Get Cash for Shopping Online

Awhile ago, I had told all of you about how you can get cash in your pocket for just shopping online, and I wanted to remind you again since the “shopping season” will be upon us soon! If you purchase anything online, then this is for you! I am talking about EBATES! When you sign up for Ebates, you earn cash back for just shopping online, and it’s free to do! Once you start using Ebates, you will receive quarterly “Big Fat Checks” right in your mailbox that you can use for anything, or for more shopping!

Since we are already signed up for Ebates, they encourage us to “refer a friend”, so that is what I am doing today. So, if you want to earn cash back for just doing your normal online shopping, then use our link to sign up & start receiving your own Big Fat Checks too!

There are more than 1,700 stores enrolled in Ebates, so finding the stores that you normally shop at is easy! For example, we get cash back from Home Depot, KMart, Staples, etc. just for shopping online!

Here’s how you can earn cash back too:

  • Click our link to sign up for Ebates (this tells Ebates that we referred you to them)
  • Create your own Ebates account (it’s free)
  • The next time you want to shop online, go to Ebates FIRST, find the store you want to shop at, click that stores link, Ebates opens up a ticket on your screen and takes you directly to the store you want to shop at. Make your purchase and you have now successfully earned your Ebates cash back.It’s that easy!
  • Then you can look at your account on Ebates and it will tell you how much money you just earned on your purchase!
  • The neat thing about Ebates is that they change all the time the percentage of cash back that you can earn, so always check back in on your Ebates account to see what percentage you can earn today on your favorite stores!  (for example, one day Home Depot is offering 3% cash back, and a week later it could be 5%)
  • And, when you first sign up you get a $10 cash bonus after you make your own purchase of $25 or more!

Now comes the even better part of Ebates! Once you create your account, it is time that you can earn even MORE money! There is a “Refer a Friend” section on your account and this is where you send your own Ebates account link up to all of your friends, family, and co-workers. Get them to sign up for Ebates through your link, have them create their own Ebates account (did I tell you it’s free), and once they make their first purchase through Ebates, YOU get cash back for referring them! The more friends you refer and get to sign up, the more money you can earn!

So, right now, click on our link and sign up for your own Ebates account today and start earning cash back for all of your holiday purchases! How could you pass up free money, right? And believe me, it does add up! This is even better than finding money you did not know you had in a coat pocket! You’ll thank me later.

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