If I Was A Police Dog

BAD BOYS BAD BOYSWe watch the TV show Cops all the time, and we are becoming well versed in the terminology. We know that when an officer first approaches a car, they ask for your drivers license and insurance card. They usually head back to their police car to run your plate. Upon approaching your car again, if they notice you are fidgety, they tell you to keep your hands on your steering wheel. If you do not comply with them, they ask you to exit your vehicle and place your hands behind your back, then they handcuff you. This is for the police officers security & protection.

Then you get a bunch of people who don’t want to be handcuffed and they try to run. Bad idea, but it happens and the chase is on. A few people can actually run fast enough to hide somewhere, but that is when they call in the K-9 unit to sniff them out. These beautiful & well trained K-9’s always get the criminals in the end.

I know if I was a police dog, I would be pretty good at it, as long as the criminals had a bunch of “treats” in their pocket! LOL  What I do know, is that I watch for all of the police vehicles to drive past our house, and then I bark at them! I can even pick out a police vehicle in the dark by their headlights, and that makes me one smart dog! I must know my headlights!

BELLA WATCHING THE NEIGHBORHOODAnd today, both Bella and I had a front row seat to a traffic stop which happened right in front of our house. I covered the front windows and Bella covered the front door as we both barked hello! We sat there watching as the police officer got out of his cruiser in the pouring rain to take down yet another stop sign crasher in our neighborhood. Way to go Mr. Police Man!

TICKET IN THE RAINAlthough today we only got to witness a normal traffic stop, I was getting ready to be on-call if they needed me to chase a bad boy. I would just hope that they had some treats on them after I caught them!  That would be nice.

Bad boys bad boys whatcha gonna do when they come for you!


12 thoughts on “If I Was A Police Dog

  1. Very cool!!! We used to have cops do traffic stops in our hood, butts we don’t have enough of them anymores, so peeps are on the honor system apparently. Anyhu, I thinks you guys would make pawsome Police Doggies!!!! butts I agree, they would need to pay in treaties…
    Ruby ♥

  2. At ease Private Bella and Nikita, let’s go for donuts and treats ha. I think police dogs have a hard job, sometimes even being injured by the suspects. We recently had a horrific RCMP shooting in Eastern Canada where the dogs handler died. At the funeral, the dog stole hearts nationwide by whimpering at his masters casket. She’s since been reassigned to a new handler and back to work.
    Your police cruisers are sure different than ours. You can’t miss ours, they’re the usual b&W with the giant lights on top.

    • Hi Boomie! I saw that photo & article about the K-9 at the grave site and I cried. You get so attached to your pets and they get attached to you, and seeing something like that truly tugs at your heart strings. I know I would be devastated if something happened to either of our doggies. We have a bunch of different police vehicles and usually the Sergeants get to drive the nicer ones, but that makes sense.

  3. I bet you would be a super police dog! Can you send the police to my village please? they could stop all the speedsters who think our small street is a race track… I will offer the police a cup of coffe and my mom makes a cheesecake (ahmmm better not lol)

    • Hi Easy! We have tons of speeders on our little side street too. They drive way too fast and they should be going only 25 MPH, but they don’t. We get to mad because there are kids on this street and lots of dogs that could get hurt. We always give our police officers bottled water during the summer because we appreciate their work on our street & keeping our neighborhood safe!

  4. Good work. I agree with you, N. Being a police dog would be simple, as long as all the bad guys have pockets full of treats! I think pretty much EVERYBODY should fill their pockets with treats anyway! That would increase our odds of getting lucky.

    Love and licks,

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