Changing Into Another Season

Summer is gone, but I am not even sure that we even had a Summer over here. This was a strange Summer as we did not have the typical temperatures we normally do. The garden suffered a little with all the rain we got, but it is still alive and producing all the Juliet Tomatoes we could ever wish for. The pepper plants are doing well and we have been enjoying all the home grown peppers in our meals.

JULIETS 8-23-14


Out of all the pumpkin plants that we had planted, we only got two pumpkins out of that entire batch. We are bummed, but we think that perhaps we planted too many in one area, so next year we will do half the amount. We could have had a few more pumpkins this year, as we had lots of pumpkin vines crawl up the back fence, then fell due to the weight of the growing pumpkins and the vines got cracked, and that did them in. By the way, the adorable “Pumpkin Patch” sign was a gift from our neighbor Steve! (Thank you Steve for such a wonderful gift!)


The Cleveland Browns beat St. Louis on Sunday 26-24 on their first home opener game, and they said that this is the first time in ten years that the Cleveland Browns won on a home opener. Amazing! It was a nail biter game, but a win is a win, and we’ll take it! I took advantage of cheering on the Browns to a win by dressing up our Skellie as he sat in the front yard waving to everyone who passed by the house. The funny thing is, is that when I brought Skellie into the house afterwards, I sat him at the kitchen table and left him there overnight. When I woke up the next morning, he scared the crap out of me because I thought someone was sitting at the table! LOL  (never will do that again)


With the changing of the seasons from Summer to Fall, we need to take advantage of this time of year and start clipping the seeds from all of our flowers and save them for next year. I have a huge supply of Marigold seeds that I have harvested & dried for next year already. Once your flowers die back, make sure you clip off the dried flower and extract the seeds. Let them sit out and dry thoroughly, then label a small baggie and place them in there for next year.


I hope to get a few more Fall Mums from the garden center because I want to place them in this wood box that I painted & stenciled for the front porch. My little yellow mailbox already adorns a nice purple mum too! One of my nice huge paper mache pumpkins is also on display here!


Nikita and Bella must know that the season has changed too, because all they pull out of their toy box are their Halloween toys! Their favorite one is the huge stuffed pumpkin that they always play tug-of-war with!



What is going on at your end of the world with the season changes? How are you enjoying the Fall season?

24 thoughts on “Changing Into Another Season

  1. Everything is still looking nice and green in your yard and as usual, it is spotless. What will you do with all those tomatoes Val? I just bought some potted mums last night for the front porch. I can’t buy or have too many decorations that require storing because we have no place to put anything. So I’ll probably go with real pumpkins, some lights and the mums. Things that are compostable. oh…some corn stocks would be fun if I could find some. I get a kick out of your skeleton, I like that he’s posable, what a riot!

    • Hey Boomie! You have to email me your new address when you get the chance! Decorating for Fall is always one of my favorite things to do! Yes, I love posing our Skellies for Halloween and I can’t wait to start decorating the front yard! Our temps are about to take a huge dive and they said yesterday that this will be the last time that we will see temps in the 70’s until March of 2015. Yikes, I guess we are skipping over Fall and heading into Winter already over here! It will be sad to close down our garden for yet another season.

  2. That is too funny about Skellie! Fall is my favorite time of year, even though we had an early frost and that did in the rest of our veggies (not that we had many). Now I need to make a list of fall projects, including collecting up seeds like you said. I also thought I might plant some fall crops, but I need to see what I have for seeds, and I might have waited too long. Do you plant any fall crops?

      • I never got around to planting any either….and still haven’t started my cleanup! First we had a warm spell, and I prefer cooler weather for cleanup, and now we’re getting rain!

      • Oh boy, we saw our first “SLEET” today! We could not believe it when we saw it coming down. Our temps dropped to 52 degrees today too and it’s so bitter cold. Yikes, I am not ready for cold yet. Our garden is still producing, but I am sure that these temps will end it real soon. I do leaf cleanups almost every day because all the trees around here are dropping them quick.

  3. Fun post, Val. I love that stenciled box. That turned out well.

    We only ended up with three, small viable pumpkins. I fought the good fight with squash bugs all summer long, so I’m grateful for what we got.

    • You did have a battle with your squash bugs for sure! I felt so sorry for you to have to deal with them. We could have had more pumpkins, but the ones that fell from crawling up the back fence did not make it and we were bummed. We are happy that we got our 2! Yep, I love that stenciled box too and I can’t wait to put some mums in them! (just have to cover them up every night so the darn deer don’t eat em!

    • Oh boy! That is one of the smaller hauls I have had. I can pick anywhere up to 100+ a day for the Juliets! They are the best tasting tomatoes around! It will be sad again to see the garden end in the next few weeks, but it has been a good season, even with all the rain we got. Once we close out the garden, we already start thinking about next year! Once a gardener….always a gardener!

  4. It’s a good thing you have no shortage of paper mâché pumpkins! Two would never be enough in your Halloween-World. My summer flowers don’t want to die, so I may miss mum season completely out on my plant hooks. Cupcake already has her costume, so we’re as ready as we can be around here in my I-Hate-Halloween-World.

    • Oh boy, my Halloween world will always have room for more Paper Mache Pumpkins! Our flowers are holding their own right now until the deer come by and nip off the nice little flowers on them. (grrr) I can’t wait to see what costume Cupcake has picked out! Cupcake is the dog with the most clothes I know around here!

  5. I have asked you a zillion times (but if you have answered I never saw it), WHERE in Cleveland are you? I lived there for 35 yrs, worked at The Plain Dealer for 21 of those years. Moved to Michigan in 2001. My Dad was the former Editorial Cartoonist at The Plain Dealer (Ray Osrin). Miracle that the Browns won their opener (I am a HUGE football fan)……….it started for me with the Kardiac Kids!!!!!

    • I did respond back to you on this, but we’re in a neighboring city to Parma, OH. I have always been a Browns fan and loved watching Bernie Kosar play back in the good ole days!

      • sorry! I must have missed it! I still have a ton of friends there……have you lived there your whole life? My ex husband used to DJ in Parma quite a bit and his mother used to work at the Parma library (his last name is Kristancic)………small world!!! I soooooooooooo miss Cleveland and LOVED it. Lived there from 1963 til 2001. Would love to move back if my husband would ever agree (he was born and raised in Michigan) PS: I think I am much older than you. I graduated High School in 1973

    • I have been in a blogging slump of late, but I am working to get back on track. Halloween is always a huge inspiration for me! Oh yeah, our Juliet Tomatoes have been enjoyed by many many people, as they just keep producing & producing! (everyone is happy about that!) Hugs to you!

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