It Happened Last Night

Yesterday afternoon the dogs caught me. Caught me wrapping up their Christmas toys! Dogs don’t miss anything! A simple crinkle noise from a package, sends them running to investigate. I sat on the rug in the living room wrapping up each new squeaky toy, rope pull, and stuffies, while they hoovered over my back the entire time. I was caught, but I continued to wrap!


But I made a mistake. When wrapping up a larger stuffie, I pushed down on it while wrapping and it “oinked”! “OMG” I thought and I turned around to look at Nikita and Bella and they were close to drooling! Their eyes were glazed over and the moved in to sniff the wrapping paper. I can’t believe that stuffie gave me away and squeaked on me! (darn stuffie)


I did not think much about the toys after I placed them in their Christmas stockings and a few under the tree. The dogs sniffed their stocking a few times then followed me into the kitchen where I continued on with my holiday baking, and was glad to know that I got everything all wrapped.


Then last night after dinner, Nikita went back into the living room and never left. She just sat there, in front of the tree and her pink Christmas stocking and looked at it. I watched her as she scooted closer and closer to her stocking. Then she laid down right in front of the tree and stayed there the entire night. We thought it was the cutest thing we have ever seen, a dog who was getting excited about Christmas presents. I went over to check on her and she looked up at me with those sad puppy eyes as if to say “can I have that thing that oinked?” What a sweet dog. I tried to explain to her that Christmas is not here yet, but all she did was look at me with that sad look on her face. All she wanted was that thing that oinked.


It was time for bed, and Nikita was still laying under the tree, where she had been laying for hours. I had to do something. I picked up their toys under the tree and removed the stockings hanging on our stocking holder and carried them into another room. Nikita followed. I gave Nikita a hug, kissed her on her nose, and told her it would be ok. She went into the kitchen and laid down.


I was just amazed on how persistent she was on keeping an eye on her presents under the tree, after one of them gave themself away by oinking. (darn piggie)


27 thoughts on “It Happened Last Night

    • Nikita is a very good girl, always has been. She will not take something until I hand it to her. So that is why she just sat there, under the tree guarding HER presents. Darn that squeaker that “oinked” that gave it away. The dogs get so excited when they get to open presents on Christmas, but they also like running around with the wrapping paper too!

      • Is he a procrastinator? When I worked in retail during my college years, I would wait on people, several of them men, who would wander around bewildered on Christmas Eve. I felt sorry for them. They really didn’t have a clue.

        I mailed your card late, but it’s on the way. I loved getting yours too.

  1. Too cute! I’m glad you shared it. It’s a good thing though that you locked up the presents before going to bed or she would have taken care of her craving after bed!


    • It was so cute to watch Nancy. She laid there guarding her presents under the tree all night long. I finally had to pick them up and take them to another room so she would not be sad. She knows that the pink stocking is HERS too!

    • I know, poor Nikita. I took care of it before I went to bed last night and picked up all of her gifts. That poor girl would have stayed under the Christmas tree all night. I wish I would have video taped it!

  2. I love this post! What a smart (and persistent) girl! Christmas is coming, N. Hang in there. Santa hid all my new toys in the closet. I saw and heard them and then forgot about them 2 seconds later. Not smart. Not persistent.

    Love and licks,

    • Persistent is correct. Nikita portrays this quality quite well. I felt bad for her sitting there for hours, so I had to move the presents. Out of sight, out of mind, and it worked.

    • I wished I had video taped her last night because it was the cutest thing ever to watch. She just sat there poking her nose at her stocking and her gifts under the tree. And when she laid down in front of the tree, my eyes welled up. It was so adorable to watch!

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