Peeking Out The Window

I pulled out one of our many Skellies over the weekend because I am so ready for Halloween! This one I placed in our bedroom looking out the window that overlooks our neighbors back door. Hopefully, I did not scare them too much when they peeked out their window and saw this looking back at them! LOL


17 thoughts on “Peeking Out The Window

    • I got used to seeing him in the window, so Skelly does not bother me any longer. He only “got me” when I left him sitting in the kitchen chair and saw him the next morning – – I thought someone was sitting at the table! Yikes! Gosh, I love Halloween!

  1. Hahah! Val that did scare me when I saw this thing staring at me when you put it out haha! I love it though! I am so excited for Halloween 🙂 I made a blog for fun for my sugar scrubs that I am making/selling 🙂

    • Oh yes we are! It all starts with a little something like the fun we are having with our Skellies! You just start pulling Halloween stuff out and you get instantly inspired to decorate!

    • Hi Easy! Our past Halloweens have stunk. Last year we had pouring rain the entire two hours of trick-or-treating, and the prior year we had hurricane winds from Sandy and they even had to push back trick-or-treating by a few days for the kids. We are keeping our fingers crossed that we can enjoy Halloween this year!

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