Wordless Wednesday

It’s Wednesday, and you know what happens here on this day of the week – – the garbage man cometh and the dogs are always waiting for him!


Nikita and Bella love to sit at the front door and watch the neighborhood, and it appears that they miss nothing. Just like the little spider that was crawling down the front door that they noticed.


I love our dogs!

40 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

    • Hi Cathy! Aw, thanks for stopping by today! I just checked out your blog and I subscribed, and I hope you follow along with mine too! Yep, I love dogs and we have the best two doggies in the world. They love each other so much too! They can hear all the huge trucks that come down our road waaaay before they see them, but I think they go nutso over the mechanical arm on the garbage truck! Hope you subscribe & have an awesome day!

    • Hey Jack! Nikita loves that sweater and I love the bright colors! Thanks for stopping by today and we hope to see you back as one of our followers! We have lots of fun over here! Have an awesome day!

  1. Oh, fancy fashions Nikita’s got on. Tres’ chic πŸ˜€ They must sure love each other, and you the best dog mum in town πŸ˜€ Hey Val, I think I changed emails since we last corresponded. I don’t have yours anymore. Can you email me at Boomdeeadda@gmail.com please and I’ll reply my mailing address. Thanks Dear.

    • Hi Mary! It is so wonderful that you stopped by today! I just checked out your blog & love it! I have lots of reading to do! Nikita does love that striped sweater! I hope you subscribe to our blog today & I’ll do the same too! πŸ™‚

    • Now that is funny! If you notice, there is only one candle with two windows, and that’s because Bella jumped up on the window to bark at something, knocked the other candle off and the bulb broke into a million pieces. Right now, no candles are in the front window!

    • LOL! Oh boy, I think Nikita and Bella can hear when the garbage truck pulls onto our road and they get “ready” at either the front door or the window to bark at them! It is hilarious to watch every Wednesday.

      • oohh squeals YES! Sometimes the guy gets out of the truck. That’s when I ❀ to snort really, REALLY loud. He's pretty fast about getting back in that contraption – snorts. XOXO – Bacon

      • We can actually see the garbage man chuckling when he pulls up to our house, because he “knows” that we bark at him and it drives us nuts when he shows up! Come to think of it, I am not sure is there is nothing that we don’t bark at! ha

        Like last night, Daddy looked out the kitchen window and said “OMG”, we ran to the window to see what all the fuss was about and standing right there in front of the window was a huge deer eating our bushes! Of course, we went crazy and barked at him!

      • Oh my! That would have been hilarious to see a deer in your yard. Barking and snorting is great fun. I don’t know the humans don’t do it more. Don’t you agree? XOXO – Bacon

      • I did hear a human snort, but I think they were supposed to be doing something called laughing. We love to bark, although it drives our Mommy crazy at times. We hear her tell us to take it down a notch! What is a notch?

      • Exactly! I hear my humans say that all of the time too. I actually overheard mommy telling Nana the other day on the phone that it was like having kids in the house. That didn’t make sense – aren’t we the kids? What’s like having kids in the house? Confused piggy. XOXO – Bacon

      • Our Mommy calls us her kids all the time. We love our Mommy! I mean, we MUST be kids because she tucks us in every night with our blankies. Isn’t that what humans do to kids? Although I get confused on why we have to eat our food with our bowls on the floor?

      • I know, right?! Mommy tucks me in and tells me a story. Doesn’t that qualify as kid? I think she was having a senior moment. But sshh – don’t tell her I said that okay. XOXO – Bacon

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