Signs of Christmas

Signs. We see them every day. Signs tell us which way to turn. Some tell us that we need to stop. Some even tell us that we cannot enter without shirt & shoes. Then there are different signs that tell us when a holiday is creeping near, the signs of Christmas.


We all know what day it is on our calendar, but seeing the little signs of Christmas always brings joy to your heart.


The delivery trucks have been running non-stop up and down our street, and Nikita and Bella never miss the opportunity to bark at them, especially when they stop right in front of our house! (one word of caution for holiday deliveries – – If you can, have a neighbor pick up your packages that might sit for hours on your front porch when you are not home! We heard on the news that people are driving around & snatching up packages!)


Nikita and Bella have been on their best behavior because they know that Santa is watching them! They want to make sure they don’t get on the naughty list!


Nikita gets all excited when we ask her what she wants Santa to bring her for Christmas!

Signs are all around us, but the signs of Christmas always brings joy to my heart. What signs of Christmas do you see?

16 thoughts on “Signs of Christmas

  1. What agreat photo of the reflection of you in the shiny ball! A prefect Christmas card, I’d say! The girls are gorgeous as ever, of course! Princess Charley too is very busy all day warning UPS/FEDEX/USPS that our house is well protected by her! Cheers,Johanna

    • I am starting to think that Nikita and Bella aren’t the only doggies who parade past the front windows and bark at the trucks! Good to know they are in good company & that our houses are well protected! I love Christmas time and all the lights!

      • Hey Valerie, do you have an email address I can contact you? I made sketch from one of your photos. I would like to use that my blog, but would like your permission. Cheers, Johanna

    • Ooooh, I bet Cupcake looks awesome in those antlers. Nikita and Bella have antlers too, but they get too scared when I put them on them, so I decided not to frighten them for Christmas! Phew! I bet they are glad too!

    • Now that is a good question. They have all the toys in the world (but a few more would be ok), they get good food to eat every day (when other doggies might not), and they have the best & most loving home ever too! I think if they had to ask Santa for one thing, it would be that everyone rescue a dog this holiday season and change their lives forever!

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