29 thoughts on “Bath Time

  1. Ha! Reggie does the same thing. The towels come out and the water goes on, and he runs away. He also does the same thing that Cupcake does. He loves to rub himself all over the sofa and the bed to dry himself off. So funny!

    • I love how they always do “Zoomies” all around the house afterwards. That is so hilarious to watch! I think they know it is all over for them when the bathroom door opens and they just run and jump for joy! I love dogs!!!

    • Bella was the one who noticed me carrying the towels first into the bathroom. She ran & tried to hide! I mean, come on, bath time only takes a few minutes under the faucet, but you smell better afterwards!

  2. Daisy hated bath days. When anyone touched the taps in the bathtub, she’d make herself scarce, usually in a corner and down low so it was almost impossible to get her out. I took to taking her to dog park and leaving her in the car, in the garage, while I ran the bath. Then I’d quickly steer her to the bathroom and lift her in. I have photos of her looking absolutely miserable in the bath!

  3. I am usually “good” at bath time, but I do occasionally try to get up onto the ledge of the bath and make my way out during the process. I like being toweled off, though, it’s like a massage! *wags* – Gilligan from

  4. We’ve got bath time covered fairly well by now…the pups accept being coaxed into the bathroom with yummy treats, hop in & out of the tub on their own, and get rewarded with treats throughout the entire “ordeal”, BOL! Both will have to pee and/or poop right after their bath, which means they go for a leashed potty break out back right after having been washed. They’ll do their zoomies once back inside ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • WOW, that’s impressive that they jump in and out of the tub on their own. Not our dogs! B-A-T-H is a bad four letter word over here. Once I open that bathroom door though, the zoomies begin all over the house. Aren’t dogs silly? But, I love it!

  5. We don’t stand a chance. Mom sets it all up when we are outside, then we come in and are whisked upstairs and locked in the bathroom for the torture. I just stand there and endure it, but Bailie squirms like crazy!

  6. Yep, mine are acutely aware of bath time no matter what I do to try and hide it, unless I grab leads and head for the door, then they follow me out willingly, lol. They get their baths outside because they are so large and will not willingly climb in the tub or shower. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • That would be awesome to be able to bathe the dogs outside (in the summer at least). I did try it once, but I felt like I had no control because all they wanted to do was run on their tie out. They behave better in the tub. Nikita is a little under 70 pounds and I pick her up and into the tub. It makes for an interesting bath time nonetheless!

  7. Charley sympatises! She hates baths..usually she gets a bath when she goes to the boarding place. She loves it there in any other sense of the word. When we have to bath her at home , she will have the sad ‘what-are-you-doing-to-me!’ face and will escape when possible to have a good shake where it will cause the most trouble;0)
    Lovely photo btw and I like your new banner!

    • From what I am hearing, it appears that all doggies get the sad sack doggie face before, during, and after bath time! Nikita & Bella do the zoomie thing all around the house the second I open up the bathroom door too. I like the new banner too! I tweaked their photo to look like a drawing (and thought of you when I did it). I like changing it up a bit depending upon the holiday!

    • Oh Easy, if you were to melt in the shower getting a b-a-t-h, I am sure your Mommy would catch you before you went down the drain! LOL Bath Day over here always has way too much drama!

  8. I allow Mom to coax me into the bathroom and shut the door. Then I shiver and put on the sad bath face. After the bath, she dries me for a while, then she opens the door and the fun begins. I run and slip and slide all over the place, and finish drying off by rubbing myself ALL OVER THE COUCH five million times. Mom wants to trade dogs with you for a peaceful bath time.

    Love and licks,

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