How to Make a Quick Halloween Prop

We all know that the countdown to Halloween has begun, and we know that our time is sometimes limited due to our hectic schedules. But there is a quick and easy way to create an almost free Halloween prop in a few minutes. Let me show you how!


First, grab your branch cutters or a little hand saw and head out into your woods. To make this easy, look first for little branches that might be lying on the ground. If you can’t find any, which I would find it hard to believe that you couldn’t, you will need to saw or snip off a few small branches.

Carry those branches back home and snip off any little pieces of branches so you are left with just one long branch. Now carefully lean them into each other to kinda make a branch t-pee. Once you get them in a shape you like, take some jute and tie them up where all the branches meet. (I would suggest you do all of this “where” you are planning on putting this prop in your yard so you don’t have to carry it afterwards) Make sure you jam each stick a little bit into the ground for stability.

The next thing that I did was bring up one of our black witches cauldron from storage. At first, I wanted to “hang” the cauldron from the sticks, but the cauldron did not have any hooks, so I had to MacGyver something. I took one of our tomato cages and cut off the bottom section with wire cutters and placed the cauldron on top of it. THIS WORKED OUT PERFECTLY!

The next item I grabbed was some fire wood we have behind the garage and stacked them around the cauldron. This is making the effect that the cauldron is stacked on top of wood. Next, I balled up a set of white Christmas lights under the cauldron (inside the tomato cage frame) and turned them on! WOW! When I took this photograph, it actually looks like a fire underneath the cauldron.

I am going to also add an orange set of lights underneath the cauldron too, to give the “fire” a more realistic look. Now comes the fun part…I am going to grab two of our skellies and have them stand around the cauldron! I will have one posed as if he is “warming up his hands” by the fire, and the other one will be “roasting a marshmallow”!

This Halloween prop was made for free, because I already had the cauldron, lights and tomato cage, and the wood & branches were free! Yeah!

Hee hee, don’t you just love Halloween!

16 thoughts on “How to Make a Quick Halloween Prop

  1. You’re always coming up with fun antics Val. I hope your Halloween was lot’s of fun. We surprisingly had near 150 treaters and had to run out for candy twice. Lucky to have neither rain or snow that night. Looks like this is the last week of mild weather though. Cheers dear xB

    • Oh wow, we had 153 kids over here (and yes, I counted)! Our weather was really cold and it rained for us. I think our days of warm weather is gone for good this year. Bummer. Gotta go get the snow shovel out.

    • Hee hee hee, you just gotta love Halloween! I am already getting a lot of gawkers who drive past the house. They slow down to take a look. I am so glad you liked my new prop, it sure turned out well!

    • I know! Isn’t it amazing on how it really looks like fire! I also added a string of orange lights to the white lights on it tonight and added one Skelly in front of the cauldron. Now, it is coming together quite nicely! I love this Halloween prop that cost us nothing to make! I bet you could make one too!!!!

    • I just added a string of orange lights with the white lights under the cauldron tonight and it really looks awesome! I got one Skelly out in front of the cauldron too! Let the decorating begin! Woo Hoo! I love Halloween! I am so glad you liked it! It tur

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