Christmas Favorites

The holidays were especially good, not only because we got presents, but because it was a happy holiday. The only thing missing was snow on the ground. We got the cold temperatures back, but not no snow. It felt weird not to see the ground covered in the white stuff at Christmas, but we got a freak snow storm here on Thanksgiving. Go figure, Mother Nature messed this one up.


I found these adorable camera rubber stamps in my stocking and I absolutely love them! I have already stamped little cameras on everything I can get my hands on!


As you can see, I already inked these babies up really good! Putting them to good use for sure. Thanks Sweetie!


I got this coffee cup stack too, and this gift has a funny long story behind it. Without giving away the long story, all I can say is that I am happy with this awesome coffee cup stack as it is exactly what I wanted. What amazes me, is that I can create a board on Pinterest of things that I wanted for Christmas, and this gift shows up! Amazing on how that works, eh!


All of you know that I love, love, love to work outside in the yard and garden. A friend of ours has one of these garden carts that I fell in love with while we were helping them with their landscaping project over the summer. To my surprise, they bought me one! I was so shocked and joyous and had to put it under our tree (well sort of) and filled it with all of my other presents. Thank you Jamie & Simpson for the nicest gift ever – you really surprised me with this one!


While we watched a Cops marathon, we opened our gifts! They were too pretty to open, but we ripped through them in style!


Bella and Nikita got new Christmas blankies and as you can see, Bella tested hers out to make sure it provided the proper warmth. It passed inspection!


Daddy was spoiled with lots of presents and got lots of new clothes and this beautiful new sweater.


As we opened up our gifts, Nikita ran off with the boxes to play. Maybe we should have just wrapped up some empty boxes for her instead of buying her new toys?


Here is a funny photo of Nikita snarling because she did not want me to steal her new ball.


Bella found the toy that “oinked” when I was wrapping it up. This is one of her new favorite toys now!


All of the presents under the tree were opened, except one that was hiding behind the tree. (this kinda reminded me of the Christmas Story movie when Ralphie’s Red Rider BB Gun was hiding as the last gift to open) It was a surprise for my Sweetie, a new Shakespeare fishing rod & reel. Boy was he surprised.

All of us must have been really good this year! What was your favorite Christmas present?

14 thoughts on “Christmas Favorites

    • Oh it was a great Christmas! I love love love my new coffee cup stacker! It’s one of my favorite presents! Nikita and Bella loved their new toys too, and were happy they found out what oinked!

      What goodies did your girls get?

    • Me too! I have had my eye on that cart ever since I saw our friends cart. I was always wondering how I could sneak it out of their garage and into the backseat of our car without them noticing. Somehow, they would know it was gone! They totally surprised me with it and I drove it all around their basement when they gave it to me! Pure Joy!

  1. Great gifts. Santa was a good shopper at your house. He was a good shopper here, too! I got some treats and a BUNCH on toys. My favorite is a fuzzy, fluffy monkey. He’s very shake-able, and has already taken quite a beating. Mom’s favorite is her evil eye bracelet.

    Love and licks and happy new year,

    • Ooooh Cupcake, you got some good stuff too! A stuffed Monkey to beat the heck out of sounds good to me too! Does your Monkey have any squeakers? But what is an evil eye bracelet?


  2. I loved seeing what you guys were up to! I have a post ready to go for our Christmas also, which I’ll put up in a couple of days.

    My favorite present was all the tea my daughter gave me from the Tea Smith in Omaha. I used to shop there when we lived there and still mail order from them, but not frequently anymore.

    Can you send me the link for those mugs? I have a still life idea I wanted to do and those were what I was thinking of using but do not own for myself. And you’re just a little too far away to pop over and borrow them for an afternoon 🙂 Although the dogs would sure enjoy playing together.

    I loved Nikita pursing her lips to snarl for her toy. They’re so funny, aren’t they?

    Happy New Year!


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